Businessman says video was edited, while More freaky acts exposed – New tape with businessman revealed (Star News)

The man who was featured in a short video clip caressing the nipples of a popular businessman has now submitted an extended version of their intimate moment to THE STAR. The latest video, which is 23 minutes long, also shows the businessman getting a massage from his male friend and receiving light kisses on his neck and cheeks.

The video shows the businessman laughing with every kiss he received and in one instance, he beckoned to the other man and told him to come and rub his nipples. During the massage and kisses, the men engaged in normal conversation, talking about their friends, family members and current affairs.

At the start of the video, when the massage just began, the businessman asked the other man to use lotion. The other man in the video is also seen checking the door to the room, to ensure that it was closed.

THE STAR yesterday published an article under the headline ‘Businessman Taped In Homo Act’, which described in detail the men’s action in the abbreviated clip. However, following the publication of the article, THE STAR was contacted by the businessman, who is well known in uptown circles. He denied being gay and said the video was amended and released by a vindictive individual who was seeking to tarnish his name.

It was an innocent video, he said, that had turned into an ugly situation. The businessman said he and the other man in the video have known each other for about three years.

He said when the man was in a dark time of his life, he stood by his side, and added that he recently offered him a job. He said, however, that after certain allegations were made about the man, he fired him and refused to re-hire him.

This decision, he said, was the root of the anger which caused the video to be doctored and released. He said: “He got angry and concocted and edited the video and put it out that night and it has been a nightmare ever since.” He added, “I am not a homosexual.

That video was absolutely edited. He took a perfectly innocent situation and made it into an ugly situation. It has caused my family – and my girlfriend in particular – a lot of stress.” When contacted by THE STAR, the other man, however, alleged that he was drugged by the businessman. He denied that the images had been doctored.

He said: “I’m pretty sure you’re smart enough to know that’s not true, nothing is edited, probably cut out, but not edited.” When asked about his sexual orientation he said, “Let’s just say I am cool with everybody. I have a girlfriend, a fiancée,” he said. He then went on to send the extended version of the tape to THE STAR which, he said, would show what exactly took place.

He accused the businessman of being a homosexual before claiming that he was given two pills which altered his consciousness. In the video he submitted, however, he appears fully conscious and in control of his faculties. Since the release of the clip last week, the video has been making the rounds on the Internet and has been the source of plenty discussion.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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