Star Headline – Residents evict freaky women

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer
Two St Catherine females have been banished from their community after they were alleged to have been caught engaging in oral sex.
The spectacle unfolded at the Rivoli community in Spanish Town on Friday.
Reports reaching THE STAR are that about noon the mother of one of the young women left her 19-year-old daughter at home to run an errand.
She returned home unexpectedly and almost fainted when she heard strange panting sounds inside her house.
After entering the house she could not contain her anger when she saw her daughter naked along with an older woman. Her daughter’s head was buried between the other woman’s legs.
In her distress, the mother is said to have began shouting and this caused a number of curious onlookers to converge on the home.
The frightened females are said to have left the area and have not been seen since.
When THE STAR visited the community a few days after the incident, residents gave mixed reactions to the occurrence.
”If them want to eat themselves to death this is not the place, yu si mi boss,” Mark said.
Another resident said; “You can imagine in the boiling sun … dem need God.”
Checks at the Spanish Town Police Station revealed that while the matter was not officially reported and is not being investigated the police have heard of it.

Comment: Luckily the women were not beaten as lesbians do not get the kind of treatment as gay men do when they are caught in the act. Pity that the mother of the 19yo seems out of touch with her daughter’s alleged lifestyle and insensitive exposing her to the whims of the community who could have reacted more violently, who knows? prudence demands though that one should choose a private place to conduct one’s affairs and not “steal it” one the side. I am also concerned as to how the story is presented, tact could have been used ( a joke for the Star NEWS) which these days in the face of competition from the other almost xrated tabloids finds itself using graphic language and description to “sell” the stories and keep up with the demand for sleaze from the public.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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