Settle the Score on CVM TV’s Live @ 7 (26.08.11)…the JFLAG ad campaign

Elon Parkinson started off the short discussion with the video being rejected by another station that being Television Jamaica and he asked why not this PSA?, he also said he was not sure of host station of his show CVM TV’s position on airing the new ad calling for tolerance with actors former Miss Jamaica Christine Straw and her brother Matthew.
Patricia Donald of Women’s Media Watch was live in studio, she said the media was hypocritical as they air violence and stigmatised items making women passive beings for example and men strong, overbearing sexual beings with masculine prowess the main messages.
She questioned what was wrong with the ad why the television stations would not air the clip?
It’s high society persons who are presenting this announcement and she continued that it was the whole family who may be going through this outing of sorts. Where does the right of one person stops, she said the ad challenges us to ask what is love?
Persons questioned on camera basically disagreed that the media was not hypocritical many agreed that homosexuality is wrong many feared that young people may interpret the ad the wrong way thinking its normative, Miss Donald commended CVM TV however for airing the issue on live television. In the matter of accepting or condoning homosexuality she said the three issues are not related and differ as each member of the public interprets it. Out of five persons all said no they didn’t think it was hypocritical by TVJ.
Meanwhile Dr. Livingston White media consultant and lecturer at Caribbean Institute of Media and Communicationwho was also live in studio echoed my sentiments in my previous posts that the Jamaica Forum for Lesbian Allsexuals and Gays JFLAG used the wrong colour folks for this ad as it may rub some persons the wrong way. The ad had too much “noise” possibly drowning out the real message of tolerance which is a good idea but the timing maybe wrong and the strategy seemed not well thought out, possibly suggesting some proper study or consultancy in this regard, noise here meaning distraction from what the real meaning of the intended message(s) is/are. Patricia McDonald agreed and said that other issues on the horizon may cloud the message as well such as how we relate to sexualities with emerging identities and orientations as transgender and intersex which she implied were missing from the main discourse.
Mr. White continued that proper research should have been done as persons may not have identified with the characters, the audience must also be considered carefully in planning any campaign. His answer to the airing of the previous ad with other rights activists, a reverend and more he said that it had a mixture of actors and messages based on HIV/AIDS Miss Patricia Donald agreed he continued that the shock appeal can work with this new ad with Miss Straw and her brother but other social interventions are needed to support the campaign, suggesting possible fallout from such campaigns, a kind of unneeded martyrdom as I interpret it, he said it seemed as a rush campaign not properly thought through and thus executed without proper guidance or planning, social change may not occur overnight and there must be a long term plan and the ad in its present form may also hurt the progress made if any in terms of the public discourse now more mature than years before.
Are we addressing the behaviour or the actions he asked as since certain acts are illegal under law. Tolerance, condoning and accepting are three different issues or descriptions, here echoing Miss Donald’s earlier point.
Here is the question asked on Live @ 7 Facebook Page
Settle the score: Do you think the Jamaican broadcast media is being hypocritical by not airing the Public Service Announcements on gay tolerance?
Here are some answers:

Anything god against i’m also against it so mek them goweh wid them dirty acted. Them must not air nthng bout dem. Under the earth dem fi live where real people cant c dem!!

Wow! This is a very touchy topic! People should learn to accept each other even if u don’t agree with each others sexual preference so if airing these announcements teach acceptance which inturn stem voilence, why not?

No they are not,i think they reserve the right to broadcast what is legally accepted. On the contrary,why would the gay community want it to be aired and they have spent so many years behind the walls.

No i don’t think so. In Jamaica it is still considered taboo for a man and woman to be “affectionate” in public. Nobody wants to see homosexuals do that. I have no problem with someones sexuality, just don’t try and throw it in my face. We have rights too.

No I dont think the media is being hypocritical the tolerance level of GAYS in our pretty little island is quite low enough already airing persons disgust will only heighten violence against those who support them, against the homos and against the media house that should choose to broadcast homosexuality whether or not the views express are not those of said media this will irate a lot of person

I don’t think so,but at the same time everybody entitled to their own lives and opinion,and I think it would have a great impact on the innocent young men coming up.

i’ll deal with the issue when/if it presents itself but i’m not into the whole desensitization of our nation’s children…we’re a Christian nation and if we don’t stand for something we’re going to fall for everything…i’m by NO means homophobic, but that doesn’t mean I like sexually suggestive behaviours being flaunted in my face, gay straight or curved…selah

Here is my advice to the gays. Word an add like this, homosexuality is unnatural, repulsive, reprehensible nd abominable, however any1 is welcome to join at their own risk. Im sure the media wouldn’t have a prob with that.

The gay community already know how jahn public feel mi nuh tink dem waah wax cleana fi clean out dem ears hole r eye glass fi read an less dem waah a beatin den dem can go demanstrate fi freedom a peech an chice jahn public cyah talarate hunga an bruk u waah bring adam & steve to dat de frustrashan well as mi seh dem waahnta beatin dem cyah go out deh go tan up pan treet side wid kiard bode rite up den wi

whatever the case may be, buggery is illegal in ja so to broadcast gay acceptance msg is sorta supporting illegal activities

ppl oonuh nuh affi worri dat deh media house a go shet dung if dem wonce carry nuttin fram dem mi guh pan dem website it seh new ad fi hit augus encouragin ppl fi luv gay pickni well tank gad augus dun it ahlso seh vielence pan de inkreese inna jamdung tek note HOMOPHOBIC VIOLENCE ON THE INCREASE IN JAMAICA wha mure oonu waahnt

So tell me now, men who love men and women who love women want us to accept and tolerate them; who the hell is gonna be next? – men who love children? Men who love goat? Men who love their own daughters? We need to send a strong message to all those abnormal pleasure driven perverts, no one was born a faggot. You chose that way of life. You, those who have sex with children, animals and birds are all the same.

Clearly it’s a start to the continued discourse on this campaign it would be good though for JFLAG to consider with drawing the ad as it stands which was hinted to by Dr. Livingston White as he said the Youtube version may not be the one the television station rejected as he said that version is too raw and needs major dressing up, in effect that version could not have been used for television but JFLAG has the advantage of the matter getting some traction from the furor so persons can go to the major social media sites including YouTube to see the ad which he suggested they should use to their advantage.
An influential had called for the ad to be withdrawn for reasons of the non consultation with the wider LGBT body politic or seven persons deciding for the rest of us but an attempted muzzling took place, see more on my sister blog GLBTQ Jamaica on Blogger:

Attempted censorship from the advocates towards views on the JFLAG Ad campaign??

