Reverend Al Miller’s own moral conflict of interest & anti gay campaign

Reverend Al Miller’s own conflict of interest & anti gay campaign

Rev Al Miller a UWI campus demonstration

Has no moral authority as he is still tainted by two matters he is embroiled in. The back and forth in as far as moral authority to condemn or judge has been noted on this blog before via:


Secularism, Humanism and Atheism have also helped to cloud the local LGBT debate as I warned about in 2012/3; go HERE

Talk about conflict of interest, shaky integrity and selective morals as Reverend Al Miller has no moral authority to speak to any issue of right or wrong and interestingly homosexuality at that in my view at this time as his own actions that were in heard in court regarding the aiding of a fugitive in Christopher “Dudus” Coke after the authorities moved in on his so called empire in West Kingston in 2010 and he went into hiding only to be caught in the company of the said Reverend Miller in his car using a method of expression and entertainment for drag effeminate culture and transgender women in terms of cross dressing.  He has even gone as far as to rebuff comments of his continued role at Fellowship Tabernacle Church which he pastors in the aftermath where he claimed he would have done the deception of bypassing local police again in assisting Coke. See MORE HERE on that

Coke was dressed in a wig, glasses, light makeup and a dress with reported high heels shoes as the photographs that circulated after the entrapment made clear much to the amusement of the public from some time after and the questions began to fly as to the reasons why a pastor would aid this method of obvious perpetrated deception and in such a public fashion. It seems there are too many conflicts of interest on all sides here now engaged in a shouting match or drawn daggers over the Professor Brendan Bain sacking by the University of the West Indies from a project they managed called CHART as part of the HIV prevention strategy for CARICOM/PANCAP Pan Caribbean AIDS Partnership after the professor gave “expert” testimony in a case involving a gay man in Belize challenging the Buggery legislation there some two years ago.

Previously one of the Jamaican LGBT activist based in New York who has led protests in that state of the US has come into some fire as his delinquency in servicing a student loan prior to his departure was made public as his name and photo appeared in a full page ad of delinquent borrowers earlier this month which has made him a target on sections of social media for ridicule and mistrust and discredit as persons commented that he has no authority to speak or demand rights as his own lack of civil and personal responsibility is tainted thus disqualifying him for demand for any correctness. See more HERE

How is it on one hand Reverend Miller opposes most publicly the so called ills of the land as he describes them on his Word Power show on television while having two most public charges dogging him? His short absence from the aforementioned show and subsequent return may make some persons feel he is cleared but those who have been paying attention and are cognisant of ethical principles are not fooled by this public relations faux pas and why has the other so called “Purity” groups such as the LCF (headed previously by Shirley Richards) and the JCHS (headed by Dr Wayne West) have not called him out or disassociated themselves from him until he is in the clear? Coke was wearing a wig at the time of the nabbing as the Reverend was said to be helping Coke to get passed the local security to a foreign power that being the United States Embassy in a bid to escape the supposed shoot first ask question mentality of the local police used an excuse when confronted, the other matter that has baffled me to this day is the missing gun case where it was reported the Reverend left his firearm in his vehicles and went to pick some mangoes and upon his return his gun just went missing after which it was reported to the authorities and he was charged for not properly securing his weapon and has been in and out of court since.

These two major infractions apart from his outlandish calls that homosexuality is abnormal, reparative therapy is a cure and the Buggery Law must remain on the books makes him unfit to speak until he has cleared his name especially of the Coke matter as to why was he helping a fugitive to escape the law of the land yet it is the same principle of obeying or keeping the laws of the land of which he professes to speak and seek attention to himself. He has been at this struggle at the very stage from the parliamentary submission in 1998 by JFLAG (when they meant something) when he appeared with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowhip’s Shirley Richards, the Charter of Rights Debate during it on again off again twenty plus years run before passage in 2009/10, abortion debates in and out of the houses of parliament and professes to use psychological references in addressing homosexuality with some authority without referencing any expert referral, study or position paper to do so. I find that ethics, integrity and indeed moral responsibility are dying forms of evidence to back credibility in public advocacy and here we have so much more evidence of those missing pieces which leaves me to wonder if we can use the same moral nihilism criticism levelled at the LGBT lobby overall by anti gay activist Dr Wayne West of the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, JCHS.


Reverend Miller must recluse himself from any outrage as it were until his name and reputation are cleared just as how these church folk make demands of conflicted politicians and public persons when they err and rightfully so.

I find hypocrisy and a feeling that persons are not tracking these valuable tenets for public life or advocacy so persons depend on the nine day wonder mentality we tend to have on matters on interest in the news constant recurrences. The same declining values in a sense as complained about by the church seems to have also affected the very loudest voices of the same group, we saw said hypocrisy play out with the call for tolerance by the former Prime Minister P. J. Patterson days go in light of the Bain matter I find that politicians tend to be so clear on values when outside of state power as also evidenced in Bruce Golding labour day opinion piece in the Gleaner fear mongering on gay marriage which he invented as a reason to deny rights in the Charter of Rights debate in 2009/10 to which the present PM sided with him as a matter of convenience and or pandering to religious groups as oppositions seem to always do, only weeks ago the JLP called for a referendum on buggery echoing a call from side protesting religious groups. Where was PJ Patterson when he was PM over the 16 of the 18 year run the PNP had in power when his own sexuality was brought under scrutiny and he demanded they stop as he was not gay.

