Buju Banton’s Lawyer says Buju was set up by “Evil people.”

In an interview on Jamaica’s Nationwide 90 FM radio’s “This Morning” program on January 8, 2010, Mr. David Oscar Marcus, Mr. Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton’s lead attorney said that persons were paid by the authorities to basically commit a crime by inducing Buju’s trusting mentality. He said he believed in Mr. Myrie’s innocence after speaking to Mr. Myrie in a face to face meeting and despite having the video footage of his client’s alleged transgressions sent to him by the Drug Enforcement Agency of which he hasn’t viewed at the time of this exchange.

He said Buju’s spirits were high although he was incarcerated in a low level security lock up in Florida, following yesterdays appearance in court they pled not guilty and a new trial date has been set for March by which time he may miss the Grammy Awards Ceremony as his album “Rasta Got Soul” is nominated in the Reggae category.  Seeing he had his visa revoked by the authorities he has no legal status as a citizen so the immigration authorities may not allow him free movement although he can post bond on the criminal court the immigration application may not go through, it is possible he can take up bond and take residence at the Jamaican consulate or his home in Tamarack Florida under possible house arrest. He says Buju is well known and cannot go anywhere or become a flight risk so they ought to consider granting him bond.

On the matter of the perception of “Evil People” setting Mr. Myrie up he, Mr. Marcus, was cautious as he didn’t want to disclose as he said the government was listening implying his phone may be bugged or they were listening the interview, he said persons were paid to catch Buju Banton basically. As to the video footage evidence he said not all the meetings were taped and that “they only taped what they liked “and that his defense would challenge the video evidence. That was funny to me as I don’t know if an agency can just decide what is likeable or not before archiving it, one would have thought all the possible evidence gathered would make their case stronger, why leave out segments if the meetings were so designed to produce a trail?. What was also puzzling was the comments were made in the context of his office having received copies of the alleged footage but not examining them. He was asked if he thought video footage (s)was/were tampered with, he said it hard to tell, he said he was going to have them examined and would take a close look.

He skillfully dodged the question as to his own track record in cases by saying he believed in Buju Banton and he wants to win, he continued by saying he wouldn’t have take the case if he thought Buju Banton was going to cut a deal or rant on someone else charged, the question was posed again with precedence on persons getting off from charges levied by the DEA juxtaposition he answered by saying the federal government wins 90% of its cases and they were going to fight it to be the few that overcome. He again says he doesn’t take cases where he feels he is going to loose. This attorney seems like one of those who take on high profile cases to boost their own careers with very little track record and his inability to justify his own strengths in this interview is telling.

As to the interviewers Ms Naomi Campbell and her male counterpart they weren’t probing enough in my estimation, the “Evil people” comment should have been explored a little more, Mr. Marcus should have been asked to explain what he meant in more detail, was it the Gay community or what as is believed in some circles especially here in Jamaica’s media and entertainment circles not to mention some sections of the public. Fairness is what counts, I feel and the smoke created by this perception needs to be cleared so we can get a better view. This sounds to me like a daily routine of a defense lawyer just doing what he is paid to do, defend as best possible.

Some questions come to mind though for me:

What is meant by “Evil People” setting up Buju Banton?

Why would the DEA go through all that trouble to record footage etc if they weren’t sure of their case?

Do you believe that footage could have been so doctored by the DEA to make the court believe Buju Banton was actually there allegedly tasting the cocaine as is said in Sound bites and newscasts?

Do you feel he will be found guilty in this matter?

Are you satisfied with how the interview was conducted?

Do you think elements within the US gay community really set up Buju Banton?

Do you think Buju Banton was involved in illegal drug activities if ever?

All these questions and doubts have been left in my estimation after hearing this interview, my apologies if the sound quality isn’t all that clear as my streaming facility is not working just now.

Please read and listen carefully folks and form your opinions.

What you think?

Peace & Tolerance


go HERE to hear the full interview

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Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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