The curious case of these "Curious Heaviots" Part 1

Heaviot = masculine downlown sometimes bisexual male (aka “trade” in US)

In the day to day life of gay men who cruise the streets, parks and secret meeting places there are heaviots who abound and use their sometimes stunningly physical masculine attributes to bring in their prey, covertly as genuine sexual favours only to use the opportunity to rob or harm unsuspecting admirers. This is one of two such incidents as reported to us and there is some concern now about the authenticity of the men who cruise for sex are they “gay” or just using the opportunities afforded to them by unsuspecting men?

We have heard of incidents where men pose a gays to harm their targets with homophobic violence but there is new twist to these two incidents the “attackers” were in sexually comfortable positions with other men before exacting their real intentions.

Incident #1:
A former popular recreational park in St. Andrew where joggers do their morning run, was the scene of this bizarre affair, here a 29 year old middle class accountant takes a jog, not his usual morning activity but he proceeds non the less, he is distracted by a male figure that moves in nearby bushes, he ignores it and makes a lap around the dusty wooded area a second time. The figure again shakes the trees to attract his attention and beckons with an audible “pssst” the jogger continues and realises this isn’t your ordinary action here. A third lap around the track he is overtaken by a female jogger who he had passed several chains before on another path, the “bush beckoner” by now comes closer to the track but still slightly concealed and beckons again this time our accountant jogger is surprised by a well toned shirtless thug masturbating and trying to attract his attention, the jogger ignores his attempts and tries to quicken his pace, the “bushman” however launches out and grabs hold of him as he passes directly in front, he whispers erotic words in his ear but something else happend that the jogger did not intend, his $30,000 gold chain around his neck become a weapon for the overpowering thug who demanded that he give it to him.

By this time the erection of the attacker had long disappeared although he was still exposed, he choked the jogger with the chain and demanded money as well and brandished a knife.

The shocked accountant by now raised alarm while a struggle ensued, the attacker retreated into the bushes and the female jogger and several other joggers who had heard the shouts for help arrived. The shocked man explained that a robbery attempt was made on him everyone dissipated after that.
Luckily it ended the way it did, the chain had left a deep imprint around his neck and there were other light bruises which were as a result of the struggle. The accountant did not report the matter to the police.

Part 2 coming soon.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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