See: Former Prime Minister PJ Patterson’s call for tolerance not genuine & sheer hypocrisy

In conclusion Reverend Al Miller is conflicted and cannot be seen as a credible voice in opposition to any moral matter until he clears his name likewise any LGBT activists also who are or seem tainted. The Jamaica Council of Churches, JCC stance in part is as follows “The church affirms its pastoral role and so appeals to the church as well as the wider religious community not to speak or act in ways that ostracise or incite violence or any other treatment of indignity towards persons who are homosexual as they too bearers of the image of God and for whom Christ died”

MUST SEE previous post:



Peace and tolerance


Thugs warn drag wearing scammers ……………

At least two of the over 70 cross-dressers detained in Saturday morning’s raid on a nightclub on the St Ann/Trelawny border might not be able to return to their inner-city homes in Montego Bay.

During the raid, which was carried out by the Leon Clunis-led Lottery Scam Task Force, 130 persons were taken into custody. It turned out that while the vast majority of them were clad in women’s apparel, only 11 were females.

“Dem caa come back yah, yuh mad? Come back weh? an obviously angry thug from one of the inner-city communities in Montego Bay told The Star. “This is not an aquarium. This is a proud ghetto community.”

According to the thug, while he hardly knew one of the men, he and other residents were taken by complete surprise when they saw the better known of the two in a video footage shown on television.

“We always si him a neat up himself and a gwaan ‘stush’ but me use to think him just boasy,” the thug told The Star. “Me neva know a dem thing deh him a gwaan with.”

Tough Laugh* a thug from another inner-city area told THE STAR that he had heard that a member of his community was among the cross-dressers.

“Yow, mi a hear seh di bwoy in a it. Mi get it from good source seh him did deh deh a try hide. Mi waan si him back bout yah. Yuh know wha, ‘im better tan weh him deh, cause dem bwoy deh caan come roun’ mi, mi ooman or pickney,” Tough Laugh said.

Another thug from central Montego Bay said he also knew of individuals from his community who were held.

“Yuh have one weh did always look like a pretty bwoy but we never too deh pree him. But, mi nuh think him can come round here again,” he said.

When the police swooped down on the scammers, the police said they thought it was females having a good time.

“When we entered the club, we thought most of the patrons were females but it turned out that only 11 were females, most of them were males dressed as females,” Superintendent Clunis told The Star.

hide their faces

While the men were being processed at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium, many desperately tried to hide their faces from the cameras.

“A wha unoo a tek we picture fah”. A kill unoo want people kill we?” one angry ‘cross-dresser’ screamed at The Star’s cameraman. “Some a unoo have b … man inna unoo family. “A wha unoo a gwaan suh fah?”

However, while one of the irate men threatened to throw a bottle at one of the cameramen, others, including an individual said to be the son of a popular dancehall deejay, seemed totally unperturbed by early morning attention.

“Weh me come from everybody know that I am gay,” he said, striking a nonchalant pose. “Unoo can tek as much picture as unoo want.”

Hold on deh, mek me give unoo some real good %&$#@ pose.”

During the raid, the police seized drugs, machetes, knives, one imitation firearm, several cellular phones, four laptops and 11 vehicles.

It is suspected that in addition to its nightlife activities, the club, which is located in a secluded area, was also being used for lotto scamming activities.

Among the men detained were popular Montego Bay personality Kenrick ‘Bebe’ Stephenson, who the police said was wanted for absconding bail, and another man, of a Kingston address, who was wanted for housebreaking and larceny.

Name changed*

Rev Al Miller says gay lobby is using the guise of tolerance to get the nation to accept the “gay lifestyle”

Restorative advocate and Pastor for that church on Constant Spring Road Al Miller who is also still in the courts for his mysterious gun disappearance, imagine a pastor who is so forthright in believing God carrying a firearm? plus the controversial issue of assisting known fugitive Christopher Dudus Coke a charge to which he has not provided any sensible answer for when he was deemed to be circumventing the local laws by assisting Coke to go to a foreign power that being the United States Embassy where he was said to be taking the reputed area leader when they were stopped via a police cordon. These kind of double whammies and hypocrisy from supposed men of the cloth just makes the issue of contradicting or proposing reparative therapy for homosexuals weak in my eyes. Let us not forget this is the same pastor who was present alongside the anti gay Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship during the amended Sexual Offences Bill and Charter of Rights Bill debates where sexual orientation were removed for a basis of discrimination.

Yesterday September 10, 2011 on his regular television program called Word Power which has been off the air for some time due to his legal woes and supposed financial problems as many sponsors had pulled from the show and his ministry, he returned putting on a strong show of force and of course using the gay issue which we all know emotes emotional responses easily and has been used as a tool to rile up audiences and church congregants time and again he commented on the recent furor over the rejected Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays JFLAG tolerance ad number 2 by the major television stations this is while their first ad has been aired albeit late at nights but was a start, I think the J has rushed the gun but anyway

He said in his remarks

“Nothing is wrong with loving someone but disagreeing or disliking their lifestyle and the issue is the lifestyle we are not against, the Christians the word of god is not against the individual cause we are all sinners but we must recognize sin as sin, wrong is wrong and so although we may accept and embrace the person but we must say that the conduct is not right  and what the gay agenda is about is wanting the society to accept the lifestyle as being right but they are using the guise of tolerance, of course we can be tolerant with the individual but we must have the right to be intolerant to a practice that is not right it is in the same vein as anyone who practices a lifestyle that is inconsistent with correct behaviour or good for a society, if it is stealing if it is murder or any other kind of crime that is not good for society. We must embrace the indivdual but we must reject the lifestyle the behaviour and it is the same, it is the behabviour, when we talk about the protection of rights the protection of rights if gays already exists because all their natural rights are there but what they are crying for is not protection of rights against harm in as much as crying for the acceptance of the lifestyle so that we will elgitimise a lifestyle which is contrary to moral law to natural law to social order and all that certainly is good and decent and wholesome and will ensure our fulfillment of the mandate that we were given by our creator.

