What do you make of this? Man robbed left naked

Star News at it again:

Went to visit man he met on Facebook

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

A St Catherine man was recently beaten and left naked by irate persons after he went to look for a man he met on the popular social networking website, Facebook.

THE STAR was informed that on Thursday the man went to a Portmore community to visit a man whom he was corresponding with on the website.

Upon his arrival at the location he was identified by several hostile young men who accused him of being a homosexual.

They reportedly set upon him, beating him severely with sticks. In the process he was robbed and stripped of his clothes.

He was rescued by a passing police vehicle that took him naked to the station where the man he had gone to visit took clothing for him.

The police say that an investigation is underway to find those who are responsible for assaulting the man and robbing him in the process.


As usual get out your salt shaker and shake a few grains on this one, some questions as always,

1).How did the men come to know the visitor was visiting the particlar gentleman in question?

2). How did the gentleman end up bringing clothes to the “victim” as this is where he supposedly resided where the mobbing took place?

3). Do you find it strange that a group of men would just beat a man and leave him naked in our so called “homophobic”state? After all under “normal circumstances” given precedence set he may have recieved a more severe punishment or end

4). Do you find it odd that the Star has been on a set of homo story blitz as of recently?

5). Why didn’t the cops try to “cover” the man’s nakedness ?

6). Do you find the author of this piece writing as if he likes this story in a way?

Just some thought proviking questions we have to ask with the grain or two of salt added.

See what you can make of this yet another Star sensational blitz.

Peace and tolerance.