Buju’s PR Campaign coughs up hopeless efforts …. more questions

All of a sudden a bunch of blogs claiming to support Buju Banton have been turning out posts claiming rave reviews on the few shows that have been allowed to go through and using what little core support to drum up a following.

It is not working it seems as some of the comments on these blogs which I will not promote here suggest that even yardies themselves are seeing through the smoke screen that the gays have flopped his tour. One comment suggested that it’s only the underground Jamaican and West Indian following that have been supporting the show and the all important mainstream white and Afrian American audiences are no where. The letters and petitions from Buju’s management have fallen in deaf ears in some instances as most venues who have cancelled are more interested it seems in preserving their good relations with the respective GLTBQ populations and conducting future business fearing a fallout.

Apart from Beenieman who has come out in support for a short while in the Miami leg of the tour very little has been heard from the dancehall fraternity not even the elite artists or other Murder music artists such as Capleton, Sizzla or Bounty Killa. It begs several questions:

  • Why are they so silent?
  • Do they fear that in speaking out against the current gay backlash that their careers may also stall?
  • Why hasn’t the local media here in Jamaica carried a balanced and true picture of Buju’s ill fated tour?
  • Are they keeping quiet just to save face?
  • Did the dancehall fraternity think they could continue to hit out in the way they were?
  • Are the dancehall acts worried about the loss of possible income if they stand up against this backlash? (most artists earn from US and European tours)

In the meantime a very strange rumour is floating on the ground here in Jamaica that two popular dancehall acts were “caught in a compromising position” over the weekend. One being a murder music performer himself and was always suspected as being a hypocrite. This is yet to be properly verified but several sound system and DJ operators are livid I understand at this new development and are asking how comes they are “battymen” all this time and no one knew? some venues locally are already contemplating a full ban of the two accused my sources inform me.

More to come on this.

Buju just do the right thing and pull the song from the market and renounce the evil pronouncements and move on. Be a man.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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