So it’s a matter for continued prayer and we must be very active and yet very positive and confident and we want to make it clear that we must not, we are not against the persons we’re against a lifestyle and the lifestyle is wrong and there are even some in the church who don’t believe that, the human rights movements are out there cause they are asking the question that who determines right and wrong? right and wrong for us is determined by God and the word of God who created us and gave us a manual The Bible how to live in society and so hence when right and wrong is in God then we stand upon the basis of the word but many want right and wrong to rest in the thing that makes us feel good and if I don’t mind doing it and if it’s alright with me then it’s alright, no, right and wrong does not begin in us sinful men right and wrong is in the creator who created us in his image to bear his likeness and anything that’s contrary to his likeness is out of his order, so that’s our approach and our thoughts on the matter.”


also see a recent Gleaner article:

Church Head Says He Is Open To Talks On

Bigotry, Intolerance

also see Anti gay pastor and restorative therapy advocate in trouble with the law again from sister blog GLBTQJA on blogger

and A word to the reverend (anti gay Al Miller) ……..

Observer’s Clovis captures quite comically depicts the entrapment that caught the Rev carrying the area leader in full drag to the United States embassy to supposedly bypass local security.

Some questions for the goodly Rev from all that above:

If we are to understand this latest position then are you then espousing tolerance by accepting the individual?

isn’t this argument about lifestyle a cop out?

Lifestyle is one but what about the individuals orientation?

Are we to simply ignore that matter of choice and freedom of choice of the individual?

Who are we to judge others?

Do you know the difference between lifestyle and orientation and or sexual preference?

Are you struggling with your own sexual urges towards men?

What are you afraid of regarding this matter of same gender love?

UPDATE September 24th

Al Miller Guilty – Judge Rejects Pastor’s Unsworn Statement


Unmoved! – Rev Miller Remains Active Preacher

Reverend Al Miller has insisted that he would remain in the pulpit despite his criminal conviction yesterday.

Within minutes of the guilty verdict handed down by Senior Resident Magistrate Lorna Williams, Miller declared: “It does not in any way affect me.”

“It does not affect how I approach things, what I do and how I do it. I continue to do what I have to do,” insisted Miller, pastor of the St Andrew-based Fellowship Tabernacle church.

He seemingly acknowledged that his conviction could trigger widespread debate about his continued role as head of the popular church, but argued that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

“Like anything in life, people will have their perception and those perceptions may vary,” he told The Gleaner.

My readers you decide how to interpret this latest counter from the goodly reverend.

here is an older interview

Aug 23, 2011

Rev. Al Miller Fellowship Tabernacle (Church) and Arlene Harrison – Henry ( Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights I.J.C.H.R.) Debated about Sexual Equality

Peace and tolerance


J-FLAG Responds to Police’s Assertion About Gays & Organised Crimes


Kingston, Jamaica —July 12, 2011

J-FLAG notes with great concern the assertion made by Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, on TVJ’s Prime Time News on Monday, July 11, 2011, that young homosexual men are the main perpetrators of organised crimes in Jamaica.

While J-FLAG is concerned about increasing levels of crime across the island, we question this statement and its validity and caution the police from using stereotypes, such as dress and material lifestyle in their pronouncements regarding perpetrators. This is an irresponsible and incendiary pronouncement, coming from a senior police office. Furthermore, this broad brushing feeds directly into assumptions about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons, an already marginalized and vulnerable group, and perpetuates social prejudice, inequality, harassment and violence.

Like all Jamaicans, J-FLAG is concerned about the high levels of crime and violence that exists in our country with organised crime being a major problem facing Jamaica over the last fifteen years. Furthermore, based on reports by the police, criminologists and other experts, Jamaican organised criminals function through gangs whose activities exploit the human condition, utilise extortion and protection rackets, supply illegal goods, and attempt to maneuver and camouflage their ill-gotten funds. This is a feature of a broader societal problem and limiting this to gays appears to diminish the intensity of the problem.

Given that organised crime threatens citizen safety and security and undermines democracy, retards economic development and can contribute to government instability, J-FLAG strongly believes that improving general awareness is critical to Jamaicans understanding their role in combating the various threats and reducing the harms they cause. While we fully understand that an individual’s sexual orientation does not absolve them from being involved in any type of crime, this type of profiling does more harm than good to an already stigmatized, disadvantaged and marginalized community.

J-FLAG also calls on SSP Bailey to furnish more information on the research to which he alluded so that the public can be much clearer on the parameters around which this “research” was conducted and can determine for themselves the validity of the findings shared.

J-FLAG fully supports the efforts of the Government and police to arrest all crimes and mitigate its impact on Jamaicans. We stand ready to partner with the police to reduce the incidence of crime. We invite SSP Fitz Bailey and his team to meet with us to share the types of organized crimes perpetrated by homosexuals, in order that we can support the effort of the police.


there is talk since that maybe Superintendent Bailey’s comments were edited as he meant to say that the homosexuals were involved in the infamous lotto scam but when one listen to the television clip the reporter actually specified that he didn’t specify what type of crime under the organized crime umbrella the homosexuals were in. This sounds like some damage control attempt here to tackle JFLAG’s pretty worded press release from the conveyor belt.

He was speaking at a handing over ceremony of the newly refurbished Organised crime investigations office. Just when the community was in a way settled or settling from problems with the security forces and a seeming cordial relations now reached, sadly the reality is there are some in the LGBT community who may be involved in illegal activities and that may put an ugly face to the community in the eyes of the police and by extension the public but to simply label generally gays as criminals I am not so sure the other non gay underworld bosses are going to take kindly to this assertion.

