2 SGL Women lost, corrective rape & virtual silence from the male dominated advocacy structure


Hearts saddened a many as awful news spread first of a missing same gender loving sister in western Jamaica earlier this week on Tuesday November 28 by Wednesday morning it was corroborated but her body was not found, she was missing for several days and her phone went unanswered but by that same evening news of another murder was in the air mainly on Facebook and Blackberry messenger services of an up and coming dancehall DJ and song writer who has been making her mark with promotional materials on sites as Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms. She was also a feature at the gay bar Oasis Couture and at the Pride Fest earlier this year popularly known as Lava K.

Lava K was allegedly murdered by her child’s father after an altercation on Tuesday afternoon at their home after he requested to see the child after being absent for several years. According to a second hand posting of her brother’s account of the incident which stated the following: (verbatim)

“This guy got kemesha matthews pregnant and through 9 month of pregnancy he never came or call once,baby born and is 6 weeks old now he called her and told her he want to come c the baby and she said yes,he came 9 o`clock in the night and was there,my mother,kimesha and him was in the house,kim said to him it is getting late,r u going home or staying,he says him gud in my mothers pressence,kim said to him lets go in my room because this is mom`s room,they went in kim`s room, he sat and waited until my mom was sleeping with the baby and kim fell asleep then he started strangling kim,please noth kim was covered under a sheet as thats how she sleep,then while strangling her he went to his pocket and took his screw driver and shove it right in the middle of her forehead and thats when she was able to make the last loud scream whick woke up my mom,my mom suddenly ran to kim`s room and saw kim`s body on the bed covered without life.she said kim twice and kim was not responding.when she was running to kims room, the guy was running to the door and grill which was locked.after my mom realize that kim was dead she ran to the guy and asked wat did he do to her daughter he then turned to my mom and started strangling her donw on the floor with his all strength,my mom could not breathe,god gave her the strenght to shove her hands under his seed and thats when he let her go and my mom shout murder,him kill kim and one person came out side and when he saw someone outeside thats when he stopped fighting my mom and the police later came and arrested him,please note he threw the screw driver under the bed,thats what saved my mother from being dead now. PURE EVIL is this a case of sacrifice,because on his Facebook page he talks about not having money alot and he will be having money or dead soon.”

here is a freestyle video by Lava K:

The Western Jamaica victim affectionately known as Kidd was allegedly kidnapped by her female partner’s male counterpart as she was said to be bisexual but he was aware of her same gender preference and tolerated it to a certain point, what caused the change in his position is not clear or if at all he was genuinely tolerant but was presenting a farce so as to enact his hate via her demise. The partner has also been blamed as the deceased had threatened to end the relationship they were in last week Thursday but she was not happy and proceeded to set her male lover upon Kidd in revenge. Her brother who accompanied her to the home of the exed lover is alive and well. The difficulty with issues like this is that as the news hits the community it becomes distorted and persons close to the victims tend to be in vengeance mode and also may misinterpret or embellish the real tenets of the case. As the dust settle the true issues will and usually unfold as experience has taught us. Bisexual relationship issues also come into sharp focus once again if we are to go by what is reported all the more reason to call on the advocates to begin proper discourse on the matter in agitating for LGBT rights in Jamaica instead of the selective pointers put forward supposedly on the community’s behalf.

There is a planned wake for Lava K on December 10 Human Rights Day somewhere in Kingston. Unfortunately her case is getting far more traction on the ground as she is more popular due to her media success as she had appeared on a popular television talent competition.

Corrective Rape

Corroborated reports also has come in that on Thursday evening two women were abducted, brutally raped with one buggered by two men adding to the umpteen allegations and three confirmed cases since this year of attacks against same gender loving women.

What is also disturbing to some females of the community is that the advocacy structure has been silent on the issue save and except for the occasional expression and anger from mostly women on social network sites who are venting and even suggesting a more final demise to the alleged killer whose photo has also been posted on Facebook. I would imagine they, the J maybe also having some difficulty confirming the information amidst the rage and noise but not even an official note of condolescence and empathy towards friends of the deceased ladies and offering some consolation to the community? when press releases are needed the factory’s conveyor belt stops,

where is the leadership here?

are lesbians and women’s issues of far lesser import than gay men?

The Program’s Manager of the J pointed out reporting abuse when the matter was raised in a group of which he is a member, the Executive Director is said to be away, when the Programs Mgr was questioned by a female influential on the balance of responses to male cases versus females from the crisis intervention unit (1 contracted person for the entire island) he tried to reassure her there was balance, it was also instructive that he does not see himself as a part of a team and that he too can act as a crisis intervention agent, clear indication of the aloofness that exists, some say however if it were a man who was murdered the male dominated advocacy structure would have balled out loudly and some international press would have occurred long time ago given we are now four days clear of the murders and the news. Previous experience has shown us that it’s a man’s world when it comes to crisis interventions and advocacy on same gender loving women issues in Jamaica , gladly I can say I contributed to the enlightenment of corrective rape and the importance of women’s issues also balanced in the struggle for LGBT recognition but it seems we have slipped. WomenforWomen which is supposed to be the female arm of the J has been struggling for years to get equity and a proper voice in the scheme of things, the fight continues, sad that there has to be this agitation within an advocacy structure when all ought to be benefit in the end.

