Tell Me Pastor "Foot in mouth again"

by Howie

Remember a couple of posts ago (scroll down after this) I hinted that I do not trust this “Tell Me Pastor” column in the Star as I thought it was a front to push and stimulate anti-homosexual views. Well take a look below a letter published today and be the judge.

some questions came to mind:
1. Is this how a pastor really ought to address a correspondence?

2. Does the letter and response look authentic

3. Why have there been so many letters in succession on gay issues and all the answers to them are a flat out rejection and resistance, no element of tolerance, as Christians ought to be?

4. Why would someone go looking for a P.O Box at an actual address? (see letter below)

Maybe you will come up with more questions as you read.

Letter reads as follows:
Dear Pastor,

I have recently visited Jamaica and I wondered if the address box you stated existed at King Street. Because all I could see around the area was buildings left in ruins and desperation. I could not believe what I saw. The murder rates are frightening and are making people scared to visit the island, even for vacation, let alone to live.

While I was in Jamaica, two women were shot in May Pen Market and a man was shot at Bushy Park in May Pen. Sir, what you should be doing is praying for our country that it might become better.

I have found that you gave some very dishonest answers in your column. God created us all, and if He wishes He could have made us all gay or all straight, so who are we to condemn a person who is gay? There are many gay people who really and truly love each other and live happily together, even better than a man and a woman. Who are we to judge others? I am gay and proud of it.

L.S., England

Dear L.S.,

Why be angry with me? I have never condemned anybody, whether they are straight or gay. I quote the Scripture. I speak the truth. It is not my style to condemn anyone. If you disagree with me, that is fine with me. Why be angry?

It seems to me that you do not read very well or you do not read with understanding. You have accused me of publishing an address that doesn’t exist. You must be crazy.

For many years the address of my column has been: TELL ME PASTOR, DR. AARON DUMAS, P.O. BOX 188, KINGS STREET, KINGSTON. EMAIL: It is to this very address you sent your letter.

If you went up and down looking for number 188 King Street, you would have done so because you are deficient in knowledge. Don’t blame me for making a fool of yourself.

I cannot support your lifestyle. You are gay. That is your choice. Why attack me because I do not support your lifestyle? I will pray that God will save you and that you will serve Him will all your being.



Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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