As for the J’s press release it’s far too wordy and leaves some doubt in my mind as well on the last paragraph where they said:

“J-FLAG fully supports the efforts of the Government and police to arrest all crimes and mitigate its impact on Jamaicans. We stand ready to partner with the police to reduce the incidence of crime. We invite SSP Fitz Bailey and his team to meet with us to share the types of organized crimes perpetrated by homosexuals, in order that we can support the effort of the police.”

I was expecting the word “alleged’ in “crimes perpetrated by homosexuals” how does Mr. Bailey know the men involved are gay? and is it JFLAG’s business to be helping agents of the state to out persons? One wonders if this is a sellout too as this sounds like they will point out if needed these alleged gay or bisexual men. Very disturbing posturings from the J here.

Click image to view full size editorial cartoon

Observer cartoonist Clovis weighed in with this some what damning piece, I am not aware that the JFJ Jamaicans for Justice were opposed or expressed any such opposition to the issues as expressed by SSP Bailey. Sadly this is what many maybe thinking now as well as profiling and stereotyping has always been an issue with associated the vilified effeminacy in males which is also not only a part of Jamaica’s homophobia but also a stinging effemophobia within the LGBT body politic.

This matter is not dying anytime soon it seems

UPDATE July 14

JCF apologises for ‘gay crime’ statement

Apology Accepted JCF but some questions on several fronts still linger …

Peace and tolerance


UPDATE July 26.07.11

Jamaica Observer Cartoonist Clovis has been doing some mixed pieces incorporating effeminacy with machosim or machismo and the recent murders possibly suggesting gay culture in the underground or underworld as well. The toons have been receiving mixed reactions from the LGBT body politic.

Gleaner EDITORIAL – Discrimination Against Gays: A Great Folly

Jamaica Gleaner Company

WE WONDER what background checks, if any, Prime Minister Bruce Golding caused to be conducted on the members of his new Cabinet, and whether prospective ministers were required to provide the PM with any assurances about their lifestyles.

Or, perhaps it is that Mr Golding has changed his mind since his May 2008 “not in my Cabinet” remark to a BBC interviewer about the capacity of homosexuals to serve in Jamaican governments.

Mr Golding’s homophobic bigotry, of course, was largely a populist play to the political gallery – a cheap and easy grab for votes that would tax neither leadership nor the imagination.

By now, however, Mr Golding, and the administration more broadly, must be aware that such declarations as the prime minister’s, giving legitimacy to anti-gay discrimination, not only fly in the face of the respect for human rights, but have negative social and economic impact on communities and run counter to the direction of progressive societies.

Division with New york

New York, the city and the state, are places to which many Jamaicans would like to emigrate, as several thousands do every year. Indeed, tens of thousands of Jamaicans live in the state. Last month, the New York state legislature, with the backing of the governor, Andrew Cuomo, who is married with two daughters, passed a bill approving same-sex marriage in the state.

New York, in the process, joined six other states – Iowa, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, DC – that allow same-sex marriages. Significantly, with New York’s population of 19 million, its law more than doubled to 35 million the number of Americans who live in states that recognise such marriages. Additionally, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois and Rhode Island recognise civil unions between gay couples.

Such moves not only expand the right of individuals, but have other benefits, such as the estimate by many informed observers that New York’s decision will lead to the inflow of upwards of US$400 million of business to that state.

Ja losing out

It is attracting this kind of economic activity that Jamaica has limited, if not proscribed by the global projection of its homophobic stance. For instance, in the United States the buying power of the gay community is estimated at US$743 billion. And gays tend to have a greater capacity of discretionary spending. Few, for instance, have children to support, which means, calculating based on a singular child, around US$20,000 a year of discretionary cash.

In that regard, gays are in a better position than heterosexual couples to spend on leisure, including on travel, which can benefit tourist economies such as our own. It is not surprising that American businesses are now openly targeting the gay community, such as the the wealth-management podcasts and symposiums promoted by the investment bankers Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

For Jamaica to attract some of this wealth, people have to be assured of a greater level of tolerance, especially from the Jamaican state. In that context, archaic laws, like the one against buggery, have to be repealed.

But as we noted before, this is not purely an economic issue, but respect for individuals’ rights, which is what the Obama administration recognises with its repeal of the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ stipulation for gays entering the military, and in ending its defence at the federal level of the Defence of Marriage Act.

The opinions on this page, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gleaner. To respond to a Gleaner editorial, email us: or fax: 922-6223. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all responses will be published.


My two cents

This article seems timely as the Jamaica Labour Party is regaining momentum following the Manatt issues and the protracted wage negotiations that at one point looked as if they were about to be the ruin of the party now all seems clearer, a reshuffled cabinet but a disgruntled former Minister and General Secretary of the party who had crossed the floor before question is will he cross again? Meanwhile the opposition PNP has its set of issues where a Sharon Hay Webster may very well be courted to cross the floor as well given her recent resignation due to the dual citizenship matter that she is being blamed for the recent fall in ratings of the party. She did not disclose earlier that she was a US born politician.

The surprise news of a marriage on the weekend by the council member from the Jamaica Labour Party who earlier this year was accused of same sex activity is also leaving questions in the minds of a few, why marry now? was he under pressure from the party’s hierarchy as is believed to “straighten up” his public image following the damning accusations? There is never a dull day in the life of Jamaican politics

see: Ruling “Not In My Cabinet” JLP Politician Suspected Of Buggery

Is this a pink jab well orchestrated by the contacts in media with the advocates that we are not privy to or a real concern for rights based issues for LGBT people? although the paper has given space to tolerance issues etc but if we are to speak on such issues there has to be some ethical and moral footing on which to stand, not some timely article to play into the political fortunes or misfortunes of the day in order to bring in another party to power, a party by the way that has a greater LGBT support but has sided with the governing party and the anti gay Lawyers’s Christian Fellowship conveniently to avoid been seen as supporting battyism and playing to popular public sentiments. Should we really vote for these two parties or take the lesser of the evils and push harder?

