No Same Sex Marriage says Prime Minister in Charter of Rights Bill Debate

The 20 year old Charter of Rights document that has been sitting idly in the various houses parliament was reintroduced on the house agenda yesterday. The Bill which is to replace section 3 of the Constitution will be debated in earnest according to the present JLP administration to cover rights on gender and other so called freedoms.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding reiterated his position he took on the BBC early in his administration and was seen as a way to cement his weak majority in the Parliament at 32/28 with the present impasse on the questionable citizenship of members of parliament who have sworn allegiances to other countries being contested in court he said NO to gay marriage. On his feet yesterday in Parliament October 13, 2009 he went into great detail to name most of the other jurisdictions and countries that have marriage rights extended to same sex couples. He expressed surprise that South Africa had extended marriage rights to same sex couples and went on to list countries such as Nicaragua as well.

Here is the excerpt audio presentation:

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I do not recall anyone ever asking for marriage rights for gays and lesbians in earnest save and except when it was briefly mentioned by JFLAG in an article that appeared in a Gleaner column (trying to find it) and in 2006 when the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship created a panic of sorts suggesting that if gay rights were afforded then the flood gates could open for gay marriage when the Charter was debated under the previous PNP adminstration.

see Feb 15, 2006 Gleaner article here:
‘Unholy union’ – Charter could sanction gay marriage in Jamaica – Christian lawyers

hear the panic from Miss Shirley Richards a member of the LCC:
“Our concern,” said Richards, “is that these words, as innocuously sounding as they are, can be interpreted to allow for adult consensual homosexual conduct in private,” said Richards. She added that once homosexual acts are decriminalised, there would be no basis to bar to gay marriage. Mrs. Richards added that the concept of privacy also deals with abortion rights.
“If the government wants to decriminalise either homosexuality or abortion then it must do so squarely. Don’t tell us that this will never happen under your watch and then allow for a few choice words in the charter which you know are capable of having this meaning,” said Mrs. Richards.

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Obviously this gay marriage opposing argument is being used to bolster the morality stance taken by the panicking Christan right who think that gays rights activists and gays themselves will somehow homosexualise the country. What nonsense? one is either gay, str8 bisexual and all other variants in between and if one so chooses one will act on the sexual urges or not where one feels to. Don’t forget AsexualS as well who have no interest in sex but more on emotional connections.

So the Charter of may never recognise gays, lesbians, intersexuals, transsexuals or gender non conformists. So we don’t exist and be better of dead, WHAT A WAY TO INSTITUTIONALISE HOMOPHOBIA.

Here is a follow up discourse on the PM’s statements from a radio program, listen carefully:

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Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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