Stop Murder Music France launches action to Sizzla french tour




(Signatories send out an alert to human rights organisations in Languedoc-Roussillon)
London – Bordeaux – Rivière-Pilote – Metz, Thursday 5 August 2010

Press release No. TR10INT11
On Saturday 21 August, the singer Sizzla will appear at the Palavàs-les-Flots municipal arenas. In 1998, he called for people to «burn the Whites in Jamaica». In 2004, he chanted «Shoot queers, my big gun goes boom».

In 2007, after having signed the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA), which was supposed to put an end to these comments, he showed he had no intention of respecting his own signature by performing «Nah Apologize»(“No apologies/regrets”).

These comments and others appear in an Open Letter to the Mayors and those responsible for concert halls hosting Sizzla’s French Tour. It was published on 13 May 2008 by sixteen human rights organisations, including Tjenbé Rèd, Couleurs gaies or Act Up-Paris.

The signatories call for action from the human rights organisations in Languedoc-Rousillon. Start talking to Sizzla’s fans! Warn the mayor’s office in Palavàs-les-Flots, the owners of the premises! If they claim they are bound by contract, ask them to commit themselves from now on to insert a standard clause in its contracts which would annul any of those signed by artists who have uttered such calls for murder! Ask them to commit themselves publicly never again to host singers targeted by the international Stop Murder Music Campaign (of which Tjenbe Red is the French contact organisation in France).

These singers are Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Capleton, Elephant Man, Sizzla, TOK and Vybz Kartel as well as Mavado, Dr Evil and Leftside!
For Tjenbé Rèd
(Federation for the struggle against all forms of homophobia, racism and against AIDS)
Chair, David AUERBACH CHIFFRIN +596 6 96 05 24 55 (Martinique) +33 6 10 55 63 60 (France)

Pour OutRage! (London), Peter TATCHELL

Pour Girofard (Bordeaux),
le président,
Jean-Christophe TESTU – +33 9 81 81 98 77

Pour Couleurs gaies (Metz),
le président, Matthieu GATIPON-BACHETTE – +33 6 20 22 40 76
English translation of this French original text. In the event of any differences between the English translation and the French original, the French text shall prevail.

5 août 2010 – Campagne Stop Murder Music – Sizzla en France : «Butte les pédés, mon flingue va tirer» ?! (Les signataires alertent les associations de défense des droits humains en Languedoc-Roussillon) – Communiqué commun Girofard (Centre LGBT Bordeaux) Tjenbé Rèd

OutRage! (Londres) Couleurs gaies (Centre LGBT Metz) – Communiqué de presse n°TR10INT11 [fr] [en]
[1] 31 décembre 2004 – OutRage!/ Stop Murder Music/ Dancehall Dossier [en] [en]

[2A] 13 mai 2008 – Lettre ouverte aux maires et aux responsables de salles de concerts accueillant la tournée de Sizzla en France – Communication n°TR08POL04B – Signataires :
Tjenbé Rèd, Académie gay & lesbienne, Act Up-Paris, ADHÉOS, An Nou Allé, Angel, CQFD
Fierté lesbienne, Couleurs gaies, les Enfants terribles, Ex Æquo, Fédération française des Centres LGBT (lesbiens, gais, bi & trans), LGP (Lesbian & Gay Pride) Région Centre – Espace
LGBT Touraine, Comité IDAHO (International Day Against HOmophobia), Kaz’Arts, les «Oublié(e)s» de la Mémoire, les «Oublié(e)s» de la Mémoire – délégation régionale Midi-Pyrénées
[2B] 14 mai 2008 – Tract distribué, sous protection policière, le 14 mai 2008 :
«Sizzla en concert à Montreuil. Mais savez-vous qui est Sizzla ?»
[2C] 1er mars 2010 – Compte rendu des actions interassociatives menées en février 2010 en France, dans le cadre de la campagne Stop Murder Music, au sujet de la venue de Sizzla – Communication n°TR10SOC05B [fren]

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

One thought on “Stop Murder Music France launches action to Sizzla french tour”

  1. Why to hell have the sizzla concerts in europe been banished?
    Sizzla doesnt even chant his anti – chi-chi man songs in concerts
    If the homosexuals don’t like his music , just don’t listen to it

    freedom of speech…



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