Interesting times lie ahead friends

Also see the “LINE IN THE SAND series found exclusively on my sister blog GAY Jamaica Watch on blogger

Here is an example of the pounding the “Driva” has been getting from sections of the media

Peace and tolerance


MAN FLEES WITH LOVER’S CLOTHES – Leaves him naked at motel says the Star

MAN FLEES WITH LOVER’S CLOTHES – Leaves him naked at motel

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer wrote:

The court is now attempting to find out if a man who has been accused of sleeping with another man, and then running away with several items, including his clothes, is in fact guilty.

The accused man appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday and is set to return on July 29.

When the case was called up the alleged thief who is of a Kitson Town address in St Catherine was granted $80,000 bail.

When the details of the case was revealed in court there was an outburst of laughter causing the police to shout ”order, order inside the court.”

The court was told by the complainant that after he slept with the accused at a motel along the Portmore ‘Back Road’ he got up about 4 a.m. and found all his clothing gone.

He told the court that he also noticed that his cellphone valued at $3,000, a wallet with $6,000 along with the keys to his Honda Integra motor car were missing.

It was revealed that he had to wrap himself in a white sheet and went to make a report to the Bridgeport Police Station.

An investigation was launched and the accused was allegedly caught by the police with the vehicle, a small quantity of ganja and a ratchet knife in his possession.

He was subsequently charged with possession of ganja, being armed with an offensive weapon, simple larceny and driving away a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.

He pleaded guilty to the ganja and knife charges and not guilty to the larceny offences.

An attorney who appeared on behalf of the complainant secured the release of the car to his client.



Probably the best charge that can come from this is Gross Indecency as he said in court he “slept with the accused” of course looking at it in layman’s terms, if they can find witnesses willing to come forward saying they saw the men in the any act (compromising positions or suspected Buggery) one wonders why the bail was set so high as well? and the court should not be a place of comedy but some sense seemed to have prevailed when the “order” was shouted allegedly by the cops present in the room. At least going by what we are t0ld here the cops went after the accused following the report filed at the station so that is commendable on their part on the face of it although the cartoon above suggests a more realistic response that normally comes from the police even in the precinct of station once some homosexual hints are present in the matter(s) presented or reported.

To ask the man if it was his woman who stole his clothes suggests that hetero-normative thinking that exists out there, I am sure that other details were left out in this piece probably deliberately so as it turns out the cops did their job and the matter went to open court, there would be no need to sensationalize this one as there would be no material to do so as the Star is known for.

This one turned out a little better than others before.

Peace and tolerance


Star News: “Gays convert popular parties”

Paula Gordon, Star Writer

Members of the gay community are staging their own versions of popular entertainment events, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt.

Calendar events such as Dancehall Queen and British Link Up are now being staged in gay circles, despite the promoters of the regular events having nothing to do with them.

“Gay parties imitate straight parties, they imitate the names of parties, for example, we have Black and White Affair, British Link Up, Hot Girls Roll Out, Snow White Affair and Boat Ride Affair,” Rory, one regular patron of these events said. “There is also the Grammy’s, the Oscars, Miss World and Dancehall Queen.”

THE WEEKEND STAR recently got hold of flyers for two of the upcoming events. On the flyers are cross-dressers who could easily be mistaken for female models. They were elegantly dressed in gowns, heels and lace wigs. Added to that the make-up on their faces looked flawless.

The flyers gave the date, time and venue for the events. Interestingly both had ‘no fighting allowed’ warnings on them.

MIss World Event

Rory told THE WEEKEND STAR that in the case of the Miss World event, several non-Jamaicans usually come to the island to participate in the competition which usually takes place in September.

Another member of the gay community, Lennoxsaid, “People buy gowns for like US$1,500 (J$129,000) to attend these events, these are people that drive top of the line vehicles.”

He explained that a lot of the homosexuals in Jamaica are drag queens, who dress themselves like women to attend these events, which usually takes place uptown.

He said that because Jamaica is such a homophobic country, an immense effort is made to keep information about these events private so as not to risk any harm being done to them.

Further, he noted that there are times when straight people are invited to these events, however; they are persons who can be trusted.

Lennox said that one of the most popular events held in the gay community which is liked by many straight people is the Dancehall Queen competition. “Straight people who are gay friendly are usually invited. The gays can dance really well, some can dance better than the girls who dance in the real Dancehall Queen competition,” he said.

He said another popular event on the gay party calendar is Dancehall Explosion, which is more like a Passa Passa event.

When contacted, Big Head, the promoter of the ‘straight’ annual Dancehall Queen competition, held in Montego Bay, said he was not aware that an imitation to his event was being held in the gay community.

“There is no relationship, my event is 100 per cent females, I am not affiliated with what they do,” he asserted.

He said his competition is an international one taking place in different countries. “I am not claiming to own the name dancehall queen because it’s international. I am not here to endorse or denounce it (the gay competition),” he remarked.

In the meantime, Big Head does not think that the trend will have a negative impact on his event. “As far as I am concerned I have done everything to put my show on top. I have no time to take on the gays to give them the time of day,” he said.

*Names changed.



What was the purpose of this article, is it to suggest gays somehow must not have their own entertainment or what?

