Cops hunt Lesbian "Shottas"

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Girls accused of shooting men in quarrel over women
Again The Star is at it with hearsay and innuendo……..anyway (with a pound of salt) read and decide (click image)

Why would a lesbian want to shoot someone if she wasn’t first attacked or harassed? hhhmmmm.


COPS HUNT LESBIAN SHOTTAS – Girls accused of shooting men in quarrel over women

Dwayne Mcleod, Staff Reporter

The rift between male patrons and lesbians who attend exotic strip clubs has taken another twist, investigations by THE WEEKEND STAR have revealed.

In September, THE WEEKEND STAR published a story titled ‘Lesbians take over exotic clubs’, which depicted the feelings of men who claimed that they were being forced to take a back seat as women are given all the attention at strip clubs.

Now, it has been found that some of these lesbians now have men in fear of their lives following several recent violent attacks at clubs, reportedly stemming from arguments over women, as well as other altercations.

Checks with the police have found at least three recent incidents in which alleged lesbians were involved in violent attacks with men while at these clubs.

Acting like cowboys

“Some of these girls are acting like cowboys,” Detective Sergeant Carlton Urquhart of the Half-Way Tree police told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday.

He revealed a recent incident during which a security guard from a popular strip club in Kingston was shot and injured following an altercation in which he was reportedly not involved. The police are in search of a woman known only as ‘Candy’ in connection with that shooting. The police say she is known to frequent exotic clubs in Kingston.

Police say on October 1 about 4:10 a.m., the security guard was shot and injured by a woman who left the club, returned and before pulling the trigger reportedly stated, “Hold dis fi yu fren.”

In confirming that the police are aware of these violent lesbians, Detective Sergeant Urquhart noted that the police had nabbed another woman in connection with the incident, but had to release her after the victim informed them that she was not the person who had shot him. The police say the woman shares a name similar to Candy.

Similarly, the Constant Spring police is also on the hunt for another alleged lesbian who is suspected to be involved in the shooting of a man along Red Hills Road about two weeks ago. The man was reportedly shot several times by a woman who then drove off in a waiting motor car.

Police sources say they have not yet to establish an identity for the woman, but say statements collected thus far show that the shooting occurred shortly after an argument at another strip club in St. Andrew.

“On the night the man was shot and injured, he was said to have been involved in a squabble with a woman over another woman…We heard that a woman got in a rage after accusing him of trying to take her woman,” a police source explained. He also spoke of a crew of women believed to lesbians who are said to come from a small community in St. Andrew.

According to the source, the girls are suspected to be involved in a number of violent incidents which took place in at least three well-known clubs. The incidents are said to have been sparked by arguments over women. These incidents are rarely reported, he however noted.

As a result of such incidents, some men have even admitted to putting their strip club visits on halt.

“Bway mi naw lie, di lesbian dem a get bad to worse…Dem dun a tek ova di go-go club dem wid dem nastiness, but it look like dem nuh satisfy, a badness dem a use now,” an irate sounding Kirk Hewitt, who claims he has been attending strip clubs for a long time told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Another male patron, Kevin Spence added, “Since di lesbian dem start get famous mi did kinda ease off but go when mi feel like, now mi stop go, mi naw mek dem murda mi ova dem woman dem.”

Exotic club operators chose to be tight-lipped on the matter but the police say they will be working towards ensuring safety by making regular checks at these venues.


Doesn’t The Star understand that when they publish stories like this they are in essence inciting violence literally on anyone who “looks” gay including lesbians, who by the way have still not recovered from a previous story carried by the same paper in September on

Lesbians taking over nightclubs,
Many of them have been heckled and threats made to their person.
Just beyond us why this paper is so irresponsible?


Men have been taking a back seat at strip clubs as women are being given all the attention, investigations by THE WEEKEND STAR have revealed.

Many men say they are being outdone and in some cases outnumbered by strip club-attending lesbians. To add insult to injury, they allege that exotic dancers now seem more fond of women.

“It look like wi haffi go ban di lesbian dem or gi dem one club fi dem self cause is like dem a tek ova ya now. Dem did always a come a club but now a dem a run di club dem an a dem nuff a di dancer girl dem interested inna. Dem naw pay wi nuh whole heap a attention again,” an irate sounding Kirk Hewitt, a patron at a club explained. Hewitt, 39, claims he has been attending strip clubs for a long time, but, like this reporter, was quite surprised by the turn of events at a club recently.