There was a call-in section afterwards most callers had mixed feelings some agreed that there was some hypocrisy but also added their ought to be considerations for tolerance.
Christine Straw and her brother Matthew who appear in the ad did not appear on the show as was previously thought they would have. Mr. Parkinson went a little controversial near the end when he said the Bible may be inaccurate in some cases in a response to a caller who said the Bible says homosexuals should be killed.
I feel JFLAG’s credibility is however shattered as with regards to the recently concluded civil disobedience by sections of the MSM homeless populations after they have been banned from going to certain NGOs associated with JFLAG.
Peace and tolerance

Shocked At Church’s Stance On Gay PSA (Gleaner Letter) …. but where is the unconditional love for the least amongst us???

Here is another letter yet again on the rejected Public Service Announcement PSA by Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays JFLAG juxtaposing it to the love that God called for, wonderful letter indeed but let us look at how unconditional the Js have been to the homeless community, do they or their representatives have the moral authority or credibility to ask for any tolerance, acceptance or inclusiveness in anything what so ever, also what seems missing here is the fact that the letter writer may have missed a recent discussion on CVM TV’s Live @ 7 with host Elon Parkinson who  has given space to discuss LGBT issues before.

Some advise was given by two media heavyweights on the ad and how it ought to be handled.

First read the letter as captioned above:

Jamaica Gleaner Company


The mere fact that God made every man in his own image, and Jesus Christ the son of God is the epitome of unconditional love, I am appalled that the Church took an objectionable stance against unconditional love being given to gay and lesbian siblings or children by family members in Jamaica.

I have come to the conclusion that the churches in Jamaica are primarily responsible for the promotion of hatred and intolerance towards homosexuals.

One’s sexuality helps to form one’s identity. The Bible teaches man “to love thy neighbour as he or she would love thyself”. Clearly, the majority of Jamaican church leaders preach oppression, indirect violence and hatred towards our gay and lesbian children. Hence, these ungodly utterances and gestures are unbecoming of the fundamental principles the Church was built on.

Furthermore, the absence of real love shown by church leaders to homosexuals is preposterous! How can a man of God and a follower of Jesus Christ forbid family members from showing their children and loved ones unconditional love because he or she is a homosexual? This is nonsensical and unlike Christ.

Hatred must stop

Therefore, the preaching of homophobic hatred and alienation by Jamaican churches must stop immediately. The beating and killing of our children based on their sexuality is inhumane and cruel. Some church leaders claim that that they do not support the killing and beating of gays and lesbians, but at the same time, they have turned a blind eye and deaf ear towards the suffering and eradication of their homosexual family members and friends.

Thus, out of many one people, we should unconditionally love and support our Jamaican brothers and sisters.

I am, etc.,


My two cents continued:
It was suggested during the CVM program that the ad seems rushed and that they should have considered running the first ad a criticism I have also echoed before the airing of the program during the furor over it. The hypocrisy that now attends the groups make them tainted and ineffective in asking for any form of tolerance.

Please see:
Settle the Score on CVM TV’s Live @ 7 (26.08.11)…the JFLAG ad campaign

The recent stand in western Jamaica over the weekend is a glaring testament to that fact:

Maurice Tomlinson (right), legal adviser, Marginalised AIDS-Free World Group, Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, and Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays representatives staging a peaceful stand in front of the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay during the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network, Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society (CCAS), Centers for Disease Control Third Joint Meeting and Eighth CCAS HIV/AIDS Workshop last Wednesday morning. -  Photo by Janet Silvera

notice the homelessness referenced in the sign in the photo but these are the same groups that have banned a set of homeless MSMs under the guise of bad behaviour whilst hiring a canine team to stop the men from coming to the property thus depriving them of access to the very treatment and care services the first ad/video speaks to:

see:  Hypocrisy, Continued damage control via stands or a genuine call for inclusiveness in western Jamaica?

here is my latest audio commentary on that as well

Peace and tolerance


The Problematic “Battyman Entitlement” phenom, homelessness & LGBT safe spaces

Given the recent unexpected historic events of an uprising in the LGBT community in particular the lowest of the Men who have sex with men grouping who are homeless a civil disobedience action occurred two days in a row commencing August 23rd and 24th has raised some criticisms of the “battyman entitlement” phenomenon as I call it where usually gay men who want to or feel they have a right to invade, impose, disrupt or destroy a safe space due to the orientation also of the owners, managers or occupants of that safe space is as theirs, so they feel they are entitled to act as they feel. This is not any thing new or strange as this behaviour has presented itself many times over at safe spaces of various sorts islandwide, whether they be for entertainment (lymes), advocacy, educational services and medical services for the community.

Actions such as

Rowdy behaviour

Refusal to obey rules and guidelines of the property or space used for a specific purpose

Deliberate attempts to circumvent entry requirements for parties or paid events

Louding up or shouting out the possible orientation of the occupants of the space at the time to attract a negative reaction from persons in earshot who may be anti homosexual

Liaising with non gay persons at some instances to inflict harm or threats to other gay persons in a dispute

Making unjustified demands on services (in the case of advocacy or medical services) that cannot be fulfilled or refusing to contribute financially for such services

Refusal to cooperate with requests made for a particular activity when reprimanded a violent reaction to persons in that given space

Refusal or flouting the rules of the space at the time of a meeting for example, GLABCOM was replete with such incidents as crowd control was a major issue and persons would go to the gate and “loud up” their objections obviously to attract the passing public’s attention.

This issue of battyman entitlement was cause for concern over the two main days of the civil disobedience which is the second of its kind in recent history regarding the vexed issue of MSM homelessness, an issue my three blogs has several posts to attest to as it is a matter very close to my heart. The men apart from invading the property of Jamaica AIDS Support for Life and castigating. insulting and belittling the staff and the other tenants of the property the response from the occupants there has been froth with scorn, anger and insensitivity in some instances as they feel and rightly so in some respects the men were way out of line. Words to the effect that ‘a battyman place yasso’ or ‘a buff fish over yah’ (alot of gays are here) suggest that they should also be allowed to run ruff-shod through either escaping the security detail from the neighbouring property which they illegally use or the police who have been called time and again to calm the nerves of the angry men who apart from the battyman entitlement push cry also for amenities, a place to shower, food and some basic acknowledgement  as the advocacy structures that occupy that long standing safe space are accused of aloofness towards this population for some many years now and even closing a previous Safe House Project for reasons of guess what? BAD Behaviour.

also see:
MSM employ Civil Disobedience to get Board’s Attention …. and Homeless MSM to feel the pinch as JASL issues ultimatum where it all began to go downhill

the meeting after the first civil disobedience action by supporters in 2010:  The Homeless Project, the meeting and more

the actual closure of the Safe House Project then:  The Quietus ………

The tenants are not at all happy with the repeated inconveniences by the invading men and yes they are invading plus the men have also focused some of their wrath at the innocent neighbours/tenants who they mistakenly believe are supporting the aloofness from the insensitive advocates but is this necessary spontaneous civil disobedience action needed at this juncture? I SAY YES, other questions come to mind:

Was the battyman entitlement part a necessity?

