Charter of Rights Discussion continues with JFLAG & IJCHR

Radio interview October 15, 2009

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Charter of Rights Debate – JFLAG Interviewed with Rev Al Miller, Nancy Anderson (IJCHR)

The noise in this interview shows where we are in the discussion on rights, no one wants to listen and agree to disagree. I am happy one got to hear from the horses mouth being JFLAG that LGBTQ community never outrightly asked for gay marriage before. I was never a fan per say of Nancy Anderson from the Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights ICJHR but she did raise important points to have rights covering everyone despite orientation and gender. The discussion as usual drowns out the main points that must be heard clearly and Jason McFarlane, JFLAG’s Programs Manager only got to say his piece then it desecended.

JFLAG – Gay marriage debate used as a smoke screen

IJCHR – rights should be afforded to everyone, “We need to say everybody is equal,” the church is afraid of everyhting.

2001 JFLAG in fact made representations to include non-discriminationatory in the Charter but it was not accpeted.

The religious right’s representative Reverend Al Miller reinforced the theocratic view of the church that gays somehow should not be allowed to challenge the law on marriage as he expects it to come. He fears that rights afforded to gays now will open the flood gates for future demands for gay marriage.

I was relieved that the interviewer Miss Emily Crooks tried to strike a balance in rights generally for everyone. She responded to the Prime Minister’s comments at his suprise at South Africa’s acceptance in legislation of rights to gay unions.


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Charter of Rights Debate Oct 13, 2009 PM’s presentation (Same Sex Marriage and Homosexuality)

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More excerpts from the PM Charter of Rights Debate Oct 13, 2009