The Star is at it again, stereotyping, incitement: GAY LOVERS FLOCK PARK ❒ Vendors concerned about their activities

So the Star once again is at it of course setting up anyone who even looks remotely gay now to be a subject of possible abuse, what is wrong with these irresponsible people?

I go through Half Way Tree on a daily basis almost and I don’t see these types as described here furthermore it is the vendors who need to be removed as they have now blocked almost every walk way through the centre of the square. Food and produce vendors have now taken cover infront the National Commercial Bank which never used to happen before now yet gays are the problem?

Why doesn’t the police move the vendors even when the peddle their wares under the very “No Vending” signs? The attempt by the major and the Municipal Council to order the vending zones along the thoroughfare was met with protests yet they are supposed to be worried about citizens free movement? What nonsense.

The ugly red Digicel sponsored booths they tried to give to the indisciplined vendors are themselves an eyesore and have served to also impede pedestrian traffic further in this very historic of all places, once Half Way Tree was a centre for Kingston’s beauty now it’s no different from some other clutter spots

Clearly they the Star, are inciting something here and so what if folks want to meet and greet is meeting in a public space now a crime? yet they get away with this crap all the time.

What is the Star implying and why are they resorting to stereotyping folks by describing them by specifics? then again it seems to have backfired as one persons suggested they the gays all dress “normal” so that basically kills the profiling actions of many desperately looking for gays or at least certain types of gays in Jamaica.

I guess it’s another in the series to keep up the farce with embellishments to sell papers but that thank God is an art that is slowly dying, there are Jamaicans who are wiser, more tolerant or who are more interested in the less mundane of watching or being obsessed with gay hunting.

Read the story below and decide:

Vendors in the Half-Way Tree area of St Andrew say that they are concerned about the increased presence of homosexuals in the Mandela Park.

The vendors say that homosexuals have been using the park as a regular meeting spot and are converging there in numbers nightly. There are also reports that some of these men have been using the Emancipation Park as a regular meeting spot on weeknights as well.

When the STAR visited the Half-Way Tree area recently, a group of vendors who were gathered discussing the matter, explained that nightly after 9 p.m., the men are “in deh like sand”. One angry vendor said “them tek over, a fi dem park”. Another vendor pointed out that on week nights, other suspected homosexuals hang around close to the Half-Way Tree clock waiting for the arrival of luxurious vehicles which come by to pick them up.

One Rastafarian man, who was in discussion with other vendors about the suspected homosexual activities, toldTHE STAR that he recently returned to Jamaica and had heard the rumours of the men’s activities while he was abroad. He said he was shocked to discover that it was true.

The vendors complained that the men make no effort to conceal their actions.

According to the vendors, some of those suspected of homosexual behaviour have bleached faces, braided hairs, pierced ears and lips, and also wear tattoos.

On the other hand, another vendor pointed out that some of them dress normal and so it is sometimes hard to differentiate between them.

According to the vendors, the police make regular patrols in the Mandela Park, sometimes in an effort at preventing the gathering of homosexuals.

However, when the STAR contacted the Half-Way Tree Police Station, we were informed that no official reports have been made in the matter.

A police sergeant attached to the station said that while he is unable to confirm the claims of the vendors, he did not doubt them.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

2 thoughts on “The Star is at it again, stereotyping, incitement: GAY LOVERS FLOCK PARK ❒ Vendors concerned about their activities”

    1. it was so a long time ago (like 10 years or so) until that ill fated gay march that was allegedly planned by gays where persons dawned machetes etc to chop the protestors up that helped to change the face of the area ever since some light cruising however still takes place like almost everywhere else, you can “catch” a man if one is adepth in the art as some of us are, we tend to have a more hightened sense of “gaydar” by virtue of how “publicly homophobic” Jamaicans operate


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