Where are the psycho social responses and programs to address this long standing displacement problem?

Is the authoritarian stance by JASL and or JFLAG a part of the problem hence the population’s numbness to said authority?

Is a spontaneous move to go into battyman entitlement mode at that particular location? (generations of MSM have used this phenomenon before like clockwork)

How can the men be made to understand that the other tenants are NOT apart of the arguments or their woes?

Should the tenants continue to be inconvenienced by this clearly an advocates’ problem?

What about the tenants safety, reputations and opinions and that of their guests?

Can JFLAG continue its “Tolerance/Unconditional Love” campaign when this issue is glaring with hypocrisy and a refusal to be open to a seriously marginalized group?

Aren’t the existence of these persons and addressing their concerns the reasons why NGOs such as JASL and JFLAG were set up for in the first place?

Why did it have to take a major newspaper to bring this most sordid affair to the open? (bearing in mind a television crew was on site for a while) when bloggers write on issues it is deemed as hanging the linen out to dry.

Will the space remain safe after this dies down? I say yes it has seen worse and has survived. Anyone remembers a certain brawl at a wake for a fallen advocate in full view of officials and dignitaries or the umpteen fights at lymes and parties on the property? however whether the growing perception out there that the J is turning away its own will die soon or any at all is another matter, only time will tell.

Has the point been made by the men and should they stop their actions now?

The men say it’s only a few in the group who are unruly or rowdy but even after the intervention of key community influentials who provided emergency food out of their own pockets and the calming or flared tempers the men have reportedly vowed not to stop until their woes are addressed by the powers that be, this is also as calls are made that the influentials including myself talk to the men, I fear that any outside interference with spoil the spirit of this action that they took all by themselves and may cloud the issue possibly leaving blame to be laid at the very influentials that we are the cause of the uproar in the first place. THIS IS A DELICATE POSITION TO BE IN.

Have a listen to my audio post done on August 23 the faithful day of the civil disobedience on JASL by the homeless MSM

also see a glimpse of what can happen on the streets with the guys:  The dark side to the homeless issue …………..

more audio on the issue:

This issue is creating serious or widening rifts and gaps between parties who have very strong opinions on how to move forward, some short term measures are being considered and maybe put into effect soon as stated in the audio clip. Let us continue to dialogue folks.

also see from sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch: Rowdy gays banned by J-FLAG, JASL ………. (Jamaica Observer)

Damage Control from the establishment on the Homeless MSM issue:

Doing ‘business’ in New Kingston … Jamaica Observer on MSM Homelessness ….. JFLAG should be ashamed

SHAME! indeed, we should never waited so long to deal with this while more and more a panic campaign on a hoax called K12 was obviously designed to divert us from this growing issue some days before the story broke in the paper, were elements in the advocacy system became aware that this story was coming before?

See:  The K12 threat came and went …was it real or used as a diversion to more pressing matters? and

The Flip Side: A response to the MSM homeless controversy and Some considerations ….. would you assist someone who has been displaced ???

Peace and tolerance


Anthony Gomes on “Testing Christian morality – again!”


The widely publicised J-FLAG TV Public Service Announcement encouraging families to love those relatives practising deviant homosexual lifestyles has been denied public exposure by Television Jamaica. The managing director of RJR Communications Group gave cogent reasons for their decision not to air the announcement. While reasons for their stated position were “spun” in sensitive PR language, the subliminal message was understood, that is, the serious “blowback” which would likely occur if the PSA were to be televised.

As a Christian nation, Jamaican culture is dogmatic concerning homosexuality, as is Islam. Love of family members is a perennial tenet of the Christian religion, but as with other intimate issues that occur during the rocky road through life, it is preferable that such matters be dealt with in the confines of the family circle. There is also the possibility of the message being misunderstood as pastor and former journalist Mark Dawes pointed out: “As innocuous and as innocent as that public service announcement might appear, it is a part of a wider plan by militant homosexuals to gradually desensitise Jamaicans so that homosexual behaviour and practice can become mainstream in Jamaica”.

Read more:—again_9507620#ixzz1VxPydRMU

It is widely known that numerous deviant pressure groups are attempting to infiltrate Jamaica’s culture by asserting their lifestyles as normal. Besides homosexuals, these groups include the pro-abortionists, the lobbyists for decriminalising the use of ganja and other recreational drugs, the polygamists and polyandrous protagonists, those who believe in euthanasia and those lobbying to legalise male and female prostitution, both forms of which promote HIV infection.

J-FLAG is talking with other external media houses to persuade them to air the PSA that will likely succeed. Already, strong external pressure exists on Jamaica from Western countries to legalise homosexuality. Theirs is a version of moral imperialism employing economic benefits to pursue their deviant mission in the guise of human rights, which in the extreme could lead to acceptance of necrophilia, paedophilia and even bestiality being considered as normal lifestyles. No need to raise one’s eyebrows, as who would have thought 50 years ago that the current situation would ever exist! With the Western Hemisphere in decadent free fall, evidenced by excessive liberalism and economic devastation, further loss of moral constraints will continue with the high risk of culminating in global conflagration that could result in disrupting world order.

The Declaration on Human Rights and Sexual Orientation tabled in the United Nations in December 2008, as reported by Attorney at Law Shirley Richards, sought to expand the existing human rights concept to include “sexual orientation”. The declaration was not supported by Jamaica. Simultaneously, a contrary proposal stated that the Declaration was an “attempt to introduce to the UN notions that have no legal foundation in any human rights instrument”. There appears to be no UN consensus on including sexual orientation and gender identity as human rights. Obviously, the power brokers at the UN are hell-bent on imposing a new version of human rights on the unwilling world. It is an attempt to assert the moral equivalence of all forms of sexual references and to harm moral and sound discernment, all in the name of “human rights”. The pressure groups’ clamour for “tolerance” is intrinsically a call for “acquiescence”.

The current spread of Greco-Roman-style decadence occurs when societies mature and become engorged with affluence, corruption, and avarice on a grand scale, which spawns intellectual pride and arrogance that relegates the existence of a Supreme Being to the annals of a children’s fairy tale, suitable only for bedtime reading. Apart from being in step with the changing times, contemporary liberalism has gone beyond the realm of propriety, as demonstrated by the recent riots in England. Society persists with demands to liberalise the very constraints that protect citizens from harming themselves.

A call has been made to legalise homosexuality and prostitution to combat the social stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, maintaining there is a need to decriminalise and regulate homosexuality and combat homophobia. In a contrary view, a prominent columnist argues that “homosexuality is not an unpreventable disease; it is an option. It is learned behaviour, practised by more and more people simply who disregard the limits of personal conduct, as well as God-given principles and morals”.

