Hello to Trandy and Fabulous(not their real names), Case Update

We were pleasantly surprised two days ago when two of my lesbian clients (jflag) from earlier this year stopped by my offices to say hi. It was refreshing to see this lesbian couple who we had assisted returning to say thanks and update us on their progress.
Earlier this year the ladies were the victims of death threats from a reputed gang leader who was deported from the United Kingdom who relocated from Kingston to the area. The ladies were threatened because “he” didn’t approve of their lesbian lifestyle in the small rural community in South Central Jamaica, the girls were ordered to leave forthwith and were visited by a small mob of thugs who were insistent on exacting the dons wishes. Apparently its a trend in certain inner city and small communities island wide to force people out of their homes for several reasons including:
1). whether they are assumed to be gay or lesbian
2). Being of a different political persuasion
3). Deemed informants to the police
their personal possessions are sometimes taken or destroyed by the aggressors.
The ladies suffered greatly as nearly everyone in and around the community knew of the threats and intimidation and some were in support of “getting rid of the dirty lesbians.” Some of their personal effects were stolen or destroyed and the 12 yo daughter of one was heckled and intimidated at her school by fellow classmates and even a teacher, she has since been transferred to another school.
The matter was reported to the Police who intervened very little to assist the ladies as they too had their hangups about lesbian life but weren’t so open with their comments.
Albeit the couple is progressing well, with some adjustments to new surroundings and eking out an income by starting their own small business. Physically it is clear that the ladies are more relaxed and aesthetically there are looking fabulous (If I may be so bold to say)
Congrats ladies and thanks for stopping by to update us, there are times when old clients just go about their normal life without any updates or little contact with us, even when we try to reach them for follow up
A success story and all the best.
Howie seh so

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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