Still more lgbt protest on Buju’s tour

scenes captured by the Dallas Observer

Scenes from protest action in Palm Beach on Tuesday night, October 13, 2009

Buju and the “Faggot” word issue:
………..The use of the derogatory term, however, was harder to explain. The group outside of the club, mostly from the Caribbean, admitted that Jamaica was more or less a “homophobic island.”
In fact, during a conversation with the evening’s Disc Jockey, the word came up again. When asked why he chose to use the term, the man seemed confused.

“So, they are not?” said the DJ. “Oh, I didn’t know faggot was bad … In Jamaica it’s norm. Here, I didn’t know it’s offensive to them.”

And this is the same explanation Morgan gave for his touring partner Banton.

“[Banton] had a meeting with his manager and some other people and he was educated about the word,” said Morgan. “He said, ‘I didn’t know it offended them.’

Who is Buju fooling???