As a Christian country, the teaching expounded by Roman Catholicism, the world’s largest Christian religion, must be seriously considered. The Catechism of the Catholic Church article 2357 in part states: “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered”. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life”. The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage. It teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are, and the sin should be condemned, but not the sinner.

In these times of severe economic stress, it is important for government to focus on the ultimate survival of Jamrock. Both political parties are acutely aware that tampering with the nation’s traditional morals in return for foreign economic assistance would be political suicide. It should not be overlooked that the faith-based schools constitute a major part of Jamaica’s educational base that does not subscribe to the errant views of certain minorities.

Mr Ernest Smith, JLP MP, during the 2009 fracas in Parliament, made a profound and memorable statement: “Democracy with all its freedoms is not a licence for people to encourage criminality or otherwise conspire to corrupt public morals.”

 Read more:—again_9507620#ixzz1VxPjoJoQ

Anthony Gomes on the Discrimination debate (Sexual Orientation)

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Biased frivolity (Observer Letter)

Biased frivolity

Dear Editor,

My faith in your paper as a whole has been severely compromised by your staff reporter, Donna Hussey-Whyte, on account of the August 21 article, “Rowdy gays banned by J-FLAG, JASL”. Certainly the news item itself was worth telling, as poor conduct by any of our citizens is something to decry. What saddened me was her flagrantly homophobic language when she referred to one source as speaking “with the customary feminine drawl” as she smartly added the gender-bending detail that he was dressed in “women’s tights” before going on to talk about the sexual “preference” of an allegedly murdered 15-year-old gay teenager.

I thought that journalists were supposed to be above the common ebb of public discourse. I thought that journalists were supposed to remain impartial in their presentation of the news. How then can Ms Hussey-Whyte presume to take her role seriously in this charged, contentious social environment if she will stoop to use such irresponsible language in her writing? Of what “customary feminine drawl” was she speaking? I have many gay friends in at least four different countries and few have anything “customary” about their language. And what of the teenager murdered because of his sexual orientation? I suppose his “preference” brought him that outcome? That remark was particularly callous.

What Ms Hussey-Whyte has done is successfully taken the dignity of the Jamaica Observer (a paper I really liked) to a new low by abandoning the ethics that govern the field of journalism. Neutrality is the ultimate defence of any news person or body, and your reporter lost that when she decided to pander stereotypes and judgement when speaking about things of which she visibly knows nothing at all.

For clarification:

(1) All gay men do not have feminine drawls so there can be no such thing as “customary” in reference to millions of men around the world.

(2) All gay men do not wear feminine attire. In fact, men who do wear feminine clothing are considered to be transvestites — regardless of their sexual orientation.

(3) Sexual orientation is just that — an orientation. No one “prefers” being considered a social deviant by his or her community and family, neither does one readily “prefer” a life of ridicule, ostracism and even self-loathing here in Jamaica — listed among the most homophobic and violent countries in the world. I fail to see the “preference”.

Ms Hussey-Whyte’s article focused on marginal elements of the gay community — delinquent male prostitutes and transvestites living on the street and struggling to find their way. Rowdy or not, their stories deserve to be treated with respect and seriousness as their plight affects us all — gays and straights. No one wants to hear that HIV-positive people are roaming about engaging in commercial sex and not receiving treatment. Their clients are our brothers, fathers, bosses and friends and so transactional sex among the homeless, gay or straight, deserves real reporting. Instead, you offered us juvenile humour and bigotry. Shame on you and the Jamaica Observer for publishing such biased frivolity.

Bin Nicht

Read more:


19 yo gets tense reprieve …………………

A nineteen year old gay male who for some time has been expressing concerns about his security of a shelter over his head has been given a temporary reprieve of sorts with his mother insisting he can remain at the family home whilst counselling interventions take place but his father who resides elsewhere after a breakup angrily is against it in the strongest opposition, the story has been developing from as early as March of this year but with the young man pursuing courses preparing himself for pre-university studies he feels derailed by the issues that were presenting themselves. A similar near displacement story was carried on sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch some years ago but was resolved with counseling suggested by the mother as well of another young male who was also traumatized as his parents were going through a bitter divorce. The family who were of the Seventh Day Adventist faith also had to grapple with the religious trappings that came with denomination and his father strongly opposing his continued stay in the home, first counsellors from the church were suggested and used but left the young man at the time further confused as the reparative therapy route was continuously suggested and attempted to change him from his “evil ways” the matter was resolved via counselling from a non denominational and non religious affiliated counsellor who painstakingly encouraged dialogue between all parties involved as the divorce issues were prominent in that case helped to reach an amicable settlement at the time.

Cases such as these hardly make the news for another side to the issues of homophobia and displacement or possible disruptions but are usually solved via some private interventions afforded by the families involved or simply self financed alternatives by the would be victims themselves in the middle soci economic classes who can afford such buffers or simply relocating to a friend’s or going independent. The particular problem for this nineteen year old commenced when an incoming phone call which was answered by his mother on his own cellular instrument was suspected by her, the male voice on the other end insisted on speaking to him and when she queried what were the pressing reasons the caller rebuffed her in the strongest of terms, unbeknownst to the 19 year old she monitored his movements and calls ever since and arrived at a conclusion that this relationship was more than a passing friendship, the young man said he often saw her observing him occasionally when he was on his phone or on his laptop around the house so much so he started to restirct his usage of the devices in her presence and only in his bedroom, she however related the matter to his father as he still has an active role in the home that of financial support, the young man’s younger sister resides with the father both cross visit with the parents alternately. The issue simmered until an argument during one of the cross visits led to the pronouncements by his father that he wanted no battyman around him or his sibbling and he went further to suggest that he may have had AIDS in one heated exchange. The relationship between father and son based on the exchange we had on the issue were already strained prior to this as his father was not pleased supposedly due to his son’s academic failures in terms of not successfully achieving the expected passes before departing high school and with this unceremonious outing by his mother in the initial stages has added more heat to the mix. Some time before also the break down of the mother father relationship was a factor leading to the tense atmosphere between the two. Another argument followed during the independence period and as he prepares to enter a new institution coming September. This led him to reach out to persons he felt he could trust and my contact with him.

The young man’s mother called a family meeting to address the situation where the reprieve was suggested as she said she will not leave her son to be thrown out of the original family home and that he should be allowed to continue his studies until he is able to fend for himself, juxtapose all that to the tolerance ads that the young man mentioned that he also brought up as his own defense in trying to find middle ground and with the whole discussion of homosexuality in the public domain his father also is hitting out that gays are trying to force their lifestyle on everyone else and that he never thought his own son who should provide grand children for him to admire will be “f**ckin men” As we know all too well not all family scenarios similar to this end up resolved violence free or with some level of understanding being brought to the table.

