Gay tape release causes victim’s self imposed exile

A third-year student of a tertiary level institution was forced to flee the dorm and the school recently, after a tape on which he allegedly confessed his homosexuality was released around the campus via bluetoothtechnology.

THE STAR was informed that the student, Pedro Lee*, who was doing a guidance-counselling course, was tricked into revealing his secret lifestyle by another student who pretended to be gay and secured the trust and confidence of the young man.

The tape, which made its rounds on the campus in late November into early December, was about 30 minutes long and involved the student sharing deep secrets and fantasies with the boy he thought was his new-found friend.

One student of the institution told THE STAR that Lee was a popular student, who was involved in several extra-curricular activities. She said, “He was involved in a lot of things, basically all the religious clubs”. Lee lived on campus, where he also participated in many activities.

On the tape, the conversation suggests that Lee and the student had made previous plans to meet at a hotel, and Lee expressed his disappointment that the student did not turn up. The student also asked Lee how those around him would react if they knew he was gay, to which he responded that many would be shocked and upset.

Lee also declares the things he would do to the student if they ever had the chance to be alone, saying he would lick him “from the toes straight up”. The student also coerced Lee into sharing the names of those he found attractive.

Obviously convinced that the student was someone to be trusted, Lee revealed that he had a crush on his roommate, but admitted that he could not make a move as his roommate “is not into those type of things.”

Further into the conversation things got a bit more graphic.

Students of the institution told THE STAR that Lee, after realising that his secret was out, fled the hall and also stopped attending his classes and failed to show up for his exams. On his Facebook page, he is seen wearing church attire and appears to be quite interested in Christianity.


*Name Changed



The letter writing campaign undertaken by Atty at Law Maurice Tomlinson hinted to this days before in the Jamaica Observer.

Attack on gays bad for fight against HIV-AIDS

Dear Editor,

JFLAG received information that on December 7, 2010, a gay tertiary student was savagely beaten by his colleagues after being recorded in an intimate conversation with a classmate posing as gay. This latest attack follows the brutal hacking to death of a cross-dresser in Half-Way-Tree on December 3, 2010.

The point has repeatedly been made that this pattern of virulent intolerance and homophobia has dire consequences for the country’s fight against HIV and AIDS by driving gays underground, away from effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support interventions. Many gay Jamaicans refrain from going to pharmacies to buy condoms and lubricants for fear of being “outed”, and yet, even the Pope has conceded that condoms are essential in the fight against HIV. The Jamaican government also admitted at the United Nations Universal Periodic Review Session on November 8, 2010 that it recognises that such attacks as described above heighten the vulnerability of LGBT Jamaicans.

In response to this continued intolerance and homophobia, civil society groups produced an anti-intolerance and anti-homophobia public service announcement (PSA) which aired on the major television and radio stations. The PSA features noted local personages, including the former army chaplain, a human rights defender and a former Miss Jamaica World. The PSA’s message is simple: intolerance and homophobia spread HIV and while tolerance does not mean acceptance, it does mean respecting human rights. Will the Jamaican government endorse this message by publicly condemning the attacks and repealing the buggery law which fosters them?

Maurice Tomlinson

Montego Bay, St James

Read more:

Peace and tolerance


See it deh now …….

According to the Star News…..

Animated and flamboyant gay men have taken over a street in New Kingston at nights, on the hunt for clients to sell sexual favours.

While prostitutes have long been associated with the area, this new generation of sex workers is by no means shy or ashamed of the profession. The cross-dressing men, who frequent a specific avenue, can be seen from as early as 9 p.m., drinking and smoking, exhibiting their acrobatic skills and leaving in posh vehicles.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the area recently, a group of about 15 were seen. From a distance, the group seemed like the typical prostitutes. Closer inspection, however, revealed that the figures who were clad in tight shirts, shorts, skinny jeans, heels and extensions, were actually men.

While some were dapperly dressed in jeans pants and T-shirts, the others went all out, and were quite convincing in their attempts to appear feminine. Most were also sporting bleached faces.

While chatting with the men for about 30 minutes, at least three of them were seen entering high-end motor cars which came to pick them up.

Their prices they say, vary according to the type of service being offered. One explained: “Di price depends on weh di man want, some of dem want a gangster ruff up, dat price different from if a man would want a blow or straight [sex] … like a $1,000, it jus depends …”

They also revealed that their client base was very wide and included married men. They said, “wi talk to different type a man, some a dem married and inna dem big position, some a dem kind and will all give a big money like $10,000 when dem ready.”

