Gays Must Leave Jamaica Alone (Gleaner Letter) ……. my response

So the homophobes are out and lobbying to match the agitation from the letter writing campaign from Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays among others. The letter this writer is responding to was written by the Advocacy Coordinator one Corbin Gordon (not his real name). I responded in the comment section of the Gleaner’s page I hope the administrators publishes it in time but here it is below the letter (excerpted)

Have a read and see what you make of them:

I read Corbin Gordon’s crap article in The Sunday Gleaner titled ‘Governments have failed to mitigate risks of homophobia’.

So what? If you want to be recognised as gays and lesbians, go to the land of Sodom, for example, New York, where you can practise your filth as much as you like.

Leave Jamaica alone and go where you’re accepted and/or wanted. We don’t give a hoot. Of course, homophobia exists, and it doesn’t affect us, the majority of Jamaicans, only you.

You can dialogue with God when you meet him. Our Parliament may not be the best or the brightest, but in that respect, they know what we Jamaicans want. Leave our Parliament alone.


My response on the Gleaner’s comment page: (pic not included)

“I am sorry Mr. Hall but we are here, we are queer ,but have no fear as the issue is not about turning everyone else in Jamaica into same gender loving people or gays as you seem to have a fear of but to look at redress/compensation for persons who have suffered abuse and even been killed in some instances due to ignorance and unwanted homophobia and associated violence.

Rape of same gender loving women or those perceived to be such is also on the rise since 2007

There are local politicians who are gay and bisexual that goes without saying but because of playing to the majority to remain in power BOTH political parties play the hypocrite when they very well know better, they know very well that if ALL Jamaican citizens are to be afforded equal rights then same gender loving people MUST be included as a part of that but if they agree to changing the buggery law they will become unpopular overnight, so the game continues.

Sodom & Gomorrah by the way was doomed for destruction long before the two angles turned up at Lot’s door Mr. Hall it was because of how they treated early Hebrews and idol worship among other things why that happened not due to purely exploitive same sex relations which I will admit do exist as many men get into gay activity to make money as they perceive we are rich. There are some who thrive on the homophobic culture are they be downlow and make money while publicly blasting it as you are here doing through this letter, it is a complex issue and not as simple as you have written it here.

You say “Practice our filfth” – I imagine you are talking about anal sex between men well NEWSFLASH!!!! heterosexual couples also practice anal sex and with the abundance of personal hygiene devices now available at our pharmacies one can prepare properly for any penetrative sexual activity anally or otherwise, ALSO not all same sex attracted men practice anal sex as many like you would like to think (many go for partnered masturbation or oral sex) or as if we are hunting down some tight bottom to fit into, it doesn’t work that way Mr. Hall and we are certainly not paedophiles, real paedos are the ones who are harassing our pubescent daughters on the back seat of coaster buses quite openly I might add, they are the ones you need to go raise hell about.

One is either born gay, str8, bisexual, Asexual (not interested in sex) or in gender disorder terms Transgendered so we each have to exist based on our sexual orientation assigned to us at birth.

Get over it Mr. Hall some people are gay!!!!!, we have more important issues nationally that need the anger we so easily direct as LGBT people as we are perceived as weak and unresponsive physically well that is also changing as a younger more no nonsense generation is coming up and they are not afraid to express themselves,

The amount of missing children is disturbing

Public transportation has become roving sex brothels

The indiscipline in schools

to name a few focus on those and stop getting all worked up over who is zooming who when it is hate such as what you have shown here in this letter that is tearing our country apart.

Peace and tolerance”