On homo negative culture and Naked men in HWT

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In light of the article in the Star dated February 8 2011 titled Naked Drama in HWT, I wish to say a few words. I know this is like as the proverbial saying goes ‘beating a dead horse’ but let me add my two cents or sense as the case may be.
Now the summary of the story is two consenting adult males where spied on in the privacy of their dwelling and set upon by a large mob for hours. Thankfully four service police vehicles were on hand to rescue them from sure death.These kinds of stories are not new to us, in fact some people might only glance over it and may comment “yea man dem batty boi dey fi ded” and move on to the next sensational story. The reports are that the ‘group’ ‘accidentally’ stumbled on the room when ‘dem hear mourning and groaning inna one of di room.’ How convenient….
Several issues are highlighted for me in this article. The socio-cultural dichotomy, convenience of religion, the non-productivity of many Jamaicans and the preoccupation with peripheral matters as it relates to the better picture.
Jamaica is a anthropological dream and a epistemological nightmare. One of our first introductions to gender and sexuality is the total exclusion of same sex relations and then the vehement disapproval of any slightly resemblance of it according to our socialization. These include for men; bleaching of the skin, tight pants wearing, feminine behaviour (or what is classified as such), not having sex as soon as he is 16 at most among others. For women, these include, ‘manly’ behaviour, no boyfriends as soon as she is 16 at most, not interested in the ungentlemanly attempts of alot of Jamaican men at gaining attention, wearing men’s clothes among others. Anything within these realms are labelled batty-boi, chi-chi, fish, dyke, sodomite, man royal et al.
Socio-cultural dichotomy

Interestingly there is a proliferation of said stereotypical behaviour by so called straight men who will become violent if even implied as such. Apart from it is not any of their businesses what goes on in the privacy of a room between two consenting adults; we are glaringly hypocritical about sexuality. The fact that it happened in a tenement yard along HWT road would imply that it could be in a low income/garrison community which is considered to be uber gangster and definitely not homo-loving. According to A. Pinnock “the public and bitter denunciations of male homosexuality do not, by themselves, indicate the absence of homosexual practises amongst men.”

She continues to state that “male homosexuality, as a gendered identity appears to be of greater concern in the society rather than the actual practises of same.” This clearly shows that there is no room for the very obvious (public) male homosexuals who it is felt will compromise masculinity and also has as it intentions to destabilize the traditional systems of governance in the society. Therefore homosexuals and their sympathizers must burn in the hell fires which destroyedSodom and Gomorrah, according to Biblical inscription.

Convenience of Religion

Half the people in Jamaica confuse pedophilia with homosexuality; which coupled with religion is a dangerous formula for homosexuals.  We tend to violently uphold the passage that is believed to condemn homosexuality, but other biblical laws aren’t so strictly followed for e.g. casual sex between heterosexuals is considered a way of life. This salad bar approach to religious-sanctioned hate crimes is a slap in the face of the Bible I think and further cements the hypocritical stance on sex and sexuality. It is funny that there are as many rum bars as churches along with a myriad of other non – Christian like activities but homosexual gets singled out because “men shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, that is an abomination.” My thing is if there is a list of things not to do, why single out one thing but have tons of reasons why the others are excusable. What about gay Christians? Isn’t love the ‘greatest of these’ to be right with God? Stop using religion as a scapegoat. No “sin” is greater than the other.

Non-productivity of Jamaicans & the preoccupation with peripheral matters

Now if the devil finds work for idle hands then a lot of Jamaicans are working for the devil. With the growing crime rate, the lessening job opportunities, IMF breathing down our necks and the Manatt trial, we really should not have that much time and energy to spend on who one chooses to sleep with. Again, apart from the fact that that is nobody’s business in the first place one would think that people would be more preoccupied with the aforementioned. Homosexuality will not be the ruin of Jamaica. What might do it first is Jamaicans who don’t want to work. What we need to focus on is firstly the antiquated and ridiculous buggery law that really does not specially speak to homosexuality in the first instance (see section 76 of that act). Second, start putting our heads down and find ways to stimulate local productivity especially agriculture. Thirdly, take a long hard look at our family values and how it has reduced to what we see manifesting.

In the end, it is disheartening that who we chose to have sex has taken precedence over basic human needs and rights. In a world where children are abused (90% of the times by heterosexuals), wars are raging in the name of religion, conspiracy theories are not so far fetched and apparently the world is coming to an end in 2012, we here in Jamaica are still up in arms about who we chose to have in our arms.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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