While there, the group seemed to be having a grand time as they shared liquor, cigarettes and ganja spliffs.

“Yes, mi feel nice tonight, mi feel drunk, mi feel fi do something nice ya now,” one of the men was heard saying as he stood with a feminine posture, took a cellular phone from his extremely tight pants and made a phone call before leaving the area.

Some of the men were also very playful as at times they chased and threw stones along the roadway at each other while laughing aloud and referring to each other as “she” and “girl”. They passed their time by modelling, doing splits, and dancing to loud music being played from a car. One even went as far as going on his head, while moving his waistline.

never been attacked

The men, who range in ages from 17 to late 20s, were not afraid to talk to THE WEEKEND STAR. In fact, one revealed he had been at the location for about two years, while another said he was from Ocho Rios and had just been in the area for eight months. They said that despite the claims of Jamaica being quite homophobic, they have never been attacked.

The men also gave credit to one of their companions, hailing him as one of the best oral sex performers around. They said: “Dis a gangster swiper, yuh nuh see his lips? When him swipe yuh, him mek yuh feel like yuh deh inna di sky.”

Another proudly uttered: “Mi only deal with man straight. Is either man or woman, mi will probably deal with a woman when mi ready fi get a yute.” Another explained that he was born the way he is. He said: “I was not introduced to this, is just so mi born.”

THE WEEKEND STAR also witnessed one of the men entering a high-end vehicle which was parked nearby. As he entered, he exclaimed, “yu nuh see seh mi man love mi.”

Meanwhile, Head of the St Andrew Central police, Superintendent Derrick ‘Cowboy’ Knight, said the police have been receiving complaints about the men and their activities. He, however, admitted that there is little they can do, as they would have to catch them and their buyers in action for charges to be laid against them.

“We have had some complaints but to be honest it is a challenge because it is hard for us to catch them in the act. We would have to get the cooperation of potential buyers before anything can be done,” the top cop explained.


Diphallus: a rare condition in which a man’s penis is duplicated

The first known case of this condition was reported in 1609. Typically only one of the organs is fully formed, but there have been occurrences in which both penises are fully functional! This strange disorder affects an estimated 1 in 5.5 million men.

It’s very uncommon for both penises in diphallus to be fully functional. Usually one of them only has rudimentary functionality. While it might sound awesome, most people would rather not have it. In 2006, for instance, an Indian man in Uttar Pradesh had his second penis surgically removed.

Duplication of the penis is an extremely rare anomaly. Approximately 100 cases have been reported since the first case report by Wecker in 1609. There are broadly three types of diphallus,viz. true diphallus with two independent penises, bifid phallus that may be glandular or complete and pseudodiphallus having a rudimentary phallus in addition to the normal penis. Numerous associated genitourinary and gastrointestinal anomalies have been described with diphallus.

Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

more here in the  Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

When diphallia is present, it is usually accompanied by other congenital anomalies such as renalvertebralhindgut or anorectal duplication. There is also a higher risk of spina bifida. Infants born with PD and its related conditions have a higher death rate from various infections associated with their more complex renal or colorectal systems.

It is thought diphallia occurs in the fetus between the 23rd and 25th days of gestation when an injury, chemical stress, or malfunctioninghomeobox genes hamper proper function of the caudal cell mass of the fetal mesoderm as the urogenital sinus separates from the genital tubercle and rectum to form the penis.

  • Those in possession of a diphallus tend to be sterile, due to either congenital defects or difficulties in application.
  • Urine may be passed by both penises, by only one, or through some other aperture in the perineum.
  • A range of duplication types have been seen, ranging from organs that fissure into two, to the presence of two distinct penises positioned at some distance from each other.
  • Most diphalluses lie side by side and are of equal size, but they can be seated atop one another, with one distinctly larger than the other.
  • Most men with diphallus learn to use it for intercourse, though they cannot penetrate two partners at the same time.

This rare condition has been documented in pigs and other mammals.

Diphallia is a medical condition and should not be confused with genital bisection, which is an elective procedure which involves the splitting of the penis. There have been many cases of diphallia males leading excellent sexual lives able to have full penile vaginal intercourse. Some diphallia males have fathered babies with their female partners. Most male babies sired by diphallia males have normal penises.