more thoughts on the issue in audio here:

UPDATE 18/12/11 – Lava K was laid to rest today also check out this related article: Kemesha Matthews Family Still In Mourning While The Killer Is Granted Bail

Peace and tolerance


Homosexuals and buggery law (Star News Legal Wranglings)

An incident I had hinted to in a previous audio post has made it to the Star News but thankfully it has been dealt with in a proper legal fashion by the attorney who wrote the piece, not the sensationalism that usually obtains from the tabloid. Some men were chased and nearly beaten but were saved basically by other concerned citizens and police who were summoned from nearby patrols. As the nation still reels from the call of the United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron to withhold aid from countries that have anti sodomy laws on their books, our aid is used in the prison and deportee rehabilitation efforts and if withdrawn we do not have the resources to carry these activities out according to the Minister of National Security Dwight Nelson on a recent interview on Nationwide Radio.

Have a read of the piece from the Star:

 Homosexuals and buggery law

A group of young men who were described as homosexuals escaped a severe beating last month when some men began chasing them in downtown Kingston.

The young men had to run for their lives when their attackers told them to leave the area because they were encouraging schoolboys to be homosexuals. Women also joined in and began cursing the young men and described them as being very dangerous to the society.

One of the men commented that he overheard discussions on the radio that the British prime minister had threatened to cut off aid to countries that do not uphold human rights, including the oppression of gays and lesbians.


“I am not saying that people should abuse them, but my fear is that they have no right to indoctrinate the young schoolboys or lure them into sexual activities,” one of the men said.

He said he was aware that people had sexual preferences but warned that “homosexuals must keep their activities to themselves and be discreet about it”.

“Yes, they have no right to come out here looking young schoolboys to spoil them,” a woman said.

“I observe gay men forcing themselves on the schoolboys all the time and are even offering them money,” the woman added.

“I will beat them if I see them bringing arguments to schoolboys,” the man said.

“Although I am definitely against homosexuals, I am not going to break down a house and interfere with two consenting adults. Once they are in the privacy of their home, they should not be disturbed, but if I see them soliciting schoolboys on the street then they must be beaten,” the man said.

The recent announcement by the British prime minister has led to groups in Jamaica calling for the government to repeal the buggery law. Some Jamaicans are opposed to the abolition and have pointed out that even if the Government is minded to repeal it, there should be no accommodation for same-sex marriages or unions.

The Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays ( J-FLAG) said recently that “It is clear that as a country we can no longer ignore the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. J-FLAG stands ready to support the Govern-ment in demonstrating its commitments to protect and promote the human rights of all Jamaicans, regardless of their socio-economic status, sexual orientation, health status, disability, work, and political and religious persuasions.”

It is against the law for persons to attack or beat homosexuals and they can be arrested and charged. If homosexuals are caught breaking the law, then the matter should be reported to the police for them to investigate the matter and make arrests, if necessary.


The sad part however is that LGBT people who do not have any insulation and are stereotyped due to physical misconceptions about us are the first to suffer on the frontlines and our advocacy systems have very little interest to provide any support in that regard to preempt such attacks instead it’s always a knee jerk reaction and intervention after someone has been beaten or stabbed or chopped then a few thousand dollars are given and mostly nothing more after that. We need residential, psycho social services for these persons and also educational and self defense training for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters and transgender folks out there. Bearing in mind however they are the ones who remind the rest of the nation we are here via there aesthetic presentations.

Peace and tolerance


3 more brothers displaced teetering on homelessness ………..

Originally posted on sister blog GLBTQJA on Blogger as three displaced brothers teetering on homelessness, the fire victim has since landed a job for now and is adjusting the other two gentlemen are still on the periphery.  My concerns are still there and is bothersome indeed.

So in the aftermath of the homeless MSMs second civil disobedience on August 23 and 24, 2011 at the locations of the two oldest organizations that serve or are supposed to serve this grouping who by the way now are equipped with a canine security team on the property to supposedly stop the “savages” from entering the plantation in an almost apartheid type of elitism right before our eyes news comes of more men who have sex with men who are struggling with finding a stable roof and income after falling on difficult times. Also of interest is the security detail that is on call 24 hours a day as well is still in place. The three new displacement cases are not all homophobic in origin but still makes us question who or why are we seeing so many new cases with the existing homeless populations some of whom are banned still from Jamaica AIDS Support for Life and JFLAG offices as no formal release has come to suggest same has been lifted. 

