Latest cancellations/Reschedulings list on Buju Banton tour

10-13 Santa Clara, CA CANCELED!
10-13 San Jose, CA CANCELED!
10-14 Los Angeles CANCELED!
10-14 Santa Rosa, CA JUST ADDED
10-15 Las Vegas CANCELED!
10-15 Los Angeles CANCELED!
10-17 Solana Beach, CA (San Diego)
10-19 Albuquerque, NM
10-20 Dallas RESCHEDULED!
10-21 Austin, TX CANCELED!
10-22 Houston CANCELED!
10-22 Katy, TX (Houston) JUST ADDED
10-24 Atlanta
10-27 Charleston, SC CANCELED!
10-29 Jacksonville, FL
10-30 Tampa, FL CANCELED!
10-30 St Petersburg, FL JUST ADDED
10-31 Miami, FL
11-01 Orlando, FL RESCHEDULED!

While those dates that are rescheduled are being picketed by one of the most cohesive raft of LGBT activism sweeping America against any Jamaican artist, the Jamaica Observer yesterday resorted to what amounts to Plagiarism by regurgitating Traci McGregor’s press release (Buju Mgmt team member)from far back as October 5, 2009 and using it to hail Buju as standing up to gays and being successful in a piece called “Buju Banton’s Rasta Got Soul tour triumphs”

They probably need to look at all the dates and venues that have been cancelled with subsequent outrage expressed by not only gays but even city officials in a few instances. Shows have been cancelled especially the all important mainstream states that are avid music buyers such as California. This is the level of dishonesty the local media is up to and several comments posted to the page on the Observer’s website yesterday were not published up until the creation of this post, only the ones supporting Buju were “allowed” to be viewed by the public, just goes to show that even the media seems in on a coverup of sorts.

It can be concluded that the tour is a disaster as opposition continues to mount in new cities that find out that he is arriving and go into immediate action lobbying the respective venues and even state or city officials. Many arm themselves with a copy of the song and translate the lyrics to English to present their arguments.

Simply put, the Stop Murder Music campaign has taken on a life of it’s own in America now.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

2 thoughts on “Latest cancellations/Reschedulings list on Buju Banton tour”

  1. The Observer story was the laziest form of journalism: retyping a press release with just a couple of sentences changed.

    It's unfortunate that BB is still able to find new venues at all at this late date, although I imagine they are smaller establishments now.

    The campaign to get the tour cancelled did not just happen by itself: it is taking a lot of effort and organization by the gay community at grass roots level.

    The Observer made no mention of this; not surprisingly, since its story was a regurgitated press release – propaganda rather than journalism.

    It's now possible to see how this will end; that, even with most dates cancelled, the tour will still be deemed a "success" by the Jamaican press and our efforts will be ignored or disparaged.


  2. the Jamaican public though knows fully well that Americans especially the gay community is very vigilant so there maybe some dismissal suprisingly of stories like this.


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