Mob attacks men for ‘funny’ dressing says the Star

One of the vehicles involved in the collision. Beside it is the bicycle which was being ridden by the senior citizen who died. – Ricardo Makyn

Police yesterday September 6th had to save a group of men from an angry mob following a motor vehicle collision which resulted in the death of a senior citizen and the injury of another man on the Old Harbour main road in St Catherine.

The men, who exited their vehicle after the collision, were attacked after they began argument with residents who accused them of being homosexuals because of their attire and effeminate behaviour.

tight pants

The face-off forced the police, who were quickly on the scene, to rush the men to the Old Harbour Police Station, where a crowd later converged asking for them to be released.

“Di bwoy den inna some tight pants like gloves and a fresh demself, and a trace off the people dem who attacked dem,” a woman told The Star.

Police told THE STAR that about 1 p.m. the men were travelling in a Honda Accord towards Spanish Town when, upon reaching an area called Grove Farm, their vehicle collided with a Toyota motor car. The Honda then hit a man selling coconuts along the roadway and also hit a senior citizen from his bicycle.

Both men were taken to hospital, where the senior citizen James ‘Jimbo’ Baker, 70, died and the other man was admitted with broken legs.

After the men emerged from their car, they were chastised by residents with whom they began arguing. Just as the residents were moving towards the men the police arrived and took them away.

A senior officer at the police station said the five “strangely dressed males” had to be rushed inside.

When The Star visited, the bleached-out face group of men were sitting cosily in an area of the station leading to the superintendent’s office. “Mi nu care who want to look, a leave mi want leave now mi child,” one of the men said.

The accident occurred at the very spot where motorcyclist Derron Nicholson met his death two weeks ago, after his bike collided with a motor vehicle being driven by former Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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