The impact these days from Star News stories are fading and for several reasons

1) the old formulae has outlived it usefulness in a sense

2) the public seems more concerned about bread and butter issues than tabloid embellishments

3) persons literally do not have disposable income to buy a paper that hasn’t the value in terms of content as it used when it was known as the evening version of the well respected Gleaner

4) why didn’t the Star tell us that the source of this is actually a gay man? the same promoter who told them of a previous untruth that was published see more HERE

5) why are we as gays so vile towards each other that we have to resort to these under handed tactics just to prove a point?

6) why must we resort to consorting with those who do not have our interests at heart or are quick to use homophobia and sensationalist stories to sell papers?

I am deeply disappointed in this kind of behaviour from us when we should be working together. Sankofa Events did in fact put a statement out as seen here on Gay Jamaica Watch

Peace and tolerance


Gleaner EDITORIAL – End Discrimination Towards Gays Now

Jamaica Gleaner Company

Given the criteria established by the prime minister, Mr Dane Lewis would not be eligible to sit Bruce Golding’s Cabinet.

Indeed, in many spheres of Jamaican life, Mr Lewis is likely to be the subject of discrimination and, perhaps, the victim of physical violence.

The point is that Mr Lewis is openly homosexual. He is the executive director of the gay lobby, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG).

But whatever may be people’s personal views on homosexuality, Mr Lewis, we believe, makes an important observation which, even at this late stage, we commend to Prime Minister Golding, Opposition Leader Portia Simpson and the legislators from their respective parties.

It has to do with the proposed amendment to the Jamaican Constitution, to establish Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is now before the Senate for debate and expected to be passed today without demur.

Among the rights it proposes to establish is the right to freedom from discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, social class, colour, religion or political opinions.

There is, on the face of it, no freedom from discrimination because of a person’s sexual orientation. Or, in so far that there is, it is not a freedom immediately apparent and clear and a freedom which persons who face discrimination will possibly establish that they enjoy.

Entrenched homophobia

We understand why the various commissions, committees and legislators who drafted the charter failed to expressly declare people’s rights to freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

It has do with the receding, but still-entrenched homophobia in Jamaica that caused Mr Golding to declare, more than three years ago, that gays would not be welcome in his Cabinet. Politicians fear that any perception that they embrace or are soft on homosexuality will cost them votes and open them to discrimination and stigma.

The attitude, we insist, is cowardly, retrogressive, socially dangerous and offensive to human rights.

Serious concerns for all

To be clear, our position is neither an endorsement nor rejection of homosexuality. Frankly, we do not care. How consenting adults choose to live their lives is none of our business. There are, however, a couple of things that concern us and which we believe should be the concern of all Jamaicans.

First, while we note and commend the advances in individuals’ rights contained in the charter, we are aware that the possibility of discrimination against any group is a toehold for the erosion of the rights of others, notwithstanding the cover of constitutional protection.

Moreover, the fear of stigma, discrimination and violence pushes many people into the closet. Their talents are often underutilised, to the detriment of the society and economy. There is evidence, too, of the health problems faced by gays, many of whom prefer to live without treatment for their illnesses, including HIV/AIDS, for fear of discrimination. The public-health risks are obvious.

It is nearly 50 years since the promulgation of the Constitution; waiting a few more months to get a better charter won’t hurt.

Improving the charter will require that it lie in the legislature for months in accordance with the time stipulation for amending the Constitution. In the meantime, legislators should expunge the buggery law, the main bit of existing legislation that makes homosexuality illegal.

The opinions on this page, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gleaner. To respond to a Gleaner editorial, email us: or fax: 922-6223. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all responses will be published.

Ruling “Not in My Cabinet” JLP politician suspected of buggery

According to the Jamaica Observer on February 23rd 2011

A Jamaica Labour Party politician has been charged with buggery.

Police report that the politician and another man held down a man at his St Andrew residence and sodomized him. The injured man reportedly made a report to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) and was examined by a medical doctor.

The doctor reportedly found that the male victim had signs of sexual trauma and filed a report with the police.

The politician was questioned by CISOCA detectives and is still in custody along with the other accused man.

Read more: HERE

Of course by now we know it is, none other than Mr. Garnet Reid caretaker for South West St. Andrew for the ruling Jamaica Labour Party, a post on my sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch had hinted to it with was forthcoming from sources close to the happenings. Pity the Observer was afraid to publish his name. Oh well such is politics in Jamaica.  In a post from the series The Line in The Sand for the JLP installment 6 the story was briefly looked at, here is an excerpt:

Meanwhile the JLP may just face another one of those bumps which may turn out to be a bigger obstacle with the possible legal troubles of South West St. Andrew caretaker Garnett Reid (photo above) who was referred to on February 20th as a person of interest by the police for a sexual crime. He turned himself in on February 21 accompanied by his lawyer Valerie Neita Robinson according to the Gleaner. Usually when we hear designations of such eloquent wording leveled at officials or someone designated of good repute we can guess it has something of a same sex tinge to it and so we thought so it is. Allegations are so far as we know suggest he was involved in a sexual assault with another male of a young man from rural Jamaica some time last week, reports suggest Thursday February 17th.
If this one gets out there in a big way it could mean the end of the Jamaica Labour Party or at best serious damage to the JLP I fear as Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s early pronouncements on the Hardtalk Program on the BBC of “Not in My Cabinet” is fresh in the minds of many gay or straight alike. From what we were able to gather the young man was introduced to the caretaker who was captured by his look and wanted a sexual liaison to take place, however the young man did not reciprocate the affection and he was allegedly held by both Reid and another friend and acts performed on him on the faithful day, this is after spending several days at his home.
It is further alleged that the young man wanted a sizable sum of money not to pursue the matter but when the demanded sum was not produced the matter was reported to the police who have since questioned Mr. Reid.
The Jamaica Labour Party is said to be deeply disturbed by the allegations (maybe not as outlined above) but to have one of their own with such a cloud of same sex assault hanging over his head given the fact that it is the opposition that the public perception is strongest of having homosexuals in its midst then could that be a nail in the coffin for the JLP to aspire for a second term, I am sure they are doing their best to keep this one down as much as possible.