Supernumerary body parts are most commonly a congenital disorder involving the growth of an additional part of the body and a deviation from the body plan. Body parts may be easily visible or hidden away, such as internal organs.

Many additional body parts form by the same process as conjoined twins: the zygote begins to split but fails to completely separate. This condition may also be a symptom of repeated occurrences of continuous inbreeding in a genetic line.

It has been suggested that deliberately adding supernumerary limbs to humans may be possible, as a form of body modification.

Specific types of occurrence

Specific types of additional body parts include:

Peace and tolerance


Older Members say “No” to United Gays And Lesbians Against AIDS Barbados (UGLAB)’s Youth arm


Hell no!

Rev. Dr David Durant: Youth arm of the UGLAB was giving too much focus on alternative lifestyles.

MEMBERS of the religious community are not behind the formation of the youth arm of United Gays And Lesbians Against AIDS Barbados (UGLAB).

But at least one is calling for tolerance and empathy.

Senator Reverend Dr David Durant, the head of Restoration Ministries, said he thought the youth arm was giving too much focus on alternative lifestyles.

“I don’t think they should have this kind of prominence. Instead, those so inclined should be helped through counsel and guidance,” he said.

Durant said there was no need to cry down gays and lesbians as he felt there was a way for them to become “normal” again.

“They don’t have to remain in that situation. They can be helped through the Word of God and, along with guidance and compassionate counsel, can overcome that gay and lesbian tendency and return to normal, as by biblical standards that lifestyle is not normal,” he concluded

“I think it is ridiculous. From studying the homosexual agenda, one of their [agendas] is to [attract] young boys. So I am not surprised; but that is something the nation must turn against,” said Apostle Bernard Cadogan of Love And Faith Ministry, Operation Marriage Restore and Excess Singles.

“We are not afraid of their agenda, but we are concerned about our children and what they are faced with in our society,” Bernard added.

He said that if homosexuals were allowed in the church they would be expected to change.

Apostle Destiny shared similar views to her husband Bernard. She refuted the claim of the youth arm of the UGLAB that it could provide a future for its members.

“They are short-sighted in their objective. There is no future for homsexuality. It is a dead thing.”

She is calling on UGLAB to be responsible and speak to parents about the problems of their children as they would any other problem.

Reverend Carlyle Williams, district superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, is of the view that young people “should always have a proper direction”.

“Just to start in UGLAB they are not going to get the help that is necessary.

“While we should not discriminate, the problem is far deeper. The question is: who will be there to counsel, advise and provide moral and spiritual guidance?” said Williams, adding that there must be professional guidance.

Reverend Cuthbert Moore, head of the Methodist Church, said stigma and/or discrimination against any individual, community or sector of the community “was not acceptable for our Judeo-Christian ethics and as believers. This attitude should not be encouraged by faith communities or society in general and should be stopped”.

Moore said: “Rather than criticising or condemning, as a nation and moreso as a faith-based community, we need to be more tolerant of persons who may be different; and the faith community needs to exercise a supporting role without condoning that which is inconsistent with our beliefs and practices, and provide a forum to educate our people so that discrimination, abuse and stigma may end.”

Motion moved in the City of Geneva for an international coalition of cities against homophobia and transphobia-voted 24.11.2010

For those of us who missed it here is the English Translation to motion that was moved following the adoption by the Municipal Council of the City of Geneva of the motion for the launching of a international coalition of cities against homophobia and transphobia, this group aims at gathering informal support for this initiative.

For an International Coalition of Cities against Homophobia and Transphobia

(Unofficial translation)


Motion of 3rd November 2010 of Mr. Yves de Matteis, Gérard Deshusses, Jean-Charles Lathion, Salvatore Vitanza, Simon Brandt, Alexandre Chevalier, Gary Bennaim, Pascal Rubeli, Ms. Ariane Arlotti, Maria Pérez, Salika Wenger, Nicole Valiquer Grecuccio, Sarah Klopmann, Anne Moratti Jung, Anne Carron-Cescato,Véronique Latella et Chantal Perret-Gentil


– the fact that more than 76 countries punish homosexuality with emprisonment of several years;– that seven countries punish homosexuality with the death penalty;

– that the mention or denunciation of persecutions, stigmatisation and discrimnations based on sexual orientation or gender identity are, for the moment, nearly absent ininternational fora, including those dedicated to racism, even though the necessity to actis blatant;

