Oscar 2008 Party Report

Oscar 2008 Party Statuesque

Themed from the North American Oscar awards, the party of the year that almost never happened after being postponed last week due to the passage of Tropical storm Ivan’s destruction of the road network, the organizers were hell bent on seeing it through and so it happened last night

Due to the no photo policy of the venue we couldn’t capture the delightful dresses, wigs, ambiance and jewelry but we were able to get the pics, by phone, of some of the statuesque presented during the morning’s proceedings, yes I said morning, the party commenced at 10pm as usual but I guess everyone wanted to make an entrance and so they did at minutes to 2am cars started to trickle in and we present were beginning to wonder what was up as most who exited their vehicles weren’t “dressed” for an awards show. However by minutes to 3am the transformation begun, first an original Vera Wang gold dress that got every one’s attention and by showtime, 4:38am it was apparent that a showdown of who would be the best dressed male and female was on in earnest.

The awards continued and the following categories were announced and presented after a dress parade of the nominees.

  • Best Dressed Female

  • Best Dressed Male

  • Hype DJ of the Year

  • Most Consistent Party Patron

  • Best Fluffy Diva

  • Best Couple

  • Most Improved Diva

  • Pop Dung Diva (lol a huge joke for patrons, the winner was not present)

  • Lifetime Award – which Diva Nastasia Waugh walked away with

All in all it was a splendid surprise with glam, couture and street converging in one place and mingling to every one’s enjoyment.
Thumbs up to the organizers and we hope next year would be even better.

Party Patron