Hey Everybody!

I am writing to encourage you to support to not Medusa’s Bar and Restaurant at Sandy Park off Hope Road(behind Cooyah). On Wednesday night five friends (three guys and two girls) were quietly having a dinner and drinks when the owner, Jason Lee along employees viciously attacked them in the parking lot as they proceeded to leave after paying their bill.

He accused them of being homosexuals and lesbians after which he started beat them mercilessly, he was further joined be joined by other five of his friends and employees.

After a good pounding, leaving one the near unconscious they tried to make their escape and even then the men were still bludgeoning them. After this ordeal they all had to seek medical attention with two seeking further specialised care for broken bones and potential brain damage.

This should never happen but the fact is that does, lets stand in solidarity of this act of homophobic violence by not supporting Medusa and sharing this email to all your friends.

Let me also add that many would think that only some of us would be victims of these but these guys were far from your ‘typical’ profile. We have to take a stand, the fact this could have been any one of us.

A concerned citizen
(Originally written May 2, 2008)

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

2 thoughts on “BOYCOTT MEDUSA’S BAR …………..”

  1. My bet is that no one attacked those gays for just being gays. My guess is they where flaunting their sexuality in an offensive way. Thats the problem u gays have, you keep forcing ur sexuality on the public and when u get in trouble u cry victimization. I know a lot of gay people and we dont have any problems, in many communities gay people live in peace and with the respect of their community because they dont push that onto others. They just go on with their lives as is their right, just like everyone else….. quit dressing like women and provoking people who u very well know dont like it, if u want to wear women’s clothes then do it among urselves, why parade the streets WITH AN ATTITUDE..??? If u just wear it and go on about ur business like everyone else people might just laugh at u… because men dont wear women’s clothes. U guys need to chill…dont rock the boat, we dont need to know what u do in bed..ok


    1. “If you read the article carefully you would have realised that NONE of the persons were cross dressers or acting effeminate as u would like to believe.

      If you are looking for stereotypical homosexuality yuh bound fi find it as limited as u have proven yourself to be. Why can’t persons just be themselves without persons having to fass or judge people simply because they may be different than u, then again we ALL are different in our ways.”

      Peace and tolerance




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