– the fact that Geneva is the world capital of human rights, with, in particular, the presence on its soil of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights;

– the fact that an «International Coalition of Cities agains Racisme » was already funded in Nurnberg, in Germany, under the auspices of the Unesco in 2004, coalition of which the City of Geneva is a member;

– the fact that the cities of Amsterdam and Bruxelles as well as Catalogne are already officially supporting the world federation fighting against discriminations based on sexual orientation and gender identity (ILGA – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Trans and Intersex Association);

– the fact that the Municipal Council had already unanimously adopted, during its 21st January 2008 session, the resolution R-105 entitled «Homophobia: let us also fight against this form of discrimination»,

the Municipal Council invites the Administrative Council :

– to take the initiative of launching an international coalition of cities against discriminations based on sexual orientation and gender identity by contacting :

– international organisations competent in this field (for exemple ILGA);
– cities already aware of those themes (Amsterdam, Bruxelles, the Hague, Mexico, etc.)

– international specialised organisms (the Office of the United Nations HighCommissioner for human rights, UNAIDS etc.) able to give their expertise in order to contribute to the setting up of an international network on the model of the international coalition of cities against racism.


Homosexuality debate rages in Barbados

Although more than four years old, the recently released CADRES study on the attitude towards homosexuals in Barbados has been generating considerable interest.

The issue under consideration is always provocative and principal director of CADRES Peter Wickham has indicated that he is already exploring options to have it repeated to generate contemporary data.  The study drew on two nation-wide surveys that were executed in 2003 and 2004 and discovered that persons largely saw homosexuality as a “male” preoccupation.

The survey used indicators to gauge attitudes and was informed by an earlier survey (2003) which indicated that there was little if any support for the decriminalisation of homosexual acts; however the 2004 survey demonstrated that this single question only told part of the story of Barbadian attitudes.

The 2004 investigation demonstrates that “negative” attitudes toward homosexuals are prevalent within a relatively small section of the Barbadian population, while the vast majority of Barbadians are either tolerant or accepting of homosexuals.

This essentially means that Barbadians have disaggregated their strong views on the retention of a legal prohibition against homosexual acts, from their attitude towards homosexuals generally, which is considerably softer.

Apart from highlighting this “gap” in the Barbadian logic, the study also helps to explain the rationale behind our attitude towards homosexuals and this seems to be located in the twin issues of fear and concern.

There is obvious concern for the homosexual who the public “fears for” or is “concerned about” and there is also a fear “of” the homosexual which could be located in that person’s apparent proclivity to be predatory, or to the extent that the homosexual could have the capacity to improperly influence societal norms.

The study revealed a major preoccupation with even the most “liberal”persons that their children and to a lesser extent their families should NOT be homosexual, while there was comparatively less concern about the other categories (like “Friends” and “Employees”).

This pattern was clearly influenced first and foremost by concern for the homosexual (“Children” and “Family”) and secondarily fear of the homosexual (Teachers and politicians).

The fact that there was generally little concern about homosexual “Friends” supports the argument that Barbadians are not instinctively homophobic but this fear is rooted in an emotional bond or power relationship.

The other major finding of this study is the identification of demographic variables that appear to influence a person’s attitude towards homosexuals.

The survey demonstrates that women are generally more comfortable with homosexuals than men and similarly young adults are more comfortable than older persons.  It is interesting that the age divide here is more 18-50 as distinct from 51 and over since the separation between the views of the 18-30s and the 31-50s is not clearly reflected in their different opinions.

The impact of income and education is; however clear since persons who were better educated and who earned more money in the survey appeared more comfortable with homosexuals.

The final section of the report attempts to compare Barbadian attitudes toward homosexuals with their attitudes toward other controversial issues such as the decriminalisation of Marijuana (Ganja); the Death Penalty and Corporal Punishment of Children.

This comparison did NOT establish any statistically verifiable relationship, but it does demonstrate that Barbadians are considerably more opposed to the decriminalisation of homosexual acts than any of the other major issues engaged in the survey.

This section also supports the argument that there is some distance between the stated Barbadian position on several of these moral issues and their practices.


Human Rights Day 2010 – December 10th theme: “Human rights defenders who act to end discrimination.”

