Irresponsible Statement (Gleaner Letter 15.07.11)


So the war of words continue on Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey Bailey’s comments on TVJ July 11th during the Prime Time News, see the video below or go to my sister blog on blogger for other rantings I have done on the issue. The apology from the Jamaica Constabulary Force is also contained therein, Everyone seems locked on what SSP Bailey said and not the part television Jamaica had to play in this gross irresponsibility by the station itself in its ethical position when presenting stories. Have a read of the letter and my subsequent comments I placed on the Gleaner page, I hope the page admins there allow them to be published as recently my comments have not been approved.

Listen closely as well to the video clip of the story and see what you make of it please.

Jamaica Gleaner Company


I am deeply concerned by the recent statements by Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey on TVJ’s Prime Time News on Monday, July 11, that young homosexual (gay) men are the main perpetrators of organised crimes in Jamaica. This public declaration is most concerning to me as I have never heard of crime being attributed to a group of people by their sexual orientation. When has it ever been reported that certain types of crime were mostly caused by heterosexuals, lesbians or bisexuals?

This, to me, is a dangerous and irresponsible precedent being set, especially in a society where it is the norm to discriminate and perpetrate violence against homosexuals. Jamaica is noted to be one of the most homophobic countries in the world, where our intolerance to homosexuals is displayed even in songs played daily on responsible radio stations.

I would think it is the responsible thing to do for Senior Superintendent Bailey to return to the media with the relevant data/statistics that prove his statement. These facts should clearly display that homosexuals are indeed perpetrating high levels of organised crimes and show comparisons with groups of persons of sexual orientations (heterosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals) and the types, amount and period they commit these crimes. I am deeply concerned when persons come in the public sphere and make egregious statements without them being proved as fact-based or substantiated. I firmly believe that not everyone in a ‘senior’ position is suitable to represent and be allowed to speak publicly for the respective organisations. Where is the responsibility?

While I believe that Senior Superintendent Bailey is an honourable man, I question his intent and motivation. I urge him to do the honourable thing and revisit his statements and think of the harm and serious damage that could be caused by his not-so-well-thought-out public utterances.


Kingston 10


my comment to this letter:

“SSP Bailey may have erred indeed that is undeniable but as to how it was presented to us I think TVJ is also grossly irresponsible in how they ferreted the information and thus presented it to us, Nadine McCleod the reporter at the time said clearly that the gentleman did not elaborate what specific crimes same gender loving men were involved in, wouldn’t it have been prudent for a journalist/reporter and by extension the newsroom editor/mgr to even go as far as a last minute follow-up before going on air with this news?

Notice she only mentioned the lottery scam AFTER the juicy section was presented, trickery desso to me.

To simply say to us in the piece that he didn’t specify and leave it hanging is grossly irresponsible journalism, it seems to me TVJ already had the juicy part when he said gays were responsible for the so called crimes, sensationalist hype to me, the gay community has to be careful how we jump at everything too quickly without checking and rechecking.

Did JFLAG ask for the full recording of the interview to see if any editing was done to leave out any context SSP may have said ? I doubt it, the ethical point has not been challenged.

Also he (SSP) did say twice in the short clip that made it to air that: “I am not going to be prejudicial in my statement ….What I observed is that maybe 80 – 90% of these persons are homosexuals, it is something …. I don’t know the gay community … not being prejudicial but that’s what we have identified.”

Think on these things”

Peace and tolerance


also see:

Gay Profiling By Cop Reckless


This is an open letter to the commissioner of police.

I am not gay, and I do not support the homosexual lifestyle. I think it is unnatural.

Having said that, I was shocked to hear one of your senior officers come on public television and, without any empirical evidence, declare that upwards of 80 per cent of organised crime in Jamaica are done by homosexuals. That was a very reckless and dangerous thing to do. Not only should he be reprimanded, but he should personally be made to retract the statement.

If you stop to think about it, such a statement is no different from saying that all Middle Eastern-looking men wearing turbans are suicide bombers, or all black people on a plane (especially one coming from Jamaica) are carrying drugs!

Profiling persons like this is extremely dangerous and sets them up for persecution. You will recall a time in the 1950s and ’60s when all Rastas in Jamaica were deemed to be criminals, which led to them being hunted down and arrested or killed.

What your officer did was wrong! He should acknowledge it and personally apologise.


Kingston 6


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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