Dead man found in suspects pants ……

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

A 19-year-old St Catherine man accused of killing another man he claimed was making homosexual advances at him was remanded in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Theodore West of McCook’s Pen was charged after the body of Samuel Hardware, 40, also of McCook’s Pen, was found in the back of his yard with several stab wounds. The dead man was clad in a pair of jeans belonging to West, the court heard.

West, who is charged with murder, was remanded by Senior Resident Magistrate Marcia Dunbar-Green after he told the court he had no legal representation. He returns to court on January 6.

He pleaded not guilty.

Allegations are that on November 16, Hardware’s body was found at the rear of West’s yard. Investigation by the St Catherine North Homicide Unit resulted in West being arrested. He reportedly gave a confession to the police that the deceased made sexual advances towards him.

The court heard that in the confession, West said that Hardware came to his house half-nude and told him to ”tek off yu clothes”. He said Hardware rushed towards him and tried to overpower him.

It was further heard that West picked up an ice pick and stabbed Hardware repeatedly. He died on the spot. His body was later found clad in a pair of West’s jeans.

So by the looks of this and given our experience over the decades of previous cases of accusations of deceased making sexual advances then they end up in a horrifying death we can deduce there is a lie here. I know we run the risk of prejudging the case and of course in the realm of speculation as we don’t have the evidence but we have seen this before, the typical defence strategy, he tried to force me to have sex so I killed him line.

Luckily several of the cases in the last few public trials such as the Peter King’s and Brian Williamson’s murder trials the court and juries where juries were present did not buy the innocent not gay line. One of the first questions asked usually is what are you or were you doing in the deceased company? by the public who have wised up in a sense. Sadly this kind of foolishness feeds the public’s cynicism that it is gays who are killing each other over jealousy or lust as the constant lying factor to defend the “not gay” strategy rubs the nation the wrong way.

What surprises me in this matter going by the Star News report is the evidence that placed the accused at the scene in a way as the victim was dressed in the accused pants clearly to suggests they were more than just passing brethrens which to me kills the innocent not gay defence line. Why would he have stopped to dress the man in his own garb?, supposing he committed the crime.

We have to analyse these cases with the strongest of scrutiny folks given our homophobic and homo-negative culture, men don’t touch each other in underwear or nude for that matter it’s so taboo or he must have been a fool to make such a mistake even so familiarity is where I am going with this.

Let us watch this case folks.

Peace and tolerance.