Gay lobby overstepping bounds?

Here is an excerpt from a Jamaica Observer piece 18/10/09 called Prime Minister Golding has painted himself into a corner , maybe the sub heading should continue while Mark Wignall makes himself a fool and a homophobe commenting on LGBTQ issues.
Some of these articles are not worth the space and prominence they are given in columns and I wonder what drives the decision of editors but then again maybe it is a good way to show the stupidity of some persons. This to me is just so simplistic for someone like him.

Read and decide for yourself:
Mark Wignall writes
…….Homosexual lobby overstepping its bounds

“Among the items on the list of demands the gay rights lobbyists put forward was that Buju think about making statements in Jamaica calling for love toward gays; donate to the JFLAG group; hold a town hall meeting in Kingston about the need to respect gays and sing about loving gay people. All the suggestions were rejected by Buju, which is said to have infuriated the lobbyists present.”

The above is an extract from an Observer article which spoke to DJ Buju Banton’s recent meeting with a powerful gay lobby group.

What was that again? “.making statements in Jamaica calling for love toward gays; donate to the JFLAG group; hold a town hall meeting in Kingston about the need to respect gays and sing about loving gay people.” Am I seeing correctly?

I will admit that I do not listen to Buju Banton’s music because his voice ‘grits’ me the wrong way. But it is obvious that he has quite a large fan base. We are told that when he was 18 years old, he did Boom Bye Bye, a song which spoke about our culture of dislike for male homosexuality but which also suggested that homosexuals should be shot in the head.

We are also told that Buju Banton does not perform the song on his overseas tours. That said, the so-called gay lobby wants Banton to spend the rest of his life not just apologising to them, but to actively endorse the homosexual lifestyle in his songs.

Are these people sane? Years ago I received a call from JFLAG inviting me to a gay seminar to give a presentation. The conversation went something like this.

JFLAG: “My name is Steve and I would like to know if you could address our group in an upcoming gathering.”

Me: (laughing) “Why would you want to hear from me? I don’t support your lifestyle and I have written a few articles condemning the aggressiveness of the gay lobby.”

JFLAG: “Well, we will be wanting to hear from people like yourself.”

Obviously I did not go. If male homosexuals want to live their lives in peace, there are certain realities they have to face up to. Our culture is virulently anti-gay, plus we are a naturally violent people. That said, the vast majority of gay killings is done by gays when the relationship sours.

While I have serious problems with DJs who, unsolicited, invite hate on gays from the stage, I have to be cognisant of the educational, social and cultural realities of our people from whom DJs spring.

Banton is under pressure and the homosexual lobby wants him to hold its hand and sing, ‘We’re all in this thing together.’ They want him to kiss and make up.

This is the epitome of a great culture clash with an added imperious schooling of the Jamaican DJ by those who believe they are more socially advanced than he is, than we are.

Buju, chose your path carefully and decide if bending over to these activists/social extortionists will be worth the extra dollar.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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