Groups of women were seen gathered at various sections of the club dancing together. They were soon joined by the exotic dancers who would play with them, leaving the men by themselves.

The women would wine and grind on each other, touching and even kissing, much to the disgust of some men who openly showed their displeasure by shouting expletives and rude comments at them.

Similar situations were witnessed at several other strip clubs.

“Yu si dem my youth, if some woman nuh strong inna di earth none a dem naw go lef fi nuh man get,” Andre Garrick, another strip club patron said. “A pure group a dem par eno and dem have up dem money suh di go-go dem nuh business cause dem a get fi dem ting.”

Money is the reason

Other male patrons agreed that money was the reason for them being outdone by the women.

“Dem gal deh money tall eno, a pure big car dem drive and fi dem table always full a liquor, plus dem nah ramp fi all tip di go-go dem wid some big money…True we as some hardworking man now a try play tight wid our own, di go-go dem naw badda stress demself ova we,” another said.


But many of these women say they are just merely trying to have fun and are not trying to outdo the men.

“I go to strip clubs all the while, and it’s not a case where we are trying to overthrow men so to speak, it’s just a case where more and more of us are becoming more comfortable with our sexuality and want to have more fun,” one woman said.

“Men like to party, we like to party, men love to see dancers and we love to see them too,” another added.

When asked about her feelings on the issue, one dancer, who identified herself as Ginger, boldly replied, “Money talks bull… walks!”

Her views were echoed by other dancers. “A nuh seh wi naw pay di man dem nuh mind but a di woman dem a spend di money suh wi haffi go weh di money deh,” one added.

Clinical psychologist Dr Asquith Reid, said while money may be a pulling factor for this ‘girl on girl’ indulgence, as some females have claimed, people are generally just doing what they want to, be it in their homes or the strip clubs.

Reid said that immoral practices of this sort was nothing new but has got more widespread in recent times due to technological advances. “It seems more prevalent today because of the exposure that people now have to cable,” he said. “People are exploring these behaviours that they see, some may end up liking it while others may not.”

He noted that despite the behaviour of some of these women who trod the lesbian path or act in such a way in the clubs, they actually have heterosexual relationships at home.

N.B. In fact a the week following that publication at the very club some women were entering the establishment and they were harassed by the vendors on the outside and male patrons.

LGBT History Month – GLABRISH LGBT Newsletter

The final post in the LGBT History month series for this year 2009, here is GLABRISH a monthly tabloid that was circulated in 1997 to 1999, which was revived by a Gay writer Chris Eaton for a short time in 2002 but was laid to rest finally as time did not allow himself and his allies to continue the tabloid and the community took a while to warm up to it as the original readers had since moved on to online publications and chatrooms that were fast becoming the rage, Mr. Eaton now resides in the United Kingdom, The Glabrish had everything from the local suss, facts, trivia and HIV/AIDS information. Limited copies are in my possession(see samples above) and was pulished by private individuals and JFLAG operatives. Some were held by The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays JFLAG but were not in so good a condition similar to the Gay Freedom Movement Archives that were subsequently returned to its co-founder Larry Chang after much agitation from myself and some others.
Fortunately we were able to find these before they went the way of done for in time to share them with the world as our culture  sadly is not one of preservation or archiving for historical purposes and reflection.
Look out for more on previous activities in the LGBT community here in Jamaica.
Pride in who we are …. luv unu self yeaaahhh!
Peace and tolerance

Gays not the real problem (Public Opinion Heightens)

Just a word: the court of public opinion is once again active with pro and cons of homosexuality here the debates are welcome.

See these two letters below and draw your own conclusions.

Gays not the real problem

The Editor, Sir:
In response to Kay Wilson’s letter, ‘No re:Gays’ (see below) I would like to say – please, grow up, get educated and enlightened. The world is moving forward, not backward. I believe there was a time when certain people thought that being black was something you could wash off with soap and water. Thankfully, we know better now. I recently qualified as a nurse, and it was through my studies that I became aware of the scientific evidence that this
genetic malfunction is expressed on the chromosome, and is the determinant factor of sexuality.

Consenting adults
But anyway, that aside, we live in a so-called civilised world, don’t we? What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is their business, as long as they do not involve children or animals. The real problem in our society is not gay men, it is the misogynistic heterosexual men that we allow to use women as a public convenience, lying and cheating on us as we turn a blind eye (“It is what men do”, I hear you say); siring children hither and thither, with rampant disregard for their responsibilities and no regard for their welfare.

