The madness continues, group mistaken for gays, attacked by men

Imagine this, you and your family members and friends are returning to Kingston early this morning to make it for work when you encounter a flat tyre on the way in a rural community, you alight from your car and the other passengers, 2 females and a male and you as the male driver proceed to get your tools from the car’s trunk.

(you as the driver is attired in nothing but an old jeans pants you had cut above the knees for a drive out you did the night before, you are not gay but your other male cousin is but its no big deal to you, he is not effeminate and isn’t recognizable)

You proceed to start the tyre change when you hear voices from a way down the road, hurling expletives, you continue as you think it’s not you there are being directed at. Then out of the blue four stick wielding, stone carrying men approach you and say you are gay by virtue of your short jeans pants that YOU cut to wear for your comfort.

This was exactly what happened at around 6:40am this morning, in retaliation the male occupants wasted no time in defending themselves, pulling machetes and a lug tool from the car and rendering several blows to the attackers who were hell bent on exacting their brand of justice …. “for battyman fi dead”

It was when the females however vented their anger at the attack and pronounced that their boyfriends were not gay that things cooled, the sad part there were no witnesses as it was early in the morning and that part of the road was not inhabited that much.

So the madness continues, if you look a certain way or of a predisposition you are likely to be attacked and maimed, it is sad that this is where we are as a country and here we are talking about unity after the Olympics success.

We have a loooooooooonnngggg way to go.

EU Agency Calls for a Re-definition of Marriage, Criminalization of “Homophobia”

(WASHINGTON, DC – C-FAM) A recent report from the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) of the European Union (EU) has called for binding EU regulations that would equalize the legal status of married heterosexual couples with that of same-sex and opposite-sex couples across Europe. It also recommends policies aimed at “promoting visibility of homosexuality and other gender identities” and criminalizing homophobia through “hate crime” legislation.FRA contracted writing of the report to a group called FRALEX. FRALEX is roughly the same group as the now defunct EU “network of independent fundamental rights experts,” a group that was widely criticized for trying to get the government of Slovakia to abrogate a treaty with the Vatican that provided conscience protection for doctors unwilling to carry out abortions. The European Parliament requested FRA’s opinion in drafting a new EU law, called a directive that would prohibit discrimination based on “sexual orientation” in employment, education, social security, health care, and access to goods and services.

Current EU laws extend that kind of protection only in the area of employment, leaving other areas to be treated in national legislation.The 165-page report goes beyond examining the proposed directive and contains analysis of all possible aspects of EU and national laws that possibly discriminate against homosexuals. Areas include employment, freedom of movement, asylum, family reunification, freedom of assembly, and criminal law. The report argues that EU law should force member states, in which there is no registered-partnership or “gay marriage” legislation, to treat poeple in these arrangements as married couples.

Currently, the EU allows citizens of the EU and their family members to move and reside freely anywhere in the EU. The EU also allows third-country nationals who are spouses of EU citizens to reside legally in the EU. Both of these regulations refer to marriage in the traditional sense, although they allow exceptions when the move or reunification happens between countries that recognize other forms of relationships as equivalent to marriage.The extension of marital privileges to same-sex and cohabiting opposite-sex couples is justified in the report by reference to the EU’s “fundamental principle” of “equal treatment.” Yet, the definition of same-sex and opposite-sex couples is not precisely defined in the text. The authors refer to “stable and permanent relationships” or “de facto durable relationships” or relationships with “a sufficient degree of permanency.”

Arguably, only couples involved in a sexual relationship would benefit from the proposed extension of current EU regulations. The report does not contain any prescriptions of how governments might attest to and discern such relationships.Other parts of the report call for mandatory national “equality bodies,” preferably with independent units dealing only with homosexual issues. It argues for endowing them with “quasi-adjudicatory functions” that would allow them to issue “binding sanctions or orders, subject to review by courts.” It also argues for a sweeping EU regulation that would make “homophobic hate speech a criminal offense.”Maciej Brachowicz, a human rights expert from Poland-based Jegiellonian Club, told the Friday Fax that “if one were to agree with FRA’s opinion, there are barely any legal grounds left for claiming that any inequality in social life should not be treated as discriminatory.”

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Photos from August 10th firebombing incident in Clarendon

The two males who occupied the home were injured with one having burns over 60% of his body. They were asleep at the time of the incident when what seemed to be a home made torch-bomb device was thrown through a window to the bedroom of the house. The occupant nearest to the window suffered the burns as indicated above.

Both men are slowly recovering, with the hospitalized brotha now ingesting solid foods and juices after not being able to do so for some time. His skin is healing as well and the burn treatment is helping.

The staff at the hospital have been cooperative and no other incidents related to this matter have come to our attention as yet.

We are praying for a speedy resolve however, the boys and their families have not considered or hinted at any legal action yet to our knowledge.

No requests for photos of the victims will be honored as they have requested.


