Possible for a man to be Raped?

Today’s Gleaner Cartoon
the laughing kid says it all, people just don’t expect in Jamaica to hear of a man being raped by a woman, probably a man though. There is a story of a taxi driver in Central Jamaica now known as “Roundhole” who was attacked at home with his wife present several years ago by gunmen it is said that he was almost sodomised by two of the men who tried but failed. He tried reporting the matter to the police who laughed at him in disbelief as he was crying and shamed by the incident, if there is any truth to it I am not sure but the other taxi drivers teased him mercilessly whenever he came on the streets, it took him a while to restart his taxi service, even today as he traverse the routes he services you can still hear the occasional taunt “Roundhole” hurled at him.

Well some humour for a serious subject which I will follow up on soon, expert opinios welcomed.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

One thought on “Possible for a man to be Raped?”

  1. Under the bill currently making its way through Parliament, a woman cannot rape a man, nor can a man rape another man. In thier aim to prevent any challenge to the buggery laws, they defined rape narrowly to refer only to penal-vaginal penetration (and if Hyacinth Bennett has her way, only those that are defined at birth). The downside is that a man who is sexually penetrated by another man will have to rely on the buggery law, and the punishment as it stands would be less than what is proposed for rape. Similarly, the law will now have to specifically define a woman forcibly having sex with a man and attach a penalty that is similar to rape, to avoid an imbalance in the punishment regime.
    It is the ever more complex web that Parliament continues to weave, just so they can keep gays from having the freedom to be intimate without prosecution.


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