Remembering Rudolph Gschloessl ….

As we continue to track happenings on cases we may have forgotten here is a entry on the murdered owner of famed Café Aubergine in St. Ann and Kingston.

Former Café Aubergine owner who was murdered in 2009

Rudolph Gschloessl – music the food of love by for Restaurant week recognitions

Neville Anderson, partner at Café Aubergine and an old time friend of Rudolph Gschloessl (or Rudy as he was known among friends), went into a time warp in the in early 80s to Munich, Germany. “Rudy was the financial controller with Warner Brothers, I met him at a party and we bonded immediately.”

The bond was their similar taste in cooking and food, and the duo hit off on a crescendo.

“He loved good Jamaican food and we opened Neville’s Jamaicanrestaurant in Munich,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who loved cooking, and Gschloessl, were food aficionados and introduced Germans to fine and elegant Jamaican dining experience.

Some years down the line, Anderson said, they decided to replicate the similar experience in Jamaica. “We decided to do the opposite, a European restaurant in Jamaica,” he said.

Gschloessl moved to Jamaica and Café Aubergine was incepted, the rest is history.

Gschloessl was a down to earth person who was very humble, and had a great sense of humour, recalled Anderson. “Rudy could belong to anyplace in this world.”

Born and raised in Bavaria, the traditional hops growing region in Germany, Gschloessl was youngest of five children. “He loved to eat good food and love his beer and roast pork,” said Anderson. “He used to say that in his region beer was their mother’s milk!”

“He was a connoisseur of good wine and fine food but deep down he was a country boy.”

Rudy was an avid dancer, and liked listening to all genres of music, “Anderson recalled, breaking into a smile. “He loved to sing even if he was singing off key.”

Simplicity, discipline and hard work were some of the key traits of Gschloessl, “the most evident trait among them was his humility, he was never a show off and didn’t want a profile,” Anderson said.

He admired Mohammed Ali and John F Kennedy and always dreamt of visiting exotic countries across the world.

Gschloessl’s sudden passing, has left a void in the lives of the people, whose lives he touched, laughter he spread, fond memories and some unfinished dreams. “Rudy always wanted learn the piano, he wanted to go to Brazil, Peru and Argentina,” said Anderson, “but he never made it.”

Last known update: Murderer accused gets bail extension

(Danesworth Boucher in an undated photo from one of his web profiles.)

The man charged in connection with the death of Rudolf Gscholoessl, owner of Cafe’ Aubergine and financial controller at KingAlarms returned to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The matter, however, did not move much further as a new mention date of February 23 was agreed on. The court was told that the post-mortem in the matter was not yet ready.

The accused, Danesworth Boucher, 24, of Mona Heights, St Andrew, is charged with murder.

Allegations are that on October 25, about 1:45 a.m, police arrived at Gscholoessl’s premises and upon investigating, found Gscholoessl dead in a bed with the left side of the neck slashed.

The allegations indicated that the accused, who occupied the next room in the house, related his story to the police but was later arrested and charged.

On a previous court date, the accused man’s lawyer told the court there are no witnesses or blood proof to tie his client to the murder. The defence lawyer further indicated that according to his client’s report to the police, there is the possibility of a third person being involved in Gscholoessl’s murder.

The lawyer said his client was in his room when he heard the deceased and another person having a conversation. The lawyer told the court that about 1:45 a.m., Boucher later heard screams for help and ran from the house. He then accessed a telephone and called KingAlarm.

Bouchers’a bail was extended until the next court date.

Rudolph’s throat was slashed.

Mr. Boucher who lived in the same house with the German national was charged after the cops determined that he was the [alleged] killer.

The cops entered the house and found Mr. Gschloessl’s nude body lying in a pool of blood with a knife wound to the neck.

Mr. Boucher who called the cops told them that an intruder had entered the house and committed the murder.

But the police became suspicious and following investigations he was charged.

Lady Switch Hitters & the Boyfriends who complain … (cross-post from blogger)

This post was developed on the strength of two recent complaints of threats of two separate butch females who were threatened in some way by the boyfriends of the partners they were seeing at the time.