Psycho emotional bond

However that psycho emotional bond between mother and son or in other words as they say mothers always know seems to have helped yet another case of near displacement not to get out of hand, mothers usually seem to be the ones who arrive at some amicable settlement in these tense moments regarding sons and vice versa regarding lesbians or same gender loving women. Let me not forget to thank our friend for allowing the story to be shared as we try to shed some more light on issues affecting the community at varying levels.

Some additional reading on the Attachment theory

Attachment Theory and the Importance of the Parent-Child Emotional Bond

There are few subjects in modern psychological theory that provoke as immediate a response as the struggle to understand child-parent relationships. The consensus and pervasiveness of “mother issues” dominates psychological self-help topics and parental anxiety about how we will “shape” our children drives the multi-billion dollar child-development media industry. There have been a plentitude of theories about what children need in order to thrive, feel confident, develop a strong sense of self esteem and form healthy relationships. Yet, while theories about the child-parent bond and its impact on child development have remained plentiful throughout the last century, until the past three decades nothing could be said with scientific authority about almost any dimension of the child-parent relationship and its effects, whether good or bad. A clearer picture has emerged since John Bowlby developed his theory about attachment and Mary Ainsworth began to test its premise. Today, the principles behind attachment theory have spawned an enormous amount of research and provided great insight into the previously much discussed but little understood impact of the child-parent relationship, though it is not without its controversies and detractors.

Let us hope during this reprieve the young man can regain his self-confidence and move on to the vital studies due to commence in September also he was referred to a psychologist who is a member of the community as well for follow-up sessions. I will try to provide permitted updates where needed on this case.

Peace and tolerance


Offensive Terminology to Avoid when presenting Pro-Gay pointers ………

In light of recent letters to the newspapers and the seemingly over zealous race to bring certain issues to light several mistakes have been presenting themselves to be problematic in our defense and almost playing to the hands of the homophobes while crashing our very points we wish to present, one such letter in the Gleaner recently started off with the term “homosexual lifestyle”

Offensive: “homosexual” (n. or adj.)
Preferred: “gay” (adj.); “gay man” or “lesbian” (n.)

Please use “lesbian” or “gay man” to describe people attracted to members of the same sex. Because of the clinical history of the word “homosexual,” it has been adopted by anti-gay extremists to suggest that lesbians and gay men are somehow diseased or psychologically/emotionally disordered — notions discredited by both the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association in the 1970s. Please avoid using “homosexual” except in direct quotes. Please also avoid using “homosexual” as a style variation simply to avoid repeated use of the word “gay.” The Associated Press, New York Times andWashington Post restrict usage of the term “homosexual”

Offensive: “homosexual relations/relationship,” “homosexual couple,” “homosexual sex,” etc.
Preferred: “relationship” (or “sexual relationship”), “couple” (or, if necessary, “gay couple”), “sex,” etc.

Identifying a same-sex couple as “a homosexual couple,” characterizing their relationship as “a homosexual relationship,” or identifying their intimacy as “homosexual sex” is extremely offensive and should be avoided. These constructions are frequently used by anti-gay extremists to denigrate gay and lesbian people, couples and relationships.

As a rule, try to avoid labeling an activity, emotion or relationship “gay,” “lesbian” or “bisexual” unless you would call the same activity, emotion or relationship “straight” if engaged in by someone of another sexual orientation. In most cases, your readers, viewers or listeners will be able to discern people’s genders and/or sexual orientations through the names of the parties involved, your depictions of their relationships, and your use of pronouns.

Offensive: “sexual preference”
Preferred: “sexual orientation”

The term “sexual preference” is typically used to suggest that being lesbian, gay or bisexual is a choice and therefore can and should be “cured.” Sexual orientation is the accurate description of an individual’s enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attraction to members of the same and/or opposite sex and is inclusive of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and heterosexual or straight men and women

Offensive: “gay lifestyle” or “homosexual lifestyle”
Preferred: “lesbian,” “gay,” “bisexual”

There is no single lesbian, gay or bisexual lifestyle. Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are diverse in the ways they lead their lives. The phrase “gay lifestyle” is used to denigrate lesbians and gay men, suggesting that their sexual orientation is a choice and therefore can and should be “cured”

Offensive: “admitted homosexual” or “avowed homosexual”
Preferred: “openly lesbian,” “openly gay,” “openly bisexual”

Dated term used to describe those who are openly lesbian, gay or bisexual or who have recently come out of the closet. The words “admitted” or “avowed” suggest that being gay is somehow shameful or inherently secretive. Avoid the use of the word “homosexual” in any case

Offensive: “gay agenda” or “homosexual agenda”
Preferred: “lesbian and gay civil rights movement” or “lesbian and gay movement”

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are as diverse in our political beliefs as other communities. Our commitment to equal rights is one we share with civil rights advocates who are not necessarily LGBT. “Lesbian and gay civil rights movement” accurately describes the historical efforts, by gay and straight people alike, to achieve understanding and equal treatment for LGBT people. Notions of a “homosexual agenda” are rhetorical inventions of anti-gay extremists seeking to create a climate of fear by portraying the pursuit of civil rights for LGBT people as sinister.

Another disturbing twist the putting into “past tense” transgender to pronounce or write it as “transgendered” one cannot be past something of which they are in other words one cannot now say they are something after being diagnosed as transgender. The Jamaica Observer for example makes that mistake in a recent article

Other terms to remember to use properly

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Glossary of Terms

Fear of bisexuals, often based on inaccurate stereotypes, including associations with infidelity, promiscuity and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

An individual who is physically, romantically, emotionally and/or spiritually attracted to men and women. Bisexuals need not have had equal sexual experience with both men and women; in fact, they need not have had any sexual experience at all to identify as bisexual.

Civil Union
Legal recognition of committed same-sex relationships in Connecticut, New Jersey & Vermont (see IN FOCUS: Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships and Adoption).

Describes a person who is not open about his or her sexual orientation.

Coming Out
A lifelong process of self-acceptance. People forge a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender identity first to themselves and then may reveal it to others. Publicly identifying one’s sexual orientation may or may not be part of coming out.

Domestic Partnership
Civil or legal recognition of a relationship between two people (domestic partners) that sometimes extends limited protections to them (see IN FOCUS: Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships and Adoption).

The adjective used to describe people whose enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attractions are to people of the same sex (e.g., gay man, gay people). In contemporary contexts, lesbian (n.) is often a preferred term for women. Avoid identifying gay people as “homosexuals”

Heterosexual Man / Woman
A person whose enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attraction is to people of the opposite sex. Also straight.

The attitude that heterosexuality is the only valid sexual orientation. Often takes the form of ignoring lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. For example: a feature on numerous Valentine’s Day couples that omit same-sex couples.

Outdated clinical term considered derogatory and offensive by many gay people. Gay and/or lesbian accurately describe people who are attracted to members of the same sex.

Fear of lesbians and gay men. Prejudice is usually a more accurate description of hatred or antipathy toward LGBT people.