December 10th marks the 62nd anniversary of the acceptance by the UN General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. UNHR Site

OHCHR header

The theme for Human Rights Day 10 December 2010 is human rights defenders who act to end discrimination.

Human rights defenders acting against discrimination, often at great personal risk to both themselves and their families, are being recognized and acclaimed on this day.

Human rights defenders speak out against abuse and violations including discrimination, exclusion, oppression and violence. They advocate justice and seek to protect the victims of human rights violations. They demand accountability for perpetrators and transparency in government action. In so doing, they are often putting at risk their own safety, and that of their families.

Some human rights defenders are famous, but most are not. They are active in every part of the world, working alone and in groups, in local communities, in national politics and internationally.

Human Rights Day 2010 will highlight and promote the achievements of human rights defenders and it will again emphasize the primary role Governments must play in enabling and protecting their role. The Day is also intended to inspire a new generation of defenders to speak up and take action to end discrimination in all of its forms whenever and wherever it is manifested.

The story does not end after 10 December 2010. The focus on the work of human rights defenders will continue through all of 2011.

Meanwhile at AMNESTY

Celebrate Human Rights Day by using the proven tool of writing letters to save lives.

Each year hundreds of thousands of people across the world mark International Human Rights Day on December 10 by taking part in Amnesty International’s Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon – the world’s largest letter writing event. We write letters to demand that the rights of individuals are respected, protected and fulfilled. In doing so, we show solidarity with those suffering human rights abuses and work to bring about real change in people’s lives.


How to Get Involved:

It’s easy! Follow these 5 simple steps to success:

1. SIGN UP to Write for Rights! Participate as an individual, or host an event and invite friends, family, and members of your community to join the call for human rights. Check out our Write for Rights map to find an event near you.

2. SPREAD THE WORD! Tell everyone that you plan to Write for Rights by sending an email or posting on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Get your RESOURCES. Everything you need to participate in Write for Rights is now available, including case summaries, sample letters, promotional materials, and helpful tips for holding a successful Write for Rights event. If you’d like hard copies of these items or have questions, email us:

4. WRITE and MAIL your letters. (December 4-12 are the key dates, but feel free to start earlier or later.)

5. TELL US HOW IT WENT! We want to hear from you: did you meet your letter pledge goal? Do you have great ideas on how we can make next year’s Write for Rights even better? Be sure to complete the very brief online evaluation form or send us an email:

This year, we will select winners in the following categories, who will be mailed a grab bag of special Amnesty prizes:
• Best picture of a Write for Rights activity
• Most letters sent
• Largest Write for Rights event
• Most unique location of a Write for Rights activity


“Tell Me Pastor” on bisexuality

Find it, retrieve it and call it … as we look at discusions in the public domain about issues relating to GLBTQI issues. Here the supposed female letter writer says she basically found out her male hubby is having an affair with a man.

Pastor Dumas the regular talk show host, Psychologist and Star News Tell Me Pastor columnist for once asks some sensible questions in the beginning of his response but goes off on the bible bit afterwards, as expected.

Certainly it may not be easy to “come out” to ones female partner in this case given the homo-negative culture of ours so it would be better to keep it on the down low and by extension leading to bi-invisibility or some bi-erasure. So one is damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

There are some women to my certain knowledge who are aware or at best suspicious of their male partners and who tolerate it for varying reasons, some possibly for financial security or stability until some other persons can come along for them to escape if you will to a more sexually secure union. While there are men who do not mind having a bisexual female as a partner and we see even exotic entertainment clubs offering some lesbian packaged shows at a few spots across Jamaica. The problem is disclosure and then the possible comfort level of the persons involved in the union I think. The letter writer seems repulsed by her discovery.

Here is the letter as appearing in today’s Star and Pastor’s response, see what you make of it.

It’s me or him!

Dear Pastor,

I am living with my boyfriend and I found out that he is having an affair, but not with a woman. He is having an affair with a man. I am finding it difficult to deal with. I am angry and sad.

I don’t know why he is doing this because we have been having a good relationship. He is a good man. I don’t know what to do. I am so disappointed.

Please help me.


Pastor’s response:

Dear E.K.,

Your boyfriend is bisexual.

Has he told you when he became bisexual?

Was he bisexual before both of you became intimate and you were not aware of it, or has he recently become bisexual?

I ask you these questions because they may help you to make your decision whether to continue therelationship or end it. The decision to remain or end this relationship is solely yours.

