See it deh now …….

According to the Star News…..

Animated and flamboyant gay men have taken over a street in New Kingston at nights, on the hunt for clients to sell sexual favours.

While prostitutes have long been associated with the area, this new generation of sex workers is by no means shy or ashamed of the profession. The cross-dressing men, who frequent a specific avenue, can be seen from as early as 9 p.m., drinking and smoking, exhibiting their acrobatic skills and leaving in posh vehicles.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the area recently, a group of about 15 were seen. From a distance, the group seemed like the typical prostitutes. Closer inspection, however, revealed that the figures who were clad in tight shirts, shorts, skinny jeans, heels and extensions, were actually men.

While some were dapperly dressed in jeans pants and T-shirts, the others went all out, and were quite convincing in their attempts to appear feminine. Most were also sporting bleached faces.

While chatting with the men for about 30 minutes, at least three of them were seen entering high-end motor cars which came to pick them up.

Their prices they say, vary according to the type of service being offered. One explained: “Di price depends on weh di man want, some of dem want a gangster ruff up, dat price different from if a man would want a blow or straight [sex] … like a $1,000, it jus depends …”

They also revealed that their client base was very wide and included married men. They said, “wi talk to different type a man, some a dem married and inna dem big position, some a dem kind and will all give a big money like $10,000 when dem ready.”

While there, the group seemed to be having a grand time as they shared liquor, cigarettes and ganja spliffs.

“Yes, mi feel nice tonight, mi feel drunk, mi feel fi do something nice ya now,” one of the men was heard saying as he stood with a feminine posture, took a cellular phone from his extremely tight pants and made a phone call before leaving the area.

Some of the men were also very playful as at times they chased and threw stones along the roadway at each other while laughing aloud and referring to each other as “she” and “girl”. They passed their time by modelling, doing splits, and dancing to loud music being played from a car. One even went as far as going on his head, while moving his waistline.

never been attacked

The men, who range in ages from 17 to late 20s, were not afraid to talk to THE WEEKEND STAR. In fact, one revealed he had been at the location for about two years, while another said he was from Ocho Rios and had just been in the area for eight months. They said that despite the claims of Jamaica being quite homophobic, they have never been attacked.

The men also gave credit to one of their companions, hailing him as one of the best oral sex performers around. They said: “Dis a gangster swiper, yuh nuh see his lips? When him swipe yuh, him mek yuh feel like yuh deh inna di sky.”

Another proudly uttered: “Mi only deal with man straight. Is either man or woman, mi will probably deal with a woman when mi ready fi get a yute.” Another explained that he was born the way he is. He said: “I was not introduced to this, is just so mi born.”

THE WEEKEND STAR also witnessed one of the men entering a high-end vehicle which was parked nearby. As he entered, he exclaimed, “yu nuh see seh mi man love mi.”

Meanwhile, Head of the St Andrew Central police, Superintendent Derrick ‘Cowboy’ Knight, said the police have been receiving complaints about the men and their activities. He, however, admitted that there is little they can do, as they would have to catch them and their buyers in action for charges to be laid against them.

“We have had some complaints but to be honest it is a challenge because it is hard for us to catch them in the act. We would have to get the cooperation of potential buyers before anything can be done,” the top cop explained.