Switch hitters here is not used in the sporting sense that of baseball or cricket where ambidextrous participants can manipulate the ball used or bat with both hands but it refers to persons who are for the most part innately bisexual or those experiment at best sexually speaking with both sexes. The problem of men in Jamaica who react negatively when who knowingly or unknowingly have their female partners who also have lesbian relationships on the side seems to be a growing. It is hard to say whether these switch hitters are innately lesbian or bisexual and for now there are no known studies locally to help us analyse the practices involved but the trend exists.

There seems to be another trend within this new major trend in that the men do not seem to mind as long as the “lady partner” to their female love interest is not “butch” or masculine looking or acting, the proverbial butch dynamic. There have been cases where the men who are aware of their lady loves who have lady lovers or who are knowingly bisexual allow these unions to occur alongside their own and some even entertain sexual liaisons much sometimes to the upset and disgust of those of whom the requests are made, stories of requests made by men who want to be voyeurs watching the ladies have sex or participate with sex toys are not uncommon. The practice of men who attend exotic entertainment clubs who request this group sex lesbian activity is also common in some parts of Jamaica as I recall my days working in the HIV programs with exotic dancers and commercial sex workers who relate their experiences at times.
The aforementioned ladies who have complained have now decided not to date bisexual women and insist on asking their love interest about their preference. This mistrust of bisexual women and bisexuality in general adds to the biphobia that exists out there either by default through ignorance of the issues they face or persons stigmatizing them as unsatisfied and frustrated sex addicts or nymphomaniacs. One of the cases in question the partner who she was dating at the time did not disclose she had a boyfriend and it so happened that he burrowed his love interest’s cell phone to make a call when he pounced upon stored messages as it turned out from a female name stored in the phonebook he proceeded to call the number and had a heated exchange which as described to me by the butch lesbian were not kind. He demeaned the perceived sexual activities between women and said he will move to another town to avoid her seeing his woman.
The other case was more harsh but threats were also made by the male partner of the woman involved, she however did inform her “butch partner” that she had a boyfriend and he was apparently aware that she was a practicing bisexual.
So why the insecurity from the brothers?
Maybe there is a feeling the woman would be more good at satisfying their women thus causing them to drift or leaning more to lesbian sex, given how highly sexualized we are as a nation with sex used to consummate many unions gay or straight more so than personality and other human traits any “other partners” are viewed with great skepticism. Bisexuality is not a matter that is discussed with any regularity either from the advocates or nationally as homophobia and by extension the country abhorrent attitude to male homosexuality takes centre stage more than anything else related to LGBTQI issues.
How can we begin to deal with these problems?
If you have any suggestions share them but more and more cases are coming forward and as many folks literally get into homosexual and lesbian activities while having heterosexual common law or married unions due to the long held perceptions that there is money and improved lifestyles to be had from being involved in gay sex will we see more of these intersections causing more social problems in the future?
Are identity issues a part of the problem as well as many do not really know who they are and just struggle with what society says versus their own urges and feelings?
There was a case some time ago where an alleged lesbian couple were murdered and it was surmised that the boyfriend of one of the girls was the culprit he also was said to be familiar with the lesbian partner of his girlfriend. One of the ladies was described in the article as “progressed from being a bisexual to an outright lesbian” as if they can detect orientation or maybe they were trying to suggest she was practicing lesbian sex only but texts like that can be very misleading.
Here is the article from the Star News: “They Were Lesbians” or HERE

Let us continue to watch this though and see if we can continue the discourse on this issue.
Peace and tolerance

Homosexuality and the law (Trinidad)

By Rajiv Gopie

This week we will continue our discussion on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gendered and queer (LGBTQ) issues, specifically on the nature of laws dealing with homosexuality in T&T and a few other chosen countries.

According to Sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offences Act, homosexuality by proxy is a crime. Paragraph 8 (1) (e) of the Immigration Act makes entry for LGBTQ individuals into T&T illegal.