With a disgruntled lgbtq community when it comes to the JLP they most certainly won’t get a lot of pink votes. Several social network sites dedicated to removing the JLP and heavily criticizing the Prime Minister’s tenure over the years are up and running full steam.


We all remember how Ernie Smith behaved on gays in Parliament calling gays all kinds of names and the whole nine yards.

Jamaica, never a dull day here.

The problem with cases or allegations such as these is that when they get out to the public domain the feelings of persons not supporting same sex relations and activities we are viewed as predators or paedophiles even though this case does not involve a child or teen. Already on other forums, blogs and network pages are firing off with negative comments reflecting the aformentioned perceptions coupled with the anger and disappointment of the Buju Banton cocaine trail in Florida delivered on February 22nd 2010.

UPDATE March 4, 2011

The Observer since has removed that headline of the gentleman being charged for buggery to a new entry on the matter where Mr. Reid is said to be not yet charged for is still under police arrest for the past two weeks.  The story now reads:

Garnet Reid still not charged

Attorney to file habeus corpus application for JLP councillor

DESPITE spending two weeks in jail, Jamaica Labour Party councillor for South West St Andrew Garnet Reid, has not yet been charged by the police.

Reid turned in himself to the Constant Spring Police after being named as a person of interest in connection with a sexual offence.

But according to his attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson, detectives at the Centre for Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) have not charged her client and have him languishing behind bars.

“We don’t know what is going on. There has been a grand silence,” Neita-Robertson told the Observer.

She said she will be making a habeus corpus application in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court today to seek a magistrate’s order that Reid be either charged or released.

A magistrate had ordered that Reid be brought to court yesterday but the matter hit a snag after disgruntled magistrates staged a sick out. This has forced Neita-Robertson to renew her bid to have her client released.

Reid underwent an identification parade on Tuesday but it is not clear whether or not he was pointed out.

Read more:

Since this news Mr. Reid is said to have tied the knot with a female some months after with speculation being that he may have come under pressure to do so so as to remove any perceptions of his sexuality.

Peace and tolerance


Skewed and No justice after 48 years of Independence

Happy Independence Day if you feel so moved but judging from the cartoon in the Observer last year August 6, 2009 and recent events it makes one question how independent are we and the state of our nation? This particular post is a follow up of sorts to a similar short installment I had done last year on Gay Jamaica Watch on Blogger; of course Jamaica was 47 years then, independent from our British rulers.

We have achieved much since among which are:
1) Economic and some political freedoms to an extent,
2) Excellence in the arts, entertainment and of course sports particularly athletics, we have moved away from the violent political years to a more sated scene. We have seen some tolerance in religious views over the years with many groups and denominations co-existing without any clashes although that does not seem to obtain elsewhere, just take a look at our neighbour Trinidad with its intermittent violent outbursts and coops.

Yes we are free from colonial rule and are supposed to be managing our affairs but our former colonial masters left a template for us to use in the form of the gift of the Westminster parliamentary system and as far as freedom of choice and orientation goes they the British have since removed the buggery and other related acts and laws to secure citizen’s rights and privileges while we still hang on to these old vestiges to secure the divide and rule mantra bordering on theocracy.
Let us not forget that we as a people have never really ratified our constitution since 1962 as it was basically prepared, decided and handed to us by the British through a meeting at Lancaster House and a subsequent act of Parliament according to historical records, so much for real break from bondage towards self rule.

We have lost some of our pride in our flag, purpose, the national anthem and its meaning, the pledge and its meaning, the symbols and their meanings and our all important motto – “Out of Many One People” We are not even enthused anymore for the actual celebrations in the season, the festival song competition that was once a well supported public event with the words of the songs would roll effortlessly from our tongues has waned, interestingly it is the old songs from the sixties up to the eighties that are replayed as they seem to have more oomph about them, the once heralded grand gala march that helped to instill pride in our country has also waned significantly despite its reintroduction by the administration although this year interest seems far better than previous ones.

A law for the rich and law for the poor is what we have ended up with for the past 48 years. I mean I never expected things to happen overnight but one would have expected more enlightened or progressive legislation and thought from the intelligentsia on class, sex, sexuality and sexual orientation. With three major University campuses with more popping up all over, various law schools and an additional 4 overseas institutions operating here all of whom offer some Psychological and related studies independent and liberal thinking are woefully lacking. The plethora of radio talk shows hasn’t seemed to help any, generally speaking we seem to have moved very little from the general homophobic sentiments from a national perspective such sentiments are relative to the reasons why they are made as we have come to realize not everyone who use these anti gay utterances really mean them and are hiding their own secrets, the conversations though have split and with the advent of social media and platforms such as blogs it has certainly diversified the points of view and has allowed for more independent voices to highlight respective concerns of the LGBTQI community , the opposite is also true as homophobes and anti gay supporters have also employed these outlets where they can to spew hate. Fortunately there are a vigilant few who find and take action to remove said unwarranted outbursts.