A woman whose enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attraction is to other women. Avoid identifying lesbians as “homosexuals,” a derogatory term.

Acronyms for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.” LGBT and/or GLBT are often used because they are more inclusive of the diversity of the community.

Inaccurate term often used by anti-gay extremists to denigrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives. Avoid using. As there is no one heterosexual or straight lifestyle, there is no one lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender lifestyle.

Openly Gay
Describes people who self-identify as lesbian or gay in their public and/or professional lives. Also openly lesbian, openly bisexual, openly transgender.

The act of publicly declaring (sometimes based on rumor and/or speculation) or revealing another person’s sexual orientation without his or her consent. Considered inappropriate by a large portion of the LGBT community.

Traditionally a pejorative term, queer has been appropriated by some LGBT people to describe themselves. Some value the term for its defiance and because it can be inclusive of the entire LGBT community. Nevertheless, it is not universally accepted even within the LGBT community and should be avoided unless quoting someone who self-identifies that way.

Sexual Orientation
The scientifically accurate term for an individual’s enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attraction to members of the same and/or opposite sex, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual orientations. Avoid the offensive term “sexual preference,” which is used to suggest that being gay or lesbian is a choice and therefore “curable.”

Sodomy Laws
Historically used to selectively persecute gay men, lesbians and bisexuals, the state laws often referred to as “sodomy laws” were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court inLawrence v. Texas (2003). “Sodomy” should never be used to describe gay, lesbian or bisexual relationships, sex or sexuality.



PROBLEMATIC: “transgenders,” “a transgender”
PREFERRED: “transgender people,” “a transgender person”
Transgender should be used as an adjective, not as a noun. Do not say, “Tony is a transgender,” or “The parade included many transgenders.” Instead say, “Tony is a transgender person,” or “The parade included many transgender people.”

PROBLEMATIC: “transgendered”
PREFERRED: “transgender”
The word transgender never needs the extraneous “ed” at the end of the word. In fact, such a construction is grammatically incorrect. Only verbs can be transformed into participles by adding “-ed” to the end of the word, and transgender is an adjective, not a verb.

PROBLEMATIC: “sex change,” “pre-operative,” “post-operative”
PREFERRED: “transition”
Referring to a sex change operation, or using terms such as pre- or post-operative, inaccurately suggests that one must have surgery in order to truly change one’s sex.

PROBLEMATIC: “hermaphrodite”
PREFERRED: “intersex person”
The word “hermaphrodite” is an outdated, stigmatizing and misleading word, usually used to sensationalize intersex people.


Defamatory: “deceptive,” “fooling,” “pretending,” “posing,” or “masquerading”
Gender identity is an integral part of a person’s identity. Please do not characterize transgender people as “deceptive,” as “fooling” other people, or as “pretending” to be, “posing” or “masquerading” as a man or a woman. Such descriptions are extremely insulting.

Defamatory: “she-male,” “he-she,” “it,” “trannie,” “tranny,” “gender-bender”
These words only serve to dehumanize transgender people and should not be use

DEROGATORY see Cross-Dressing in US standards but locally the term has been used to separate a transgender person from a drag queen in our advancing culture in the mainstream.


An umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. The term may include but is not limited to: transsexuals, cross-dressers, and other gender-variant people. Transgender people may identify as female-to-male (FTM) or male-to-female (MTF). Use the descriptive term (transgendertranssexualcross-dresser, FTM or MTF) preferred by the individual. Transgender people may or may not choose to alter their bodies hormonally and/or surgically.

Transsexual (also Transexual)
An older term which originated in the medical and psychological communities. Many transgender people prefer the term “transgender” to “transsexual.” Some transsexual people still prefer to use the term to describe themselves. However, unlike transgendertranssexual is not an umbrella term, and many transgender people do not identify as transsexual. It is best to ask which term an individual prefers.

Altering one’s birth sex is not a one-step procedure; it is a complex process that occurs over a long period of time. Transition includes some or all of the following cultural, legal and medical adjustments: telling one’s family, friends, and/or co-workers; changing one’s name and/or sex on legal documents; hormone therapy; and possibly (though not always) some form of surgical alteration.

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)
Refers to surgical alteration, and is only one small part of transition (see Transition above). Preferred term to “sex change operation.” Not all transgender people choose to or can afford to have SRS. Journalists should avoid overemphasizing the importance of SRS to the transition process.

To occasionally wear clothes traditionally associated with people of the other sex. Cross-dressers are usually comfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth and do not wish to change it. “Cross-dresser” should NOT be used to describe someone who has transitioned to live full-time as the other sex, or who intends to do so in the future.Cross-dressing is a form of gender expression and is not necessarily tied to erotic activity. Cross-dressing is not indicative of sexual orientation.

Gender Identity Disorder (GID)
A controversial DSM-IV diagnosis given to transgender and other gender-variant people. Because it labels people as “disordered,” Gender Identity Disorder is often considered offensive. The diagnosis is frequently given to children who don’t conform to expected gender norms in terms of dress, play or behavior. Such children are often subjected to intense psychotherapy, behavior modification and/or institutionalization. Replaces the outdated term “gender dysphoria.”

Describing a person whose biological sex is ambiguous. There are many genetic, hormonal or anatomical variations which make a person’s sex ambiguous (i.e., Klinefelter Syndrome, Adrenal Hyperplasia). Parents and medical professionals usually assign intersex infants a sex and perform surgical operations to conform the infant’s body to that assignment. This practice has become increasingly controversial as intersex adults are speaking out against the practice, accusing doctors of genital mutilation.


The classification of people as male or female. At birth, infants are assigned a sex based on a combination of bodily characteristics including: chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, and genitals.

Gender Identity
One’s internal, personal sense of being a man or a woman (or a boy or girl.) For transgender people, their birth-assigned sex and their own internal sense of gender identity do not match.

Gender Expression
External manifestation of one’s gender identity, usually expressed through “masculine,” “feminine” or gender variant behavior, clothing, haircut, voice or body characteristics. Typically, transgender people seek to make their gender expression match their gender identity, rather than their birth-assigned sex.

Sexual Orientation
Describes an individual’s enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or spiritual attraction to another person. Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same. Transgender people may be heterosexual, lesbian, gay, or bisexual. For example, a man who becomes a woman and is attracted to other women would be identified as a lesbian.

“Browning” forced to disembark Bus ………… the K12 matter

The male skin bleaching phenomenon seems to have not gone down well with a set of female passengers on a coaster bus that plies the Spanish Town to Half Way Tree route today August 19, Black Friday for the Jamaica Public Service Company as they are facing a backlash and possible Black Friday as well for gays as a dubious email said to be sent from a group calling itself K12 demanding the beatings of gays in Jamaica.

