Another Vicious Attack

At around 2:40am Sunday September 21, 2008 the above photographed victim was befriended by two males at a park in Kingston, pretending to help “her” out. While sitting at a bus stop initially near the park, the two males who were passing by presented themselves as keeping her company, around some time after the men offered to keep her warm, as it turned out this was a front to launch their planned assault on the victim.

The victim who is a pre-operative transsexual presents as a woman so the men believing the victim was female attempted to rape her.

She fought vigorously to be free of her attackers, however not before sustaining the injuries photographed where a knife was used to slash her throat, they tried to strangle her and ripped her blouse and pants off, It was at this juncture that upon realising she was a “he” they inflicted the slashing.
The security guards on the premises nearby were not very helpful, when she tried to seek help partially nude, after escaping her attackers, who by this time made off with her cash amounting to $JA9000.00, a cell phone and other personal effects, one guard apparently attempted to pull his firearm and told her to get away.
It was a commercial sex worker on the strip who saw her and assisted her by calling the police. They arrived and took her to the hospital and instructed her to file a report after getting medical attention.

She subsequently contacted JFLAG representatives who arrived at the hospital to her aid.

Breast milk purged of HIV virus

Cotton wool soaked in sodium dodecyl sulphate deactivates HIV virus

A simple nipple shield that prevents HIV transmission from a breast-feeding mother to her child has been devised by a Cambridge University engineer.
Stephen Gerrard, a chemical engineer, has helped devise the shield that can disinfect milk as it leaves the breast.
The device uses a detergent used by biochemists to denature proteins for analysis.
A layer of cotton-wool soaked in the chemical is added to a conventional shield and this deactivates the virus.
The layer deals with the virus without having to go through heat treatment which is the normal treatment to deactivate the HIV virus.
The International Design Development Summit (IDDS) in the United States brought together engineers and field workers to work on research projects aimed at developing prototype designs.
Non-toxic solution
Mr Gerrard, together with a team of five others, was assigned the task of creating a practical design for heating breast milk to deactivate the virus.
“We quickly established this may be too lengthy a process for many women in developing countries so they might not have the time for it,” he said.
“Research has shown that copper and copper compounds can work but another approach, carried out by a group at Drexel University seemed more promising.
“Their research has focused on sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), which can kill the HIV virus quickly and in fairly non-toxic concentrations.”
Their project could also have benefits beyond prevention of HIV.
“We were concerned that using our nipple shield could be stigmatizing, since it would identify a mother as HIV infected,” said Mr Gerrard.
“We’re considering marketing it as a way to deliver medicines or micronutrient supplements to aid breast feeding. For example, they can also be used for iron or iodine deficiency.”

Two gay asylum seekers deported from UK

In the past two days two gay men who claimed their lives would be in danger if they were returned to their home countries have been forcibly repatriated.
Ugandan John Nyombi was deported on a flight in Entebbe on Friday evening. His supporters in the UK say he is now in hiding from police.
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission issued an action alert on Thursday because of the escalating violence against LGBT people in Uganda.
Mr Nyombi’s solicitors believe that the deportation was “an illegal act of the UK Border Agency.”
Babakhan Badalov, known as Babi, was deported from Heathrow yesterday afternoon on a British Midlands Airways (BMI) flight to Baku.
A reknowned artist, he claimed his sexual orientation and his public opposition to the Azerbaijani government put his life in risk.
His supporters say his removal contradicts UK Border Agency rules as they changed the details of his forced removal at the last minute and did so on a Saturday.
They also claim a border agent said to Mr Badalov before he was deported: “You make us sick, you’re going back where you belong.”
Despite a campaign that successfully persusaded Azerbaijan Airlines not to transport Mr Badalov, BMI agreed to repatriate him.
Gay rights acitivst Peter Tatchell said he recently met Deputy Prime Minister Harriet Harman and she and Barbara Follett, Equalities Minister, agreed to “examine and assist in the correction of any unfair treatment of LGBT asylum applicants.”

Activists have called for a boycott of BMI.
gayasylumuk criticised the government today.
“Gay and lesbian Labour voters in particular consider changing their vote if the [LGBT asylum] policy isn’t changed before the next election,” the group said.
“This is one way to get the message through on their hypocrisy regarding lesbian and gay rights issues — when embassies in other countries are flying the rainbow flag they aren’t doing this in Tehran, Kingston or Kampala.”
Earlier this year the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT community, flew during Pride in two eastern European nations from the British Embassy as a show of support.