Is this Letter real,

by Howie

I have been reading Tell Me Pastor all these years and I am beginning to be convinced that some of these letters aren’t real. The letter below that appeared in today’s Star has aroused my suspicion yet again.

In our caustic environment of homophobia generally, I find it strange that a lesbian would write a letter to this Pastor stating that she is in love with a married woman and judging by the response I am convinced it’s a platform for him to preach to people his anti homosexual position.

Not that persons aren’t entitiled to express their position but context and place are important.

Here is the letter:

Lesbian in love with a married woman
Dear Pastor,
I have a problem. I am a female who is in love with a woman, but she is married. I do respect the fact that she is married. We have been having this wonderful relationship for the past 10 months and we have kept it on the down-low, as much as possible. She told me about her past relationship with other women and so on.
She tells me, every day, that she loves me very much and I do believe her but she does not trust me because I live alone and she thinks that I will have other women at my home.
Another woman
Well, she has this other woman in Barbados, who she was seeing, but has not been with her in a long time. Now, she is telling me that she will be visiting her in the new year.
What do you think she is up to, pastor?
T., Clarendon, Jamaica

Pastor’s response
Dear T.,
Well, let me put it straight to you. I do not support or encourage this type of lifestyle. You are a woman, yet you have chosen to become intimate with another woman. As a Christian, I cannot encourage you to have a sexual relationship with a person of your own sex. And, I take the liberty to encourage you to desist from this type of lifestyle and to seek professional help.

What you think?

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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