Ridiculous Stereotypes – Men in Tight Jeans are gay

Gay is not defined by clothing

Originally appearing from this forum on MSN from one named Tafari, really how stupid can people get? read the comment below. Does this even deserve an answer, are we so backward a people?

September 27, 2008
It seems that I have been away from the social scene for far too long because somewhere in the last year or so men’s fashion and look underwent a serious transition that I seem to have missed. Men are no longer adorned in loose/comfortable jeans and shirts that fit. Instead it’s gaudy stretch jeans and shirts from Baby Gap. A respectable hair cut and neatly shaved beard has given way to jerry curls and bleached-out face. A WHA REALLY A GWAAN?!

Jamaica is quite possibly the most homophobic society in the world. So why don’t these women-jeans-wearing men feel threatened? Even though they walk around with their heads down – bleach face and sun no gree – they do so proudly. It must be that the society has accepted them or they are just too concerned with the possibility of a yeast infection to look worried.

No. Jamaica could not have accepted these colorful – bleach face and all – men in tights. Could it? Everything about the new look screams gay – and I’m not happy about that. What is even worse is that most of these reynolds-wrap-wearing men are from the inner city – just the place to be if you are a fag with a death wish. So I asked again. A wha really a gwaan?!

I found out recently that I am not the only one who has been traumatized by this trend. Women seem to be more distraught about the whole thing. A friend of mine complained that she cannot find a good pair of jeans to buy because the men are gobbling them up and if she does find one she would happen to see the same jeans on a man twice her size. I have heard from other women who are even more upset as they complained that the last thing they want are men who spend more time at the hair dresser and more money on bleaching cream than they do.

It is also to be understood that these body-paint wearers believe that the Michelle Jackson look makes them appear more attractive to women. Are women that complicated in the eyes of men that a man has to become one to get one? I don’t think so. These Michelle Jacksons are just a sick indication of how rife homosexuality is in Jamaica. It is so bad that it is allowed to prosper in the inner city communities which should not be when you take into consideration the number of anti-gay and anti-tight-pants lyrics that flood our air waves. So, to the Michelle Jacksons out there, you need a better explanation.

Lets get finished with the rambling. All I have left to say is that I don’t think that I should be second guessing if it’s a man or woman when I see a tight pair of jeans. Dat no right. Yutes, you have lost your way. You are slowly but surely becoming pussies and not men. Man fi look like and act like man Rasta. Fiya pan a pasta jeans!!!

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Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

One thought on “Ridiculous Stereotypes – Men in Tight Jeans are gay”

  1. What stupidity! So men wearing tight jeans are gay? Go tell that to half the heterosexual men in Latin-America whose jeans are tighter than you could paint them on.You may well be up in arms about bleaching creams but Jamaica is still a society dominated by the power wielded by light-skinned “octoroons” while 90% of the population are the product of former enslaved Africans.You may be quick to make a fuss about the right of individuals to wear whatever they choose but I hardly hear anyone condemning the high rate of crime, drugs, human rights abuse, and murder.It’s time Jamaicans grow up! No wonder half the country are leaving for pastures freer! It’s a real shame that your light-skinned politicians believe in keeping the populace in ignorance just like their white slave masters before them.


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