Think of all the gay men driven underground, hiding behind women as husbands, babyfathers, lovers, and you will realise it is people like you who are causing the time bomb called AIDS that is about to engulf Jamaica anytime soon.

I am, etc.,
Via Go-Jamaica

(original letter)
No re gays
Time for change re gays?

Absolutely NOT. Being of colour is not a choice, Being gay IS. The Bible says it is an abomination to God, and NO homosexual will be in heaven. That IS biblical. Lev. 2: 20 & Lev. 20:13, and there are many more texts. We should love them, yes, they are God’s children. However, we should not encourage them by accepting their behaviour. Their lifestyle is repulsive. We are in the last days and Jesus will be returning soon. Let’s encourage them to prepare for this great day. God bless you and my country that I love so very much.

Kay Wilson
Via Go-Jamaica

LGBT History Month – Hotness / Jamaica Outpost LGBT Newsletter

Now out of print but we thought I would remind you of this publication that ran in June 2004 – 2005 as done by GL Publishing.
The name was changed by its fifth issue to The Jamaica Outpost and continued so until its cessation.
Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays JFLAG were holders of limited archival copies of the publications courtesy of its originators but similar to the archives by Gay Freedom Movement they were not kept in proper condition under successive management. These were scanned by yours truly in my tenure there as I was pleasantly surprised to see that copies were kept, I since returned some of them to the original owners while the rest were filed away in zip locked bags, I hope they are in good hands there.
Sad our culture does not treat with importance archiving materials for preserving our history but thankfully the Gay Freedom Movement archives were finally retrieved by the owners after much to and froing.
thanks to
(GL Publishers)

Peace and tolerance


Fire Time – Capleton……(aka: Turn It Up (Fire Time Lyrics), still more murder music out

> Huh, huh, a who dem? Blaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzeeeeee!!!!!
> Mi waan tell dem somethin, seet yah
> Come on everyone well this is fire time
> Blazin this fire whether rain or shine
> Come on everyone well this is fire time
> I’m di real fireman and fireland a mine
> Verse 1:
> Weh mi seh fi do, tun it up, tun it up, bun it up eh? tun
> it up (Eh)
> Bun it up, tun it up, bun it up, hey, yo, uh
> Weh yuh lighta, bun a fighta, weh yuh lighta, bun a dycka
> Weh yuh lighta bun back bita, weh yuh lighta, bun a spita
> Weh yuh hand, weh yuh hand
> Let mi see yuh hand from yuh a bun chi chi man eh?
> Weh yuh hand, weh yuh hand
> Caan push it up dat mean yuh a one eh?
> Weh yuh hand, weh yuh hand
> Put it up how yuh tek so long eh?
> Weh yuh hand, leff ram, bend ham, yo, yo
> Chorus:
> Mi nuh bizniz weh dem a talk bout
> A mi nuh bizniz weh dem a laugh bout
> Man a smile and a wid dem a laff bout
> Then mi dispair di whole a dem AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
> Mi nuh bizniz weh dem a talk bout
> A mi nuh bizniz weh dem a laugh bout
> Let mi dispair di whole a dem AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
> Fire weh mi blaze it yo!!!!
> Verse 2:
> To rule and (?) a nuff a dem nuh black, don’t, have
> right
> A nuff a dem nuh have, nuh, conscious
> So mi a go bun, dem, conference
> Dat di fire come fi purge, clean, and then
> Keep it burnin yo!!!! Keep it blazin!!!!
> Keep it burnin!!! whoa yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
> Bridge:
> Come on everyone well this is fire time
> Blazin this fire whether rain or shine
> Come on everyone well this is fire time
> I’m di real fireman and fireland a mine
> Verse 3:
> Weh mi seh, tun it up, tun it up, bun it up eh, tun it up
> yeah
> Tun it up eh, bun it up, aiyyo Fire Links!!!!!
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> Fire fi di bwoy dem a climb up and scorch wah!!!
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> A who mi hear deh all a sleep wid di (?) wah
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> From mi bun di funnyman line up and march eh
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> Dem di bwoy deh fi worsa than scorch eh
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> See dem and bun dem (?) eh
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> Inna people bizniz dem love first eh
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> Dem a go reach back home and nyam grass eh?!
> Weh di torch, weh di………
> Round a way yuh a go tell dem go pass eh?!
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> Fuck around advise and gwaan like dem smart eh?
> Weh di torch, weh di torch
> Dem get drown caan go a see Rob eh?!
> Weh di….weh
> di….Blaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Confusing justice with righteousness (Gleaner Letter 29.10.08)


wait a minute who does Rev Al Miller thinks he is? In the same breath read this letter to the editor in the Gleaner.

