Used Dildos in Tivoli thug’s house?

Well we see the Star is at it again obviously implying that the possible owners on the dildos were men and maybe gay, read the piece below that appeared in the June 11, 2010 edition and decide for yourselves.

Some Questions before you read:
How did the Star or the police verify that the dildos were used?
Did they test them?
Did they sniff them or see any residue that suggests they were used?
If they were used and such residual evidence exists what was it?

One has to take Star News reports with a pound of salt in my view but don’t take my word for it.

Jamaica Star

The police have allegedly discovered several used dildos during the search of the house of a well-known thug in Tivoli Gardens, west Kingston. Eyebrow-raising information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that five dildos of various sizes, shapes and colours along with lubricating oils were found at the man’s house last week while the security forces searched the premises as part of their operations there. “Yow a dem ting yah a gwaan a TG and dem claim seh dem a bad man and dem nuh involve inna certain tings. Him one have five dildo,” one police source who saw the sex toys said before laughing uncontrollably. The cop after regaining his composure told THE WEEKEND STAR they were; “Black, white, pink, long, not so long, straight, curved … Is like di man want whole heap a choices.” He then again went into a another long round of laughter. shared by two men Other police sources ensured THE WEEKEND STAR that the revelation is not an effort to discredit the thug. The sources went on to add that the two-bedroom premises where the toys were found, was shared by two men but the items were found in the bedroom of the respected thug. Efforts to get a photograph of the dildos from the sources were unsuccessful as they claim that they have been urged by their superiors not to speak on the operations. Other senior members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force were tight-lipped on the rather surprising find. But although the discovery is somewhat shocking to members of the security forces, some residents are not surprised and the reports only raise more questions about the thug’s character. They said this was not the first instance that his name was mentioned in relation to questionable acts. “Bway a it a one a di hot topic dem dung yah. But mi not even a go lie, me and him nuh par but mi know him and ask anybody from west Kingston a nuh now fi him name a call up inna certain tings … Dis a jus a next fishy story to him name,” one male resident who is also a known thug from west Kingston said. A female resident said, “Bway mi nuh too know di man dem weh dem seh a bad man eno but mi hear bout fi him name, especially cause a whole heap a story mi hear bout him. So wen mi hear bout di dildo dem mi jus shake mi head. Mi know nobody weh come from west naw go too surprised.” The security forces had moved in on Tivoli Gardens and surrounding areas on Labour Day and remain there as they search for illegal weapons and criminals.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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