The are two types of justice in Jamaica that exists one for the rich and one for the poor this double standard literally determines even how you mount your defense in seeking justice in our legal systems but for gay people in general as we all know there is very little for us when we have to access the state mechanisms to achieve closure of cases when they arise, of course being economically off helps a great deal. We are ignored or vilified and accused of paedophilia even without proper investigative procedures in some matters, that misrepresentation of homosexual paedophila vs consensual adult homosexuality coupled with latent homosexuals who hide under the guise of the down low phenomenon has helped to fuel our homophobia over the decades. Since the new Police Commissioner (Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin at the time of the original post in 2009 now a new Commissioner Owen Ellington occupies the hot seat) stepped into office we have seen slight improvements in as far as police community relations are concerned. Gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and lesbians still have it hard and to think our motto says “Out of many, One People” we are eons away from it. Older gay folk will often tell you that in the sixties and seventies we never had this kind of trouble except for the occasional taunt by persons and sometimes kids whose parents would discuss a suspected neighbour over their dinner table or some ostracism but that was as far as it went, now even under the slightest suspicion you can be beaten or killed at the least warned before the impending doom is enacted. Police harassment is still an issue but fortunately it has fallen way down the list of complaints in as far as our community is concerned.

Justice, where is it for us?, we are still subject to ridicule and forced evictions from their homes or outings when allegedly caught in the act, we are dragged into court, cases are hardly tried, if they do get to full trial it’s usually after a long and sometimes embarrassing set of preliminary hearings in open court instead of “in camera” hearings meaning without the public present in the room, names of accused persons are often published in the papers, stories are embellished or sensationalized laced with stereotypical and prejudicial taunts to sell papers, said cases languish in court that is if we persistently attend mention dates (if it gets so far as arresting officers tend to scarcely follow up with after being subpoenaed) we may get a sine die adjournment (set aside for seven years but can be recalled by the prosecutorial authority if new evidence turns up) then there is the arduous task of clearing your police record if you want to access certain services, travel or just to clear ones name as the automatic removal often never happens.

Is it that we are going to have to consider civil unrest and have martyrs among us to get the point across or to effect change and how many of us a are willing to take that stand? We are so busy living in our own worlds and have become so individualistic we forget others because we are not poor so many feel we won’t get beaten or hurt and are far removed from the realities on the ground, so we can hop on a plane and go somewhere else. Justice is a reciprocal process as I see it we can’t just sit by and demand it, we have to act as well legally firstly and if needed, civil disobedience.
Even with Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals & Gays four public agitations this year the impact has not been felt nationally in the halls of rights and politics to at least push the conversations in the public domain to continue on sexuality, tolerance and the possible decriminalization of the relevant laws that affect us.
The agitations in case you missed them were:
1) The Walk for Tolerance (deemed by the opposition as a gay pride masked under an HIV walk)
2) The Stand for Silence in New Kingston (IDAHO)
3) Stand up To CARICOM Protest at the Heads of Government Summit in Montego Bay
4) The Tolerance ad campaign sponsored by UNAIDS

There are some within the community who are wondering if those agitations were really genuine moves to find solutions to our problems by the advocates or just a mere show of presence to keep jobs and funders thinking things are happening so as to maintain longevity.  Meanwhile the Stop Murder Music Campaigns worldwide continue to mount pressure on our hate dancehall acts to much success, our lesbian and bisexual sisters in some circles continue to suffer at the hands of evil men who commit corrective rape in a bid to straighten them out, our trans friends continue to be invisible on a national scale.

Then again with a very “active” JLP administration since coming to power in 2007 legislatively speaking they have been changing other laws to suit themselves the buggery act has been overlooked and a limited Charter of Rights with an embellished Gay Marriage debate prior to its passage was used to silence the lobby for change. This move showed us clearly that we cannot trust our politicians even when they come on the fanfare and mantra of being new and different, have we forgotten the National Democratic Movement (NDM) Days of which our present Prime Minister was a founder? Along comes a new Christian political outfit run by no other than theocrat Betty Ann Blaine poised to shove the bible down our throats as her mantra is to espouse Christian principles on the nation. Ironically her former platform in the form of her talk show on a certain radio station we all know is gay owned so she eventually got her footing from a member of the very group she vilifies.

(see the Gay Jamaica Watch post for more on her party’s launch)

Here are some other questions I’d like us to ponder in the meantime:
1) Are you comfortable as a GLTBQ citizen in this country?
2) What has happened to the legal agitation that started in 1998 to decriminalize buggery?
3) What about the public engagement for tolerance and understanding?
4) Why do gay politicians ignore who they are and join the band wagon in the name of political correctness?
5) What changes would you like to see?
6) Why are we hiding in the shadows (DL) instead of coming out?
7) Are you satisfied with the representation over the years by our JFLAG advocates?
8) What can we do to begin to address our concerns as a people?
9) Are you willing to be a part of that change?
10) Why are we so lack luster in honouring and celebrating ourselves?
11) Why are we as LGBT people so divided amongst ourselves and by extension as a people?
12) Why are class and personal achievements used as benchmarks for acceptance?
13) Can’t we regard each other as human beings despite our supposed different stations in life?
14) Are you considering seriously what you can do in your corner to be the agent of change?
15) Are you willing to embrace tolerance in a true sense and not just being politically correct?

Independent in a sense yes, I think as far as gays, lesbians and transgendered people are concerned we have imprisoned ourselves in certain respects as well there are powerful movers and shakers in this land who can help to shape a more tolerant society instead they sit and are quiet or hypocritically join the “homophobic throngs” to cover up their own clandestine homosexual relationships.

Things done in the dark must and will come to light but unfortunately it won’t be shown in a positive sense.

Tolerance is what counts, we all can co-exist, we have been doing it all these years until some crap shows up to unsettle the situation and proving we have a long way to go.


Peace and tolerance.