Confusing justice with righteousness
published: Wednesday October 29, 2008

The Editor, Sir:
I write this letter in reaction to the letter submitted by Lucius C. White on Saturday, 25th of October. Mr White asserted that Christianity and the Jamaican legal system should be considered as one. This argument is laughable and needs to be addressed.
The notion of a legal system so heavily based on a religion is ill-thoughtout. Such a system is constantly at risk of confusing justice with religious righteousness. Thus, the legal system suggested by Mr White is radically dangerous to a democratic state such as Jamaica. This is evident as Mr White states: “Christians are instructed to obey the laws of the land; however, if those laws conflict with Christian teachings, they should obey the teachings of Christ.” Mr White’s tone is authoritative and ignorant as well as inducing anarchy. Mr White suggests his obviously devout interpretation of Christianity as a greater law than the one proposed by a democratically elected government. Such ‘interpretation’ of religion is clearly dangerous to the general population of a country. This was shown recently in the Indian state of Orissa where Hindu radicals, who held their interpretation of religion over the state’s law, slaughtered Christian citizens. This crime was committed in a state where the constitution also ‘makes provisions for the accommodation of all other religions’. In this instance, utter devotion to religion has confused justice: the same devotion suggested by Mr White.

Radical devotion
The audacity and radical devotion to his religion is apparent within the wording of his letter. He states: “The Christian teachings encompass several very important doctrines”. The sentence holds within it an intolerance which is exhibited as Mr White attaches the word ‘the’ to Christian teachings. Surely, he has no grounds to state that his interpretation of Christianity is ultimate and absolute, as implied by the ‘the’ he attaches to it.
The perilous attitude apparent in the wording of his letter is once more present in his final paragraph: “We must stand firm in our opposition to the legislation of abortion and homosexuality in our society because both practices are contrary to our Christian teachings and culture.” Not only does this comment seem to legitimise murders carried out by the public due to personal decisions of victims, but it conflicts with the Jamaican Constitution: “Except with his own consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his freedom of expression, the said freedom includes the freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference, and freedom from interference with his correspondence and other means of commu-nication.” Ironically, Mr White refers to the Jamaican Constitution himself; surely, a contradictory act.

Secular judiciary system
Thus, I call for a secular judiciary system: one devoid of a religious leaning. Otherwise, we risk living within a radical state run by religious extremism. Such a state as this was recently defunct: the Taliban-headed Afghanistan. Should Jamaicans wish to avoid the fate suffered by Afghanistan, then a secular law is necessary.

I am, etc.,
Kingston 8

Dealing with paraphilia

the piece below appeared in the health lifeline section of The Star with Dr. A. J. Morgan, thought we would post it, interesting the response, we think to this query on sexual fantasies.

