Miss Gay Caribbean Pageant 2011 ……………..

 CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMAICA we placed third in this year’race see more on GLBTQ Jamaica on blogger

Here are the preview pics of our representative this year in the Miss Gay Caribbean USA pageant, sadly the reighning queen Jennifer Banks who became a leading transgender/transsexual figure since her winning the crown hailing from Trinidad passed away from liver failure in June 2011.

See more on that sad issue on my sister blog GLBTQ Jamaica where I dedicated an entry to her:

Jennifer Banks in happier times when she performed at last years competition and won
Read here to see the original pics from the competition in NY September 2010 from the WordPress Edition

The female impersonator Charley Marie was born after watching a live drag show. Now with four years of performing experience under her belt, she is the proud ambassador for Jamaica at the 2011 Gay Caribbean USA Pageant.

Charley Marie wants to show off her creativity and many talents at the pageant. She also hopes that her presence at the pageant will open more doors of opportunity for her as an entertainer. She is inspired by the likes of RuPaul and Harmonica Sunbeam.

Miss Jamaica Lyana Grey seen here in swim wear did not place last year


Part One – Hemish Gervis chats with contestants vieing for the crown of 2011 Miss Gay Caribbean USA. In this interview are Miss Jamaica, Miss Barbados, Miss Haiti and Miss St. Lucia.

Hemish Gervis interviews the first ever lesbian pageant contestant, Stefon Iman who is a Male Impersonator and represents Puerto Rico.

Part Two – Hemish Gervis chats with contestants vieing for the crown of 2011 Miss Gay Caribbean USA. In this interview are Miss Guyana, Miss Trinidad & Tobago and Miss Dominican Republic.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

One thought on “Miss Gay Caribbean Pageant 2011 ……………..”

  1. I attended the pageant on Sat 9/24/11 and was quite amazed by the way these men actually look like women. However, being a Trinidadian i was extremely disappointed by the Trinidadian contestant! She was a poor representation of my nation, i was actually appalled. There was no effort into her attires, i was ashamed! On a brighter note i am very happy that Miss Jamaica won. She was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I rooted for her from the start. Miss Barbados was also very beautiful and sexy as well. Good job but please do us Trinidadians a favour by carefully looking for a appropriate contestant for 2012.


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