While not being able to fully confirm if the gentleman who was the butt of ridicule is actual a member of the MSM community the sequence of events seems to hint to such as he never responded to the taunts and his demeanour was quite the opposite and not unique to the typical aggressive Jamaican male response to an accusation such as being a homosexual.

Typical coaster bus interior

This is the second such incident on a bus while in transit separate and apart from crews and loaders in the occassional squabble with members of the community due to profiling or persons.

Brawl on Coaster Bus from Portmore … man accused of riding another’s ass while in transit, was the previous post that highlighted an incident earlier this year in Portmore and also an crew to crew incident in Half Way Tree as well with another Spanish Town coaster where a gay joke almost went horribly wrong.

Gay joke goes wrong … bus personnel escapes thrashing

The bus this morning came to a stop just a few yards from the Sherwin Williams Paint shop office on the Kingston bound side of the dual carriageway as the arguments between the man and passengers heated up, the “very brown” man who also has tattoes on his arms, neck and face was well dressed in tight jeans and a obviously unisexual t-shirt that may have sparked curious looks from the passengers especially the protesting women who uttered references to same in the arguments I could have gleamed. This business of profiling is high on the agenda for many as usually when there is alot of public discourse on homosexuality the examination metre rises and any suspicious look, act or speech is judged severely or heavily scrutinised leading to persons forming their own conclusions. The soft spoken man though very muscular realised he would not have won the argument so he retreated as quickly as he could while onlookers jeered or laughed or  chased him away with the colourful Jamaican badwords with the battyman addage included.  Unlike the gentleman on the aforementioned linked story about the brawl where he was prepared to create a scene while the bus was in transit in defending himself this incident the bus came to a complete stop as passengers seemed to have agreed that he should disembark, maybe some thought for his own safety he should it was difficult to hear the actual discussion as my vehicle was some yards away from the bus parked at an angle on the inside lane thus obstructing left lane traffic. Thankfully it ended peacefully in a sense as it lasted for about ten minutes at the time when the bus stopped obviously there was some exchange before that juncture.

(not the actual bus) – Example of a typical former NTC Coaster bus, they still keep the Blue colours but notice the dark tinting, it is under those tints that very strong allegations come forth that school girls sometimes willingly go to be involved sexually with bus crews and other men, the transport authority has since attempted to curve the tinting practice.

Since the whole public discourse on homosexuality as mentioned before, homelessness and the problematic JFLAG tolerance ad campaign with TVJ (see the response to the ad below)

As for the suspicious email that was reportedly sent claiming a threat here was the original hint as widely circulated by JFLAG operatives which was to have originated at the above photoed mall, were we all duped and who is doing the duping???

It reads:

Email received from an ally warning of a proposed homophobic attack:

“What is happening..? Me a see too much Battyman and Lezbian in a HWT and Barbican, how the fuck dem a move so daring!? Dem naw hide nuh a look man and gal a suck out gal tongue In a public, the upcoming generation a see dem ting ya an a get confused! We need to take a stand..we need to start beat dem again and run the waste material dem.

Bargain Mall has become the main hang out spot for them, we need to take that step in getting back our country.. send this BC and let us Unite!! On 19/8/11 K12 group will be beating all Homosexuals that visits the Bargain mall! We are taking back our country step by step! Play your part and Re-Broadcast to all “straight” contacts if u wish to participate contact the K12 unit at 372-0290.. –K12– –K12– –K12– –K12– Make K12 apart of your name if your against homosexuality.”

See what you make of it, in the meantime several reported incidents have occurred in the Half Way Tree area and in Central Village which may or may not be related to this K12 threat, as at this post many including myself were questioning the validity of the threat and both numbers listed in the message when called are not answered or go to voicemail, due to the difficulty in confirming such attacks it is hard to track but we will see what we can make of it.

more original audio commentry

Peace and tolerance


Mark Wignall on “Jamaica’s culture clash with homosexuality”

“Not in my Cabinet,” was the strident answer given by Prime Minister Golding in 2008 when asked by the BBC’s Steven Sackur on its programme HARDtalk if he would appoint gays to his Cabinet.

The beautiful luxury of hindsight affords us the opportunity to see that in the interview Sackur was setting up Golding for the simple question and the problematic response, but Golding blew it. Prior to asking the direct question, Golding had touched on Jamaica’s culture in relation to homosexuality, and in answering it, he should have reverted to the culture line but with an expansion of his position, the country’s position.

Read more:

Even though we know that Golding was playing to the wider Jamaican anti-homosexual constituency, the full import of his response signalled that the leadership of the country was in the forefront of those who probably wanted to say, “Boom, bye, bye” to those openly flaunting their lifestyles on the down low.

In the previous PNP administration there was at least one powerful Cabinet member who was homosexual. During the PNP’s run I had two luncheon meetings with him to discuss policy matters and while seated across the table from him, his lifestyle was the last thing on my mind – in fact it never even featured in my thought processes.

I am not aware that the normal, heterosexual PNP Cabinet members caught his “malady” and neither did I contract anything from proximity to him.

That said, I can empathise with TVJ for not wanting to air the pro-tolerance, pro-love public service announcement in which a former Miss Jamaica World expresses love for her homosexual brother. An indication of the virulent intolerance that Jamaicans have for those practising the lifestyle was seen in a Facebook post where one woman lambasted the former beauty queen for loving her own brother. Utterly amazing!

I have a relative who is lesbian and she has a bubbling, go-getter personality. Did I raise my hands to the heavens when I found out and say, “Oh, Lawd, what is this?” Absolutely not! I simply shrugged it off and made the decision that when next we meet I would give her a special embrace to indicate that I have no less love for her.

As a Jamaican I have to be true to my culture. It is what I am. For example, I could not have in my small circle of male friends one who openly practises the homosexual lifestyle. I wouldn’t know how to relate to him or what to say to him. Do I say, “So, how was it with you and Big Moose last night? Did he rock your world?’ The fact is, in a country where we are highly intolerant of what is euphemistically called “gay”, while we cannot awake the next morning with a “Love gays” label emblazoned in our hearts, the decision to be more tolerant is something that civilised people ought to make, if only for the reason that homosexuals, like the poor, will be with us forever.

That said, I have remained puzzled for many years as to why a male would find another male sexually enticing. No so-called gay gene has been identified and the world accepts that homosexuality is a “lifestyle”. In other words it is largely a choice, but, what is it that triggers that decision to go on the down low?

On Monday I telephoned a well-known doctor who has spent many years trying to unravel this phenomenon. “Only a very small percentage, much less that one per cent, of children born at Jubilee Hospital are born with what we refer to as ambiguous genitalia. That is, a vagina and a penis, maybe a vestigial one. It is always a difficult call for the surgeon to make a decision on what to do. It is usually best to wait for a number of years after which one can get an indication as to what particular sexual direction the child is headed, along with a consideration of the physiology on the inside. Then along with the parents’ consent we can do the ‘repair job’ if you want to call it that and apply some hormone therapy.”