Dear Readers,
J.S. is a 22-year-old man, who is concerned over his growing sexual fantasies which, he believes, are probably abnormal but seem to have become his primary source of sexual gratification. He is most sexually stimulated when imagining himself exposing his genitalia to various women – some known, some imagined. He fantasises about the act when masturbating and even during sexual intercourse. He has even thought of actually committing the act in reality but has restrained himself out of fear of the repercussions should he be caught. J.S. is embarrassed to even discuss these urges with his family doctor and asks Lifeline what he can do to let go of this fantasy.
Societal norms
A significant number of individuals fantasise about sexual acts when they masturbate or have intercourse, which may be beyond what they are willing to participate in. In fact, an act is not necessarily described as deviant behaviour (paraphilia) unless societal norms and social functioning have been violated and the rights of others have been transgressed. It is, therefore, a matter of degree.
Where the erotic mental (sexual) activity, in this case, exhibitionism, becomes the major source of sexual gratification, with or without orgasm, then something is wrong. If the individual can only achieve an orgasm through either fantasising about the act or actually performing the act, then the behaviour is sexually deviant. Exhibitionism, if it occurs under the above conditions, would then be a form of deviant sexual behaviour, or paraphilia.
Persons who have these different sexual interests are often ostracised by society and it is difficult to determine the extent to which this behaviour occurs in any given population, as it is hidden.
The urge to participate in deviant sexual behaviour usually develops during adolescence. Usually, the person fantasises about his or her sexual interest during masturbation and attempts to use this method to satisfy his or her sexual urges. What they often do not realise is that, as time passes, the links between the fantasies and masturbation only strengthen the urge to actually perform the act. After a while, exhibitionists may conclude that exposing their genitalia is actually an enjoyable sexual experience for their victim, rather than an assault. They may interpret the victims’ response as showing sexual interest.
See a shrink
Most family physicians would refer a person with these behavioural and sexual problems to a specialist, usually a psychiatrist or psychologist, as the most successful method of treatment for sexual deviation is psychological intervention in the form of cognitive behavioural treatment. This targets the reduction of deviant sexual arousal and the enhancement of normal sexual arousal, while helping the person to develop effective coping and pro-social skills.
The SSRI antidepressant group of medication which include Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft can reduce the sexual drive and, therefore, reduce deviant sexual behaviour, so they can be useful in the treatment of this condition. Other hormonal treatment can also be prescribed.
J.S. should take the first step by visiting a family physician whom he trusts and in whom he has confidence in. There is help available.

Write Lifeline
P.O. Box 1731
Kingston 8

Red Flag Warning for Lesbian Relationships

When dating or starting a new relationship, many lesbians tend to ignore certain behaviors in their new partner that may not bode so well for their future. Yet when things fall apart and they are in the middle of a bad breakup, many lesbians say they wish they had known about these behaviors/habits/issues before they had gotten involved. The reality is, even though some women are capable of hiding their true colors for extended periods of time, if you pay close attention to the signs, you can usually detect red flag warnings before you become too involved in a relationship.
(photo from Internalized homophobia and relationship quality among lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals study)
Here are just a few red flags warning to keep an eye out for:
Blames others for their problems –
Women who won’t take ownership for their own problems and tend to play the part of “the victim,” will eventually start blaming you for all of their problems.
Gets attached or falls in love too quickly. (U-haul syndrome) –
Women who tend to quickly jump into a relationship may be looking for someone to save them from their problems. You may want to question their motives for rushing into a relationship. Are they in debt, unemployed or homeless and looking for a Sugar Momma? Are they depressed and looking for someone to make them happy? Are they looking for someone to help them forget about an ex?
Big Flirt –
Someone who overtly flirts with other women, even when you are together, and then insists it’s harmless, is a Big Red Flag.
They won’t make sacrifices –
Healthy relationships don’t require bending over backwards all the time, but a certain amount of sacrifice is normal to keep things balanced. If your partner is rarely willing to give in on anything, chances are, that will not change anytime soon.
Does not want to help with simple chores –
Women who pout or complain when you ask them to help you out with the smallest of tasks, like washing the dishes or taking out the trash, is likely to view you as their care-taker, rather than a partner. In the long run, you may end up resenting this person.
Control Issues –
Does your partner tell you whom you can and can’t talk or spend time with? Does she tell you what you can or cannot wear? Does she try to make you feel guilty about pursuing outside interests or spending time with your friends and family? Romantic partners are supposed to support each other not own each other.
Trust issues – Whether it is a little white lie you caught her in, or something much bigger, it is hard to regain trust once it is lost. A partner who lies, misleads you or fails to communicate openly, is not someone capable of a healthy relationship, nor are they worthy of your affection.
Relationship Longevity –
Women who have not been in a long-term relationship for longer than a year or two will often have commitment issues and tend to continue this pattern of short-term relationships until they have dealt with their issues.
Financial Status –
Not that I believe having money is everything, but I do think it is important that the person you are dating is gainfully employed and can keep a job for an extended period of time. It will also be helpful if they are not in serious debt, how your partner handles their finances can really effect the future of your relationship.
Living Situation –
Last, but not least, if you meet a woman who is over 30 and still living with her parents, RUN! Of course there are always exceptions, perhaps you meet someone who is taking care of her aging parents, which is very honorable. But lets face it, in this day and age, that is rarely the case, so be sure to check out the details before getting involved.
So those are my top 10 red flag warning, although I am sure I could probably come up with another 50 or so…yikes!
Please feel free to share your favorite red flag warnings, when dating, you can never really have enough warnings, can you???