Outing of Gay Businessman on Youtube

A video depicting a popular businessman engaging in a sexual act with another man is becoming one of the most widely talked about and circulated item locally.

The clip is now being circulated via BlackBerry smartphones and has been placed on the popular website YouTube. The site has attempted to remove the video, but as soon as this is done, it is again uploaded.

It shows the figure, an outspoken individual who is widely known in uptown circles, getting his nipples sucked by another man.

At the start of the video, the businessman is seen sitting in a sofa. Another man soon enters the frame and proceeds to rub the businessman’s chest. The man strokes both of the businessman’s nipples, before biting one. During his stroking and biting, the man’s face is caressed lovingly by the businessman.

A voice-over, which seems to have been added by a third party, mockingly describes the activities of both men. At one point the voice says, “yu (breast) dem a get big though.”

The caption beneath the video placed on YouTube, describes the businessman in rather unflattering terms and speaks of his reputed falling out with previous employees.

As the video made the rounds, friends and associates of the businessman expressed shock and disgust. Some even reminisced about the businessman’s recent conversations about women.

Efforts by THE STAR to contact him have so far been unsuccessful. Sources close to him however have said that he is not in the island.


Some questions and more:
1). How did this video reach to youtube?
2). Did the Star News bothered to check how did this happen?
3). Do you feel the video was uploaded or shared by the actual parties involved seeing it was a private moment?
4). Why are members of the public quick to believe this and other sensationlised stories?
Elsewhere on the internet all kinds of negative homophobic comments already are coming in. This is not the first time we have seen personal private videos of a sexual nature making it to the public domain involving popular personalities gay or not as just recently let’s not forget Milk formerly of CVM TV and her romp with a certain ZJ from Zip FM. Also there was Candy from CVM as well when her nude private photos were seen and circulated all over the net.
The most infamous of all is the former Bank Administrator whose nude photos were also all over the net allegedly in reprisal from her ex boyfriend for leaving him so he decided to embarrass her. She eventually lost her job and has had to migrate to another country for the time being.
Anyone remembers Christopher “Johnny” Dailey formerly of popular television serial “Lime Tree Lane” where his sex tape was widely circulated much to the amusement of many as his “endownment” was highly criticised.
However some of the comments regarding this particular video “outing” suggest shock as if they didn’t know that gay people aren’t here in Jamaica, besides it’s a private moment call it what you will.
There needs to be a serios look at legislation if any does not exist in tackling this increasing trend or if there are any give them more teeth to make them far more punitive. Someone’s privacy cannot be just violated and then they are left to suffer the consequences whilst the perpetrator just continues living.
Think on these things folks.
Peace and tolerance.

Cross dressing drama in Portmore

Another tale of male crossdressing activities causing trouble this time in the ever increasing and vibrant commercial sex trade in the vicinity of the hip strip on Port Henderson Road. Commercial sex workers and small motels dot the landscape and not to be outdone are bars, clubs interspersed with churches, what a mix?

Reports suggests that on Saturday July 10 around 2am in the morning a man who was coming from an event on the strip was on his way home according to him. He reportedly saw a motorvehicle parked on the strip with a female allegedly in the passenger side of the car, the man knowing that in that vicinity the commercial sex is done he approached the “woman” to conduct business.

They negotiated the deal for sexual favours in exchange for an agreed price, he was seen entering the vehicle by eyewitnesses where the apparent agreed sexual favours were performed by the CSW on the man in the form of oral sex. It was after the act was completed and he requested additional services that he discovered she was in fact a “he” as the services he requested require penetrative sex which the cross dresser could not fulfill.

An argument ensued where upon hearing the crossdressers voice it was clear she was a man in drag, by which time stones were hurled into the vehicle damaging it. The drag queen also defended herself by hurling stones as well and chasing him away. The man subsequently tried reporting the matter to the cops but was himself held and maybe charged for malicious destruction of property resulting from the incident.

According to sources he may also be charged for gross indecency for performing lewd acts in a public place. The cross dresser had decided to pursue the matter but “she” too may also be charged for performing said acts as well. She may not go through after all with the charges for safety reasons given the sensitivity of the situation and Jamaica’s bitterness towards anything remotely close to male homosexuality which may result in a public trial on the matter.

The police officers who got wind of the incident were allegedly in stitches when they got the complete details of what actually occured.

As news spread of the happening in that side of Portmore many persons are once again calling for the disbanding of the hip strip all together and arresting all prostitutes and those who harbour them. The debate has resumed about the morals and attitudes in Portmore with the mayor and parish council coming under pressure from civic groups and neighborhood associations demanding the changes suggested by a previous mayor to change the look of the hip strip. Many persons feel it has become an eyesore for the entire Portmore.

This is the third such incident overall in less than a year involving alleged male cross dressers involved in commercial sex the most infamous of them was “Barbie” in Clarendon which was seen on television after she was held at a police station before making bail. This demands some word from Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays, JFLAG.

Something needs to be done regarding these persons getting involved in risky behaviour to earn an income. Then again will they engage such a population seeing they seemed pre-occupied with tackling CARICOM and other programmatic issues while ignoring or overlooking on the ground interventions that require urgent attention also given their mandate as offering social support services?

The lower groups of LGBT people are just not getting the attention.

Let’s continue to watch this and other events.

Peace and tolerance