Then I asked him the question, “Outside of that, what is it that would make a male later on in life want to have sex with another male? Personally, I find it repugnant, but it happens. What causes it?”

His answer shocked me. “To me, it is choice. They could be socialised into it or, as you ought to know, many of our poorer young men are driven to it by poverty.”

“But how does that explain, say, San Francisco, or even some of our local homosexual politicians? Poverty was not a factor there. Could it be a mental imbalance which manifests itself into this social deviance? I know that it is no longer classified in medical literature as such, but in the end, what is it that is the main causal factor?”

“Medical science is still struggling with that. The fact is, people for whatever reasons make a choice at some stage of their lives that they want to express their sexuality in a particular way. If they want to do so, it is their right.”

Whether it is triggered at birth or later by some hormonal imbalance, or it is strictly choice, the fact is it is here. Our “friends” in the powerful US and EU countries have fully embraced the right of their people to adopt the lifestyle, and thinking of us as savages, they believe that the time is right, considering how parlous our economic state is, to ram home their culture on us.

It cannot be as simple as that. While I would agree that our law on buggery is an ass, the US and the EU must recognise that culture changes do not occur in a flash, by fiat or by money coercion. To me, if two men want to get it on in the privacy of their bedrooms, it is up to them. All I would ask in return is that they keep it where it belongs – in private.

Many Jamaicans are of the view that what these latter-day foreign “invaders” with their money bags are doing is forcing on us a process which may begin with a repeal of the buggery law but may end up with Jamaica endorsing gay marriage. After that, what is likely to follow would be the sick scenario of gays in such a union adopting children!

This is by no means a perfect world and Jamaica has never been anywhere near independent. In the mid-1990s a snotty American teenager named Michael Fay visited Singapore. While there he decided one late evening to spread his US-learned nastiness by using a can of spray paint to despoil dozens of cars. He was held and sentenced to receive six lashes of the bamboo cane.

Even the then US President Bill Clinton intervened. In the end, Singapore did not cave in, but compromised and applied four strokes of the cane to the young man. Singapore was able to do so because it did not have its hands out begging anyone.

We are in no such position so we will always be forced to bend over and accept what is coming.

Read more:

The “She” factor …. effeminacy & effemophobia .. continued insights

Recent times have shown us some interesting responses to some of our brothers in the MSM community have a serious block from others about effeminacy, persons have openly declared they wish to have no lot or part with so called “real chile” or effeminate men as many use reasons such as:

Safety: where persons feel that they maybe exposed if seen in public with another man and they may attract unneeded attention

Taste: as it relates what persons are sexualy attracted to and like to have around them as a partner

Moral: some persons have even said while they like men in a sexual way they detest effeminate behaviour as God never made men to act as girls

Other sexual identities: persons confuse “she-males” with other effeminate men who have not altered their physical appearances to have breasts while maintaining a penis thus they are disgusted by the presentations

Effeminacy from a long time has received mixed reactions from sections of the same gender loving male populations as maybe the underlined fear of becoming a victim of a homophobic attack due to the national loathing of feminity in a man which is still viewed with disdain despite the metrosexual revolution in the dancehall firstly and by extension the nation on a whole, a metrosexual identity that burrows from previously held stereotypical aesthetics that dogged male homosexuals.  Obviously males who act feminine instantly loose any credibility as worthy to be men given our hetero-normative culture and our obsession with masculinity.

One wonders if one is effeminacy is biological?

A recent documentary entitled “For The Bible Tells Me So” had a clip of possible homosexuality and effeminacy as supposedly caused by the birth order effect where the more boys a woman has is the more likely that those boys down the line will become gay. Specific antigens apparently attack the foetus in the womb feminizing it as a response from the woman’s immune system hence making them gay. But what explains non feminine men or hypermasculine types who also are same gender attracted without showing girly attitudes? There is very little open references on the face of it as studies are in expensive journals online and also their is the matter or the “gay gene” where the jury on that is still out.

A correlation between fraternal birth order and male sexual orientation has been suggested by research. Ray Blanchard identified the association and referred to it as the fraternal birth order effect. The observation is that the more older brothers a man has, the greater the probability is that he will have a homosexual orientation. It has sometimes been called the older brother effect.

The fraternal birth order effect is the strongest known predictor of sexual orientation. According to several studies, each older brother increases a man’s odds of having a homosexual orientation by 28–48%. The fraternal birth order effect accounts for approximately one seventh of the prevalence of homosexuality in men.There seems to be no effect on sexual orientation in women, and no effect related to the number of older sisters.

The fraternal birth order effect has also been observed among male-to-female transsexuals: MtF transsexuals who are sexually interested in men have a greater number of older brothers than MtF transsexuals who are sexually interested in women. This has been reported in samples from Canada, the United Kingdom,  the Netherlands,and Polynesia.

The effect has been found even in males not raised with their biological brothers, suggesting an in-utero environmental causation. To explain this finding, a maternal immune response has been hypothesized. Male fetuses produce H-Y antigens which may be involved in the sexual differentiation of vertebrates. Other studies have suggested the influence of birth order was not due to a biological, but a social process.

Contrary evidence

Bearman and Brückner (2008) argue that studies showing a fraternal birth order effect have used nonrepresentative samples and/or indirect reports on siblings’ sexual orientation. Their analysis, focusing on opposite-sex twins, did not find an association “between same-sex attraction and number of older siblings, older brothers, or older sisters”. A study by Francis (2008), using the same Add Health survey but with broader analysis, saw a very weak correlation of male same-sex attraction with having multiple older brothers (but did find a significant negative correlation of male same-sex attraction with having older sisters.)  

Theories on the cause

Anthony Bogaert’s work involving adoptees concludes that the effect is not due to being raised with older brothers, but is hypothesized to have something to do with changes induced in the mother’s body when gestating a boy that affects subsequent sons. An in-utero maternal immune response has been hypothesized for this effect. The effect is present regardless of whether or not the older brothers are raised in the same family environment with the boy. There is no effect when the number of older brothers is increased by adopted brothers or step brothers.

The fraternal birth order effect appears to interact with handedness, as the incidence of homosexuality correlated with an increase in older brothers is seen only in right-handed males.

Bogaert (2006) replicated the fraternal birth order effect on male sexual orientation, in a sample including both biological siblings and adopted siblings. Only the older biological brothers influenced sexual orientation; there was no effect of adopted siblings. Bogaert concluded that his finding strongly suggest a prenatal origin to the fraternal birth-order effect.

McConaghy (2006) published in a sociological journal that he found no relationship between the strength of the effect and degree of homosexual feelings, rather than homosexual identity or homosexual behavior, leading him to conclude that the influence of birth order on degree of homosexual feelings was not due to a biological, but a social process.

Let’s keep talking and sharing

Peace and tolerance