Remembering Rudolph Gschloessl ….

As we continue to track happenings on cases we may have forgotten here is a entry on the murdered owner of famed Café Aubergine in St. Ann and Kingston.

Former Café Aubergine owner who was murdered in 2009

Rudolph Gschloessl – music the food of love by for Restaurant week recognitions

Neville Anderson, partner at Café Aubergine and an old time friend of Rudolph Gschloessl (or Rudy as he was known among friends), went into a time warp in the in early 80s to Munich, Germany. “Rudy was the financial controller with Warner Brothers, I met him at a party and we bonded immediately.”

The bond was their similar taste in cooking and food, and the duo hit off on a crescendo.

“He loved good Jamaican food and we opened Neville’s Jamaicanrestaurant in Munich,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who loved cooking, and Gschloessl, were food aficionados and introduced Germans to fine and elegant Jamaican dining experience.

Some years down the line, Anderson said, they decided to replicate the similar experience in Jamaica. “We decided to do the opposite, a European restaurant in Jamaica,” he said.

Gschloessl moved to Jamaica and Café Aubergine was incepted, the rest is history.

Gschloessl was a down to earth person who was very humble, and had a great sense of humour, recalled Anderson. “Rudy could belong to anyplace in this world.”

Born and raised in Bavaria, the traditional hops growing region in Germany, Gschloessl was youngest of five children. “He loved to eat good food and love his beer and roast pork,” said Anderson. “He used to say that in his region beer was their mother’s milk!”

“He was a connoisseur of good wine and fine food but deep down he was a country boy.”

Rudy was an avid dancer, and liked listening to all genres of music, “Anderson recalled, breaking into a smile. “He loved to sing even if he was singing off key.”

Simplicity, discipline and hard work were some of the key traits of Gschloessl, “the most evident trait among them was his humility, he was never a show off and didn’t want a profile,” Anderson said.

He admired Mohammed Ali and John F Kennedy and always dreamt of visiting exotic countries across the world.

Gschloessl’s sudden passing, has left a void in the lives of the people, whose lives he touched, laughter he spread, fond memories and some unfinished dreams. “Rudy always wanted learn the piano, he wanted to go to Brazil, Peru and Argentina,” said Anderson, “but he never made it.”

Last known update: Murderer accused gets bail extension

(Danesworth Boucher in an undated photo from one of his web profiles.)

The man charged in connection with the death of Rudolf Gscholoessl, owner of Cafe’ Aubergine and financial controller at KingAlarms returned to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The matter, however, did not move much further as a new mention date of February 23 was agreed on. The court was told that the post-mortem in the matter was not yet ready.

The accused, Danesworth Boucher, 24, of Mona Heights, St Andrew, is charged with murder.

Allegations are that on October 25, about 1:45 a.m, police arrived at Gscholoessl’s premises and upon investigating, found Gscholoessl dead in a bed with the left side of the neck slashed.

The allegations indicated that the accused, who occupied the next room in the house, related his story to the police but was later arrested and charged.

On a previous court date, the accused man’s lawyer told the court there are no witnesses or blood proof to tie his client to the murder. The defence lawyer further indicated that according to his client’s report to the police, there is the possibility of a third person being involved in Gscholoessl’s murder.

The lawyer said his client was in his room when he heard the deceased and another person having a conversation. The lawyer told the court that about 1:45 a.m., Boucher later heard screams for help and ran from the house. He then accessed a telephone and called KingAlarm.

Bouchers’a bail was extended until the next court date.

Rudolph’s throat was slashed.

Mr. Boucher who lived in the same house with the German national was charged after the cops determined that he was the [alleged] killer.

The cops entered the house and found Mr. Gschloessl’s nude body lying in a pool of blood with a knife wound to the neck.

Mr. Boucher who called the cops told them that an intruder had entered the house and committed the murder.

But the police became suspicious and following investigations he was charged.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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