Some churches shun HIV-positive Jamaicans

They’re denied communion, advised against marriage and aren’t baptised in church pool
BY INGRID BROWN Sunday Observer senior reporter Sunday, August 24, 2008

For three years, she found comfort in her church. So involved was the 41-year-old mother of three that she devoted herself to the choir and served as an usher, making several friends along the way.
However, all this started to change the day a less than sympathetic doctor bluntly told her she was HIV-positive before flouncing out of her hospital room.


Beenieman Show Cancelled in Germany

According to our contact in Germany, Dancehall DJ Beenieman was scheduled to perform in Germany at a German club named Knust, due to massive protests against the homophobic lyrics in Beenieman’s older (or even current?) songs the concert has been canceled 3 hrs before the show.

The protest included the official organisation of fan clubs of the football-club FC St. Pauli, who represent approx. 200 fan clubs with ~3000 supporters,

Hamburg-town magazines who said, they would not promote any further events of the club if the concert takes place and the employees of the club who impended not to work on that evening + many neighbors of the club and many inhabitants of the district St. Pauli.

Read these lettes and form your own opinion……

Two letters in one day suggesting some sort of reparative therapy from Psychologist, talks show host and Pastor Rev Aaron Dumas who operates the Tell Me Pastor clomun in the Star News, have a read of the two letters and see it they make sense of his responses are appropriate.


Pray and pray but still gay

Dear Pastor,
I am a 41-year-old man living in the USA. My parents are Jam-aican. I am gay. I pray to God about taking the feelings of loving a man away from me but it is not working.
I am going to hell

I went to church and I told the pastor there what I was going through. Instead of him trying to help me by praying with me or giving me some advice, he told me that I am going to hell. As far as I can see, the first step is admitting the problem that one has and try to get help, but I got turned away. As far as I know, all sins are spelt S-I-N and the Lord says that he who is without sin should cast the first stone. I don’t know, why me?

Killing myself

Why do I have to be going through this? To tell you the truth, I feel like killing myself, but I know that one cannot get forgiveness for killing one’s self. Sometimes I feel like I am the worst person in the world.

I told my mom and she told me that God still loves me and all I have to do is pray and trust God, but, pastor, I do pray and pray and pray. It has been 20 years, now and I am still gay and I still have feelings for men. I know that I am grown, but I do not know where to turn for help anymore.

This is slowly killing me. I have known that I like guys from I was in high school at the age of 15. I had to keep it to myself for a long time. I know that you don’t have an idea how hard it is to do something like that.

Why me, pastor? Why is it that I have to be gay? What can I do to stop these feelings. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I look at them and lust at them. Please give me some advice.

R.W., New York, USA

Pastor answers

Dear R.W.,

I suggest that you take a different approach. Try to find a Christian psychologist and ask him to help you work out this problem. You have struggled with this problem for years but I still believe that God can deliver you.

Man-and-man problems
Dear Pastor,
I’m with a man who is selfish and don’t want me to do what I want to. I am in love with him although he is a man and I am a man. He has problems with me having my girlfriend and he doesn’t want me to be with anyone except him. I’m confused

I want to reach out to him, but I am afraid because he is too arrogant and that’s the reason why I am afraid to share things with him. He is crazy and I can’t do anything about it. Pastor, I am wild and I want to be with him and my girlfriend.

Please, tell me what to do. We have been through a lot, but I think that things can turn around and work for us. Tell me what to do. Pastor, tell me what to do.

P.A., St James, Jamaica

Pastor answers

Dear P.A,

The Bible says that a man should not have sexual relations with another man. The Bible condemns that type of lifestyle. If you have never seen that in the Bible, you may read Romans chapter one.

You seem to be proud of having a man as your lover but, I repeat, the Bible teaches that it is wrong. I believe the Bible.



Admin – of note are the responses

On The Police Commissioner

I have no doubt that the Citizen’s Charter launched yesterday under his watch will work as long as we the public carry out our end as responsible citizens in ensuring proper conduct and service by our law men and women.

I find Rear Admiral Lewin to be a no nonsense man who is intent on cleaning up the police force in as far as corruption and dereliction of duties are concerned. His corresponndences to JFLAG and that of his team recently during our deliberations and subsequent actions by lawmen has assured us shown a marked improvement in relations with LGBT persons in certain cases, however there is still room for improvement, especially at the community relations level but there is a start and that is commendable.

Let us all now begin to work together to develop an active civil movement with our public bodies, that of the police especially to deal with some of our problems of crime, discrimination and abuse.

Howie seh so


Police launch Citizens’ Charter

Lewin urges public to hold cops to new standards
Police Commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin speaking at yesterday’s launch of the Citizens’ Charter at the Police Officers Club on Hope Road in Kingston. Also pictured is Assistant Commissioner of Police Novelette Grant who is in charge of the constabulary’s Professional Standards Branch.
“Policing is not a task for the police alone and we must make this partnership work,” he said.