Can you be comfortable knowing your man is having sex with a man?

What reason can he give you for doing so?

I can only tell you that according to the Bible, homosexuality in any form is condemned.

People don’t like to hear what the Bible says.

But there are those of us who believe the Bible and encourage everyone to adhere to its instructions.



Dead man found in suspects pants ……

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

A 19-year-old St Catherine man accused of killing another man he claimed was making homosexual advances at him was remanded in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Theodore West of McCook’s Pen was charged after the body of Samuel Hardware, 40, also of McCook’s Pen, was found in the back of his yard with several stab wounds. The dead man was clad in a pair of jeans belonging to West, the court heard.

West, who is charged with murder, was remanded by Senior Resident Magistrate Marcia Dunbar-Green after he told the court he had no legal representation. He returns to court on January 6.

He pleaded not guilty.

Allegations are that on November 16, Hardware’s body was found at the rear of West’s yard. Investigation by the St Catherine North Homicide Unit resulted in West being arrested. He reportedly gave a confession to the police that the deceased made sexual advances towards him.

The court heard that in the confession, West said that Hardware came to his house half-nude and told him to ”tek off yu clothes”. He said Hardware rushed towards him and tried to overpower him.

It was further heard that West picked up an ice pick and stabbed Hardware repeatedly. He died on the spot. His body was later found clad in a pair of West’s jeans.

So by the looks of this and given our experience over the decades of previous cases of accusations of deceased making sexual advances then they end up in a horrifying death we can deduce there is a lie here. I know we run the risk of prejudging the case and of course in the realm of speculation as we don’t have the evidence but we have seen this before, the typical defence strategy, he tried to force me to have sex so I killed him line.

Luckily several of the cases in the last few public trials such as the Peter King’s and Brian Williamson’s murder trials the court and juries where juries were present did not buy the innocent not gay line. One of the first questions asked usually is what are you or were you doing in the deceased company? by the public who have wised up in a sense. Sadly this kind of foolishness feeds the public’s cynicism that it is gays who are killing each other over jealousy or lust as the constant lying factor to defend the “not gay” strategy rubs the nation the wrong way.

What surprises me in this matter going by the Star News report is the evidence that placed the accused at the scene in a way as the victim was dressed in the accused pants clearly to suggests they were more than just passing brethrens which to me kills the innocent not gay defence line. Why would he have stopped to dress the man in his own garb?, supposing he committed the crime.

We have to analyse these cases with the strongest of scrutiny folks given our homophobic and homo-negative culture, men don’t touch each other in underwear or nude for that matter it’s so taboo or he must have been a fool to make such a mistake even so familiarity is where I am going with this.

Let us watch this case folks.

Peace and tolerance.


Accused in John Terry murder gets $1M bail

former British Consul John Terry

By PAUL A REID, Observer writer


St James —

Police at the scene then

Richard Ewan, the man charged with the murder of former British diplomat John Terry, was yesterday November 29th offered bail in the sum of $1million with up to four sureties when he appeared in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court.

Twenty-three year old Ewan of a Bull Bay, St Andrew, address will be represented by two attorneys, Michael Jordan and Trevor HoLyn, who were appointed by the Legal Aid Clinic at the instruction of Acting Senior Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris.

Ewan will face an additional charge of receiving stolen property, stemming from another incident when he returns to court on January 17 when the charges will be mentioned.

The accused man was allegedly held with computer and electronic appliances that were stolen from a store on Union Street in January this year.

Conditions of his bail include reporting to the Bull Bay police twice a week, surrendering his travel documents to the police and stop orders being placed on him at both international airports.

Mr. Terry’s body being removed (courtesy of Liber Tatea)

In his application for bail, Jordan said Ewan was “anxious to defend himself of the charges” against him and said he was not a flight risk.

The prosecution did not oppose bail for the man who told the court he was a computer technician but was working as a security guard at the time of the murder in September 2009.

Ewan is facing murder charges arising from the  killing of the 64-year-old Terry at his Mt Carey, St James residence.

Terry’s nude body, which was wrapped in a sheet, was found by his gardener, police said.

A post mortem revealed that he died from asphyxia due to ligature strangulation associated with other injuries to the neck and head.

Neighbours said a man was seen running from Terry’s home the night before his body was found. (ENDS)

I hope this matter is dealt with soon.

Peace and tolerance.