Mob attacks “Loving Men” in Mandeville

Just as we are looking at the profiling and stereotyping issues to do with lesbians in particular butch lesbians and their problems with increased abuse both verbally and physically now comes this incident purely from same sex attraction displayed in public, if the story is to be believed. Jamaican gays of course have learnt over time that displays of affection in public are a no no as it would lead to precisely what this headline speaks to.

Here is the Star News story:

Mob Attacks ‘Loving Men”

Police had to rescue two men from an angry mob in Mandeville, Manchester, on Saturday, after they were seen in a section of the town, walking, holding hands and hugging.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the incident took place about 7 p.m. after both men were seen caressing each other in a popular fast-food restaurant. Their public show of affection reportedly garnered the attention of a mob.

“Dem get some lick,” an alleged witness remarked as he spoke to THE STAR about the incident.

“Dem come inna di food place and a hug up. After them leave out some people see wha a gwaan and rush dem and dem start beg fi dem life,” another alleged witness explained.

THE STAR understands that after the men left a fast-food outlet, and were walking down a road they were observed acting effeminately and showing affection which disgusted a crowd which had gathered to verbally assault them.

“Dem walk like woman and talk like woman, inna some tight clothes,” another alleged witness emphasised.


hurling obstacles

It is understood that the men reportedly stopped and began arguing with the crowd, which then became hostile and began running towards them while hurling obstacles.

The men reportedly ran towards another food outlet in the area where they sought refuge from the crowd which had grown in numbers. The employees of the bakery had to act swiftly to close the doors of the establishment as the crowd converged and surrounded the building demanding the release of the men.

The Mandeville police were alerted and came to the assistance of the men, who were later taken to the police station for protection.

However, the crowd, apparently not satisfied, followed the police to the station and urged them to release the men in their custody for ‘punishment’.

The police, it is understood, relocated the men to the back of the station where they remained until the crowd had dispersed.

The Area Three police confirmed the incident and explained that no one was charged following the attack on the men.


Such are our problems here.

Take a look at the post from GLBTQ Jamaica (Blogger) on the other side of violence and stigma towards the butch dynamic of mystique facing our same sex attracted and bisexual women who present as such in public.

The Butch Dynamic/mystique becoming a problem?

In recent months we have been watching a steady stream of discussions, opinions and complains locally from varying quarters in the lesbian and bisexual women communities chief among them are the increased reports of abuse verbally, stigmatization, profiling and otherwise towards women who present aesthetically as masculine which all of a sudden has become a problem for some men in Jamaica. Same sex attracted women never had so many problems navigating sexuality in this complex society now there are issues of clothing stores refusing to sell a woman a pair of male jeans within the last week this kind of open discrimination was unheard of before. Is this a result of the moves towards full metrosexualism in Jamaican men? when a popular dancehall DJ can openly defend skin bleaching and full body tattooing which was once relagated to gays in years gone by the change is rather rapid and dramatic, the same DJ as in Vybz Kartel commented at a recent lecture on the University of the West Indies campus what was taboo will soon become widely accepted. One wonders if he contemplated that homosexuality will be in that mix?

Butch-Femme net says:
“To the mainstream dyke world, Butches are often seen as “men” or as selling out to the enemy. Butch energy is often read as male energy because it is closer to what we consider male energy than it is what we consider female energy. We are sometimes seen as oppressors of Femmes who they see as “tools of the heterosexual patriarchy” because they are feminine and often don all the feminine accouterments such as makeup, long fingernails, and high heels.”
The butch-femme dynamic is well known among lesbians. The most well known combination is a butch with a femme, although it’s not impossible for a butch to be with another butch, or a femme to be with another femme.

Let’s continue to watch the trends, fortunately the men were rescued by the police and taken to the safety of the police precinct. This also goes to show that we are eons away from reaching real tolerance why would two men holding hands or being intimate in public drive persons to become so vile? one wonders if it is really towards hating homosexuals or persons are just seeking some perceived weaker group in society to vent whatever anger thats pent up inside.

Peace and tolerance



Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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