Experimental sex again ???

(taken from Star News 06.10.09, this is the second such case I am aware of this year and it begs the question is this experimental sex?. In the first case which was also carried here:
Teen accused of molesting 11-y-o
the accused was beaten by residents and a reader had responded in the comment section to try to justify my questioning the early experimentation of sex whether gay or not and that the child may not neccessarily become gay or is gay. How should cases like these be handled??

the actual story today:
TEEN MOLESTS 5-Y-O BOY? – Allegedly attempts suicide after incident
A bizarre incident in the Rock district of Falmouth, Trelawny, some two weeks ago has left many residents at a loss for words and two other youngsters seeking medical attention.

According to information reaching THE STAR, the incident took place on September 27. Reports are that a five-year-old boy from the community went over to his neighbour’s house to watch television with a 16-year-old boy. While there, it is said that the younger boy was placed on a bed, his pants pulled down and he was forced to have sexual intercourse, causing him to bleed.

The youngster then went home and was questioned by his mother who observed that something was wrong with him. He reportedly told her of the incident.

The child was rushed to hospital where he was treated and admitted for observation. THE STAR was further told that after word of the incident spread throughout the district, the accused teenager attempted to commit suicide. Sources said the teen tied a piece of rope to the ceiling of the house and tried to hang himself. He was, however, saved by family members who cut him down.

Police who confirmed the incident said the teen was taken to the hospital where he remains under police guard.

"Keep it to Yuself mentality" on homosexuality part 2 …. on "str8 Jamaica

In part one of this post I examined the general belief of Jamaicans on the keeping of homosexual tendencies private or to ones self as the only way people will begin to overlook the lifestyle to a certain extent and the music involved.

GO HERE for part 1 see also video on Ernie Smith’s interview (MP who lashed out at gays in Parliament recently) where he expressed the same sentiments about gays keeping “filth” to ourselves. MP’s Erratic Behaviour in Parliament using or abusing his parliamentary privileges to lambaste even the police.

Also see popular Jamaican homophobic words and their use

People like Shirley Richards and others in the anti-gay lobby get easy opportunities in the print media to spew their homophobic rhetoric without fail or question by the respective editors even when it is clear that garbage is written for example see Jamaicans homophobic? That’s a lie! letter to the Gleaner she wrote recently. These folks would prefer us disappearing or retreating in our selves and yet they are members of church congregations and christian organisations if they had magic they would make us straight and win in the end.

Here are some things I think that are worth pondering as a nation in the utopic dream of an all straight Jamaica. These are supposed to be the heterosexual models the anti gay lobby clearly overlook when spewing their words of hate.

Start each point with the following sentence:
In a heterosexual Jamaica and in the interest of protecting children we:

  • Hatch kids like chickens only for our boys to end up homeless in some instances to to become windshield wipers, yet we (including the anti gay lobby snobs) have now set the police to lock them up because they are a nuisance.
  • have female teens who are poked, prodded and penetrated on certain modes of public transportation by grown men sometimes in full view of adults and nothing comes out of it except a baby or a HIV+ teen.
  • allow illegitimate children to be left in the care of the state only for them to die in a fire because they were “trouble makers” so who cares, an inquiry is carried out and no one in charged.
  • loose face and trust in Pastors due to several acts of indiscretion with teenage girls of note the gang rape that was taped and encouraged by a deacon recently as he looked on cheering the youngsters committing the acts.
  • watch pastors left with the care of teens fondles, caresses and has intercourse with three girls at once and gets a slap on the wrist by a light jail term, bail and very little public outrage.
  • hatch even more children as chickens seeing it’s what we are here to do, replenish the earth they say, yet we have so many homeless kids as ticking time bombs and prime candidates for crimes in adult life with the children’s homes & places of shelter already overcrowded.
  • Allow music that is openly sexually suggestive to ring out at any opportune time without supervision, then wonder why kids take the lyrics literally and go have casual sex.
  • have children only to teach them to hate homosexuals and be violent without even realising that your own child may be gay.
  • teach our children to be selective about “sin” so str8 sin is ok as long as it is not anything gay.

This is the heterosexual model that the anti gay lobby so vigorously defends with a bible beating us over our heads. What a mess and yet most gays and lesbians already just out of decency do keep our sexual preferences to ourselves but the anti gay lobby would love to be a fly on the wall or peek through my key hole to see who is pushing what in where or in the case of my lesbian friends who is dining on who as we are percieved as sex crazed perverts.

I suggest to the anti gay folks that you get to know someting before you criticise it.

We do keep it to (“weself“) ourselves and the anti gay lobby and others should stay out of our damn business and leave us alone.

We all can live together if we only try.


