Lesbian, Seventh Day Adventist and beliefs

More and more Jamaicans are expressing themselves about issues affecting them and it’s refreshing to hear some. This particular post is birthed from an exchange I had with a Seventh Day Adventist who is also a lesbian. I tried to invite her to a series of GLBT events slated for the Emancipation weekend where she responded that Saturdays are out as she respects her faith and keeps the Sabbath. The conversation went on to the role of the church and what it ought to be concerned about which is winning souls fopr Christ despite orientation or the profile of the individual.

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Over the past months Jamaica has been having a dialogue overall about morality and Christianity and the various doctrines that obtain from the many denominations that co-exist here. My lesbian friend pointed out that the church is too busy dipping it’s hands into state affairs it seems and I concurred referring to the much debated Sexual Offences Bill and the Abortion issue now in the public domain.

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Her personal path is that of handing over to God what she feels is an unchangeable course in her life that of being a lesbian, she says she prays to God for whatever should happen however I questioned her as to why she would do that, it’s as if she concurs that her lesbianism is a sin thus making her unfit and unclean for the church and evangelism. I pointed out that many who are in the business of evangelism may never see the gates as that much coveted position alone in my view doesn’t guarantee salvation in the end as the bible puts it. She recovered herself and went on to state that she believes God never made a mistake in creating her as she is and she feels her calling is to serve but the institutional structure of churches in general choke and exact bigoted positions to persons who seem different than the “holy” individual.

Frankly the church has no business in judging people if it does it is no different from the sinner folk it is to reach or to infuse love and peace in the lives of men.

Walk good.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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