Another Phone another body cavity story 2 years later ….

I know I will be criticised again for carrying this kind of sensationalism but it’s precisely why I do carry them and comment because it’s a great way to tap into the pulse of how the pubic react to stories like this given the homophobic state we are described by everyone else. Another like this was published a full two years before.
Read the story as it appeared today July 8, 2010

The St Catherine South police seized a cellphone from a prisoner on Tuesday albeit in ‘dark’ circumstances. Information reaching The Star is that about 4:30 p.m. police were conducting a search of the lock-ups at the Portmore Police Station and upon approaching one of the 13 cells, a prisoner was said to have placed a phone in his rectum.

Vigilant police personnel extracted the Samsung phone from its hiding place. It is now in the possession of the police, who were shocked about the discovery. Other items seized during the search were cigarettes, matches and lighters.

In recent times, contraband in the lock-up has resulted in the injury of one inmate who was burnt with melted plastic while in his cell. Six other inmates have since been charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

The Star was informed that no cellphones, lighter, cigarettes or anything that can cause harm, should be in the possession of inmates. Meanwhile, investigations have started to determine how the contraband got into the possession of the prisoner.


two cents continued:

It was interesting to see the reactions to the story, I was fortunate to witness it in Half Way Tree by the paper vendor near Juicy Beef Patties where a lively discussion was on about the headline. Surprisingly a man was shouting so what if a man push a phone in his batty, “Jamaica has bigger problem dan fi a worry bout what a man puts inna him batty” another woman kept to her belief he was a gay man since only gays allegedly have large bottoms of course she was implying repetitive anal penetration causes an opened rectum or spinchter muscle opening.

The vendor himself was dying with intermittent laughter as he briskly sold the papers darting from his paper stand into traffic and back while calling out the headline loudly “Phone inna man batty … whoaaaa!” every now and again.

Other persons passing by were visibly disturbed and some were repulsed when the vendor tried to push the paper on them to buy it.

This is not the first time we have seen the Star News carry a piece like this it was exactly two years to the day that this one appeared about a gang boss from St. Catherine:

PHONE IN DON’S BUTT – Mobile rang in man’s body during police search

Originally published July 8, 2008

Tesha Miller, the reputed leader of the Clansman gang, could be charged with possession of contraband after the police took a cellphone from his butt yesterday.

Miller, who is currently incarcerated at the Horizon Remand Centre, was initially arrested after he was alleged to have breached the conditions of his bail.

THE STAR was told that a search of the accused man’s cell was organised after police believed he had a cellphone in his possession. The police theorised that he had been using the device to contact his cronies.

An initial search of his cell found one cellphone; however, as the police were about to leave, another device rang.

Gloves used

This led to a further search and after combing the cell thoroughly again, it was discovered that the device was inside the accused man’s body. Gloves were said to have been requested, and the phone retrieved from the man’s body.

In a release last night, the Constabulary Communication Network said the phone was was found in Miller’s rectum.

The police also found a cellular charger and Vaseline in the cell. The call record on Miller’s phone is currently being processed by the police in order to ascertain who he had been in contact with since he was taken into custody. Prior to his latest incarceration, the accused man was out on bail and as a condition of the agreement, was required to be at home. THE STAR learnt that the police had visited his home on several occasions only to find that he was not there. He was subsequently arrested.

He was charged with four counts of murder and three counts of shooting in 2005, but fled the island for the United States. He was deported to Jamaica last year by United States authorities and later convicted for absconding bail, for which he served nine months in prison. ENDS

Is this a coincidence that both stories are similar and carried on the same month and date but two years apart?

What is the Star implying here?

You decide folks.

Peace and tolerance


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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