Buju’s PR Campaign coughs up hopeless efforts …. more questions

All of a sudden a bunch of blogs claiming to support Buju Banton have been turning out posts claiming rave reviews on the few shows that have been allowed to go through and using what little core support to drum up a following.

It is not working it seems as some of the comments on these blogs which I will not promote here suggest that even yardies themselves are seeing through the smoke screen that the gays have flopped his tour. One comment suggested that it’s only the underground Jamaican and West Indian following that have been supporting the show and the all important mainstream white and Afrian American audiences are no where. The letters and petitions from Buju’s management have fallen in deaf ears in some instances as most venues who have cancelled are more interested it seems in preserving their good relations with the respective GLTBQ populations and conducting future business fearing a fallout.

Apart from Beenieman who has come out in support for a short while in the Miami leg of the tour very little has been heard from the dancehall fraternity not even the elite artists or other Murder music artists such as Capleton, Sizzla or Bounty Killa. It begs several questions:

  • Why are they so silent?
  • Do they fear that in speaking out against the current gay backlash that their careers may also stall?
  • Why hasn’t the local media here in Jamaica carried a balanced and true picture of Buju’s ill fated tour?
  • Are they keeping quiet just to save face?
  • Did the dancehall fraternity think they could continue to hit out in the way they were?
  • Are the dancehall acts worried about the loss of possible income if they stand up against this backlash? (most artists earn from US and European tours)

In the meantime a very strange rumour is floating on the ground here in Jamaica that two popular dancehall acts were “caught in a compromising position” over the weekend. One being a murder music performer himself and was always suspected as being a hypocrite. This is yet to be properly verified but several sound system and DJ operators are livid I understand at this new development and are asking how comes they are “battymen” all this time and no one knew? some venues locally are already contemplating a full ban of the two accused my sources inform me.

More to come on this.

Buju just do the right thing and pull the song from the market and renounce the evil pronouncements and move on. Be a man.


Songs of Hate – A Jamaican in Florida writes


Reggae dancehall performers Buju Banton and Beenie Man don’t know me, but they say they hate me.

I’m a black man of Jamaican ancestry — who knows, our Kingston roots may be intertwined somewhere in the past — but because I am gay, they say they are at war with me.

They sing lyrics that incite their fans to murder and torture all gay people, even providing specific instructions:

Buju Banton incites listeners to shoot gays in the head, pour acid on us and set us on fire. Beenie Man suggests that his fans “Hang lesbians with a long piece of rope” and sings of a new Jamaica, “come to execute all the gays.” Buju suggests killing us with machine guns; Beenie recommends bazookas.

Banton and Beenie Man are both scheduled to perform in Miami’s James L. Knight Center at the ironically titled Reggae “Bash” 2009 on Oct. 31. This Halloween-night concert is a personal affront and a physical threat to people like me. They are bringing their message of hate into my city, and inciting people to violence in my neighborhood. I call on the the city and the Knight Center management to cancel the concert, and for companies to end their sponsorship of the event.

Inciting violence

I am not alone in my outrage at the hateful and murderous message of Buju Banton and Beenie Man and their incitement of fans to violence against gays and lesbians. Tampa, Orlando and Tallahassee venues have already cancelled the concert, and Toyota of Hollywood has withdrawn its financial support of the event. Nationwide, shows in Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Richmond and Minneapolis have been cancelled.

Unsurprisingly, concert promoters have done two things: downplay the incitement to violence as Banton’s youthful indiscretion and invoke his First Amendment right to free speech. “He was just 15 years old” when he wrote Boom Bye Bye, his first hateful call to violence, they say. “He doesn’t perform it anymore.”

That is simply not true. A Miami Herald reporter posted a video of Buju Banton performing Boom Bye Bye in Miami in 2007. Search the Internet and you’ll see him onstage in a video posted September 2009, screaming: “There is no end to the war between me and the f–gots!”

As for Banton’s right to free speech, I’m a strong supporter of the First Amendment. I firmly believe that Buju Banton and Beenie Man have a right to hate whomever they want, and to speak loudly against them, onstage and off.

But they go much further: They publicly advocate murder and other forms of indiscriminate violence against people like me and incite their listeners to commit assault. No venue, public or private, is obligated to provide space for those who use “fighting words” to incite violence.

Speaking out peacefully

It is a sign of deep respect for the First Amendment, not an affront to it, to meet hateful speech with only speech, not threats of violence. And that is what fair-minded Floridians — gay and straight alike — have been doing all across the state. We are speaking out against the dehumanization of people and the murderous message these two dancehall singers continue to spew for profit.

If the concert goes on, you can be certain there will be protesters outside, exercising our First Amendment right to free speech. But we will not be inciting murder or violence against anyone. That would be dead wrong and illegal.

George Byars is a member of Equality Florida. He previously served as development director of the civil rights organization.