Sexual Offences Bill Debate – Senator Hyacinth Bennett’s Summary Remarks 26.06.09

She opened with

” …..steps are being taken to have legislation in place to address sexual offences. Clearly the reason why we are going through this process is to update our laws to make our country safer. Safer for every woman, boy and girl, regardless of age or station in life.
This bill is the people’s bill.
It belongs to the Jamaican and we must always remember that.
Laws that deal with what can be viewed as the sensitive area of sex do not exist in the abstract. Sex ans sexual relations have a social and moral context. One may have to take into account the views and values of groups and sub-cultures within the general population as well as the common good of the people as a whole. However in going forward, it is very important that one adopts a wholistic and not a position that places focus on one segment or segments of the population over another. I think is very important that while we do everything to bring sex offenders to justice that their fundamental rights are protected. Some of these persons did not set out to become criminals. However for reasons that perhaps the psychologists can best explain many of these persons end up using sex as a means to hurt others or to address what they think are their own needs much to the detriment of society as a whole.
Many grown men continue to engage in carnal abuse of under aged girls. These girls should be focusing their attentions on passing their exams, preparing for their careers and starting a family when they are financially, mentally and emotionally capable of doing so.
Values and Philosophy:
Mr. President, my focus today is on certain aspects of this bill that concern morality and natural sexual relations. We know that this is the early 21st century. We know that is has become accepted in certain countries that once had colonies in this part of the world to implement new laws and incorporate new thinking that include a liberal approach to sexual relations. What was once considered unnatural has now been redefined in some places as being natural for a particular group or groups. However we are no longer a colony. We must develop our own thinking on these issues. The liberal values or ideology of one culture should not be imposed on another whether by external influence or even by importation.
The debate on aspects of this bill is more about values and philosophy than it is about the individual provisions. Liberal ideology has no difficulty with laws that for example could lead to to the overturning of our existing anti-buggery laws that criminalize, among other things, anal sex between consenting adults. Other persons with a judeo-christian worldview would however have a difficulty with that.
For many persons that push a radical homosexual agenda it is claimed that homosexual behaviour is natural for them. That particuar group has been quite successful in advancing their cause by using the rights based approach. I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist but I have not seen where homosexual behaviour has been conclusively shown to be natural.
In fact the dominant scientific opinion has been that no one can conclusively show that homosexuality is natural. Clearly I am not here today to win popularity from certain quarters, but I have to speak the truth. The founder of the United Kingdom’s homosexual lobby group outrage, Mr Peter Tatchell admitted that you will not find that anyone is born homosexual. I found this admission very revealing and whilst I am not here to bash anyone I do believe that radical homosexual elements may need to look within themselves before advancing positions that can affect the common good. Advancing causes or including thinking that can implicitly or explicitly include what we call gay rights can eventually lead to several repercussions, some of which we may not have envisaged.
It can have negative effects on raising of children who need to have clear gender roles of males and females modeled before them. It can affect how families are defined such as whether a child can have two daddies or two mommies.
It can also affect how we should conduct our every day social relations as the holding of hands in public and even how invitations to social functions are addressed.”
end of part 1

Look for more parts to this what I call a ridiculous presentation in the people’s senate.