We Value Your Comments

We decided to post some comments we recieved via email and on here as well on the current hot topic.

Fiyu Pikni – commented on the post “J-FLAG outraged by Smith’s broadside against gays…”\(scroll down to see original post)

While I am equally concerned about those statements made by the MP, I am not surprised. So your “outrage” confounds me. Such is the general view of us my friend, and it wont change any time soon. At least we know well where we stand, in terms of the opposition, (however mired in ignorance) that we have to contend with.

Earnest Smith, like may other Jamaicans, has no qualms about stereotyping people he has no clue about- and it makes very little sense. You kill people for being gay, so gays are afraid to “come out” (…which is a nonfunctional term in Jamaica). As a result you have very few openly gay individuals… very effeminate guys escape mob beatings and mutilations only because they don’t profess their homosexuality- they day they do so, they’re dead. Yet, Jamaicans swear they know all there is to know about homosexuals. Maybe of you gave us a chance to live and to love those we want to, you would realize that we really are no different for heterosexuals…it’s not as if their heterosexuality has anything to do with me.

One day they will learn, for we will not remain so silent… so out sight, forever.

Till then, we need to maintain great blogs like these, in which we can voice our opinions, and germinate the seeds of the revolution that must come.

Schifrah – commented on our post “MP’s erratic behaviour in Parliament about gays”:

Obviously Mr. Smith’s report sources come from the Star, X-News(does that one still exist?)or any of the other questionable evening “rags” which traffic in salacious garbage, and pander to the semi-literate.I really thought that one had to be at least erudite to be an attorney, and that part of ones training was to sift fact from fiction, and prepare ones self before opening ones mouth…so much for my faith in the justice system.

Can someone please show me where these violent abusive homosexuals with firearms are in Jamaica, or at very least the scientific data used by Mr Smith to make his case that the police force is “overrun by homosexuals” …Maybe Mr. Smith is confusing the terms homosexuals and homophobes…Guys lets chip in and buy the man a dictionary!


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

One thought on “We Value Your Comments”

  1. My prayers go out to all of you trying to open minds in your homeland and getting the idiots to see that hating on GLBT people not only is an affront to human decency, it’s bad business.


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