Now where does this leave our fair nation? First and foremost laws exists that can be used to persecute a sector of society for the very act of their existence. These laws can be used to bring about terrible and draconian treatments of LGBTQ persons should the state choose to do so. On the other hand the Immigration Act can legally bar from entry some very powerful and important persons including the vice chancellor and foreign affairs minister of Germany who is gay, the lesbian Prime Minister of Iceland, a plethora of US Democratic Congress members and British MPs as well as many others. This piece of legislation was cited by the Anglican Church in 2007 when they sought to have openly gay Elton John barred from entering our country to perform at the Tobago Jazz Festival. They were ignored and the concert went on.

As I have kept on repeating, these laws have not been used or enforced for many years and thus only stand on the books as a cold reminder to LGBTQ persons to stay in the shadows and dare not make themselves public. These laws are a form of control more terrible than most people can imagine. They speak to the very heart of the LGBTQ community that despite all of the progress that have been made around the world in their own homeland, where they have toiled and struggled, they are nothing more than illegal and can at the very whim of the state be arrested.

These laws are a holdover from the colonial era and have all been struck down in the UK, the very country that wrote them. They were based on extremely conservative and homophobic views that characterised the Victorian era and were formulated based on Judeo/Christian views on what was right and moral, views that once authorised slavery amongst real abominations. Since then recognising that these laws are unfair, groundless, discriminatory and plain wrong they have been repealed by legislatures and courts around the world.

Across the globe different levels of acceptance and legislative progress have been made on LGBTQ rights. In many European countries LGBTQ people have been accepted into society and come to form the norm, with many sweeping pieces of legislation such as anti-discrimination laws and gay marriage being legal in Spain, Belgium, Portugal and civil partnerships in others including the UK. Many of these nations are pro-gay and most of their political parties both conservative and liberal are socially progressive and embrace LGBTQ rights. This does not mean that the situation is all rosy in Europe as Eastern Europe is still heavily homophobic with the exception of Prague and a few other cities.

In Canada the situation is quite similar to Europe with a massive LGBTQ community quite active and politically powerful. In the US the fight for LGBTQ rights is one full of triumphs and defeats. A few states including Iowa and Massachusetts have full gay marriage; states like Vermont and New Jersey have civil partnerships, other states have specific bans on gay marriage. Homosexuality is legal in every state.

On the opposite end of the spectrum lie places like Iran, some African countries and much of the Middle East who execute people for being homosexual. A particularly heart- wrenching case that caused international uproar took place in Iran in 2005 when two teenage boys ( 18 and 16 years old) were publicly hanged after enduring days of taunts and ridicule for being gay. These tender youths were mercilessly hanged for the crime of being in love with each other.

T&T does not fall into either ends of the spectrum highlighted above. We have on our books laws that are not being implemented and if they were to be, would generate such a furore that our nation would be shamed. It must be made clear to the current administration that these laws are not viable or justifiable in the modern world. They were based on values and norms that have not kept pace with the times. The state must also be made aware that these laws infringe on the lives and freedoms of their citizens. The state can no longer seek to regulate the lives of consenting adults who seek same-sex relations.

T&T has always exhibited an admiration for first world countries and we try to copy them to the point of young people wearing boots and hoodies in our tropical weather and thousands of person illegally staying in them, yet we have failed to follow their respect for rights and freedoms and their recognition that anti-gay laws are untenable in the modern world.

We are seeking developed nation status yet we have a backward and disconnected way of thinking and retarded perceptions of reality. With First World development must come First World thinking. The sexual offences law is one that is ripe for repeal. Will our government rise to the challenge and do the right thing? Or will they, out of fear of angering religious voting blocs, continue to allow these laws to stand? The courts all over the world have struck down these laws time and time again.

The precedent has been set in the UK, US and most recently in India, as these laws infringe on an individual’s rights and freedoms. What is necessary is for some individual or group to file a challenge of the law and let the judicial process take place. I place absolute faith in our justice system and the Privy Council.

Next Friday: Dispelling Homosexual Myths; Facts and Inconvenient Truths.

• Rajiv Gopie won the President’s Medal 2006. He is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in International Studies and Social/Cultural Anthropology at the University of Toronto