Tell Me Pastor on oral sex: “Therefore, as a counsellor, I do not advocate oral sex, but neither do I condemn those who practice it.”

The Star’s “Tell Me Pastor” says as a psychologist he doesn’t condone or condemn oral sex basically so long as it is practiced in a heterosexual setting and the couple of course is married and leading towards procreation or having children. So much for gay and lesbian people who like the act. I think pastor seems to forget the realities of Jamaica “Land We Love” that sex is not only done by married folks and oral sex though more tolerated now is still taboo for some especially an ever shrinking but still defiant section of dancehall.

Isn’t it funny that though homosexuality has been removed from the DSM IV document so long ago in the American Psychiatric Association (APA)principles that in effect guides or is used as a standard bible by psychiatrists and psychologists worldwide in their pratice he finds homosexuality wrong and condemns it readily. Maybe that is done to remain popular on radio as he hosts a talkshow besides his paper column.

Of interest just take a look at the quality pf the letters written to him in the very edition the letter excerpted below appeared. I have always contended that they are written for the column as there are other letters in the edition speaking to the matter of oral sex.

Hypocrisy at best here folks but you can decide for yourselves.


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See the letter below, the indented font is the letter by the writer and the bold font is the pastor’s response. Judge for yourselves.

The Oral Word:

Dear Pastor,

Can you please tell me where in the Bible oral sex is wrong and forbidden? I enjoy having oral sex and my wife enjoys it more than penetration. When we have oral sex her water comes several times. But when we have sex the regular way, she hardly comes and she says she is not satisfied.

Some say the mouth was not made to be used that way, so it is wrong to have oral sex. But we don’t see anything wrong with it.

F., Portland

Dear F.,

The Bible does not say anything about oral sex. Christian couples are under obligation to please each other and should do anything as expressions of love.

The Bible teaches that sex within the marriage bond is not only for procreation but also for pleasure. Therefore one should not judge or condemn what a couple does in their bedroom.

A man should sexually satisfy his wife, and his wife should do the same. Therefore, as a counsellor, I do not advocate oral sex, but neither do I condemn those who practice it.

Please read first Corinthians 7: 3-5.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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