Permit me to just briefly touch on the circumstances that prevail with each case whilst thanking the persons who responded to taking them into their homes (in the case of those who were fortunate) and that audio post (see top of blog a soundcloud embedded link) where I asked if persons would do same? One brother lost his job and fell on hard times as his home on the other end of the island where he resided was destroyed by fire earlier this year he has been struggling ever since to recoup his losses and find employment. Thankfully he has been given a short stay at a friend’s house in Kingston while he actively seeks employment, we only hope he doesn’t jeopardize that kindness as we have seen in previous cases with other brothers who land in the same predicament. He had made contact with the J on the issue but has not received any positive word on any interventions yet. A special thanks to the member of the Underlined Response who also provided some temporary shelter as he was limited so to do but the young man was grateful just the same as he was able to rest and at least temporarily ease his mind. Since the original post on GLBTQJA on Blogger he has removed from that temporary stay to a flat and a new job after much toil and some assistance from friends including myself which is good news.

 Brother number two also has lost his job but has not been so lucky in getting a short stay at best as he has been bouncing here and there in the public domain. He too also has been having some difficulty securing a steady income and a roof since he had to leave the last place he rented among other things, these circumstances also are echoed in the case of the third person from this post. Both men are struggling but some of us who are concerned are limited or restricted and either do not have the accommodation to temporarily assist or are too scared to do so after being bitten with bad experiences before in the name of assistance. The former is my reason as I have moved from my old address in Kingston where I have helped persons before by providing overnight stays and a shower and so on where I could, unfortunately the landlord wanted the place for his family or so he said at the time. 

Many of the other youngings from the older population of homeless persons (some from as far back as 2009) who were involved in that infamous civil disobedience actions against the Jamaica AIDS Support and JFLAG have been getting by but just that and with the position of the Crisis Intervention Officer has been made vacant as she has left for Amsterdam under what some say is the regular use of the underground railroad system to seek asylum there maybe further ignoring or aloofness by JFLAG towards the men. New kid on the block the Underlined Response has been trying with a short term tin drive for canned items and clothing etc plus some fund raising from their recent Pride Fest event but that is far cry from what is really needed, whilst there has been complaints that the funds raised have not been handed over as yet, some of us do contribute money where possible. We need some sort of transitional housing interventions going. Again we have to bring to book the stewardship of the two aforementioned agencies that are the oldest in terms of formal outreach setups for same gender loving people yet as the oldest they have not been setting a proper example in this regard and towards this population when we knew from as early as 2007/8 of the increasing numbers of men who have sex with men tittering from displacement to homelessness and back again, especially from that private party DVD that went public and sold nationwide. After 13 years in existence being formed out of  JASL in December 1998 JFLAG was set up to not only deal with the buggery law and other legal matters with a hotline that has been defunct for more than ten years but also the frontline services that its parent could not do as it primary focus was HIV/AIDS in the mainstream but not limited to that. Bear in mind that Jamaica AIDS Support for Life JASL was founded mostly by gay men in the heyday of the AIDS epidemic in 1991, seven years later came JFLAG out of GLABCOM (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Community) which was an interface activity for Jamaica AIDS Support for Life’s targeted interventions strategy but with no real advocacy autonomy at the time to act as it was purely centered around HIV issues but the other problems were encroaching hence the other J’s formation.

If this is all we have to show from our once highly respected, trusted and vigilant advocacy structures after so many years then we are going nowhere it seems, are they suffering from burn out? but we need to do our own bit in our various quarters and build if ever so slowly, we cannot continue in this modern day and age with no radical front-line support services inclusive of psycho social interventions chief among them a resident social worker and psychologists to guide these men to the road to recovery.

Other suggestions from my standpoint include:

  • Help out where you can
  • Tell someone who you think that can assist
  • Talk to someone who falls in this category, sometimes a kind word does wonders
  • Contact new movements such as the Underlined Response theunderlinedresponse@gmail.com
  • Make contact here via lgbtevent@gmail.com
  • Start a donations drive or donate where possible to reputable persons and the UR
  • Donate via the Paypal buttons on this blog or on Gay Jamaica Watch 

We are going to have to start dealing with these issues ourselves as clearly the representatives are not interested in helping lives interrupted.

here are some hard hitting commentary and older posts on the matter from my other blogs and here

more posts to review
From the pen of one of our homeless brothers ……..

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Peace and tolerance


The K12 threat came and went …was it real or used as a diversion to more pressing matters? (repost)

Originally posted on GLBTQJA Blogger

From as early as August 14th to the 15th messages such as those below were circulated all over the internet but mostly on Facebook via various groups with a frenzy being kicked up and almost a state of panic which was unbelievable as the very advocates themselves sounding afraid, then to think that a similar rumour several years ago sans the network pages and blackberry services for instant messages in late 1999 (purported JFLAG march) when angry persons mostly men bought out every machete and cutting or chopping implements they could find to wait for would marchers in Half Way Tree to chop them up. It became apparent as early as midday to some especially me that this K12 threat however was going nowhere. But take a look at some of the postings from the scouring advocates;

Circulated messages to include those from the illusive K12 group

“What is happening..? Me a see too much Battyman and Lezbian in a HWT and Barbican, how the fuck dem a move so daring!? Dem naw hide nuh more..man a look man and gal a suck out gal tongue In a public, the upcoming generation a see dem ting ya an a get confused! We need to take a stand..we need to start beat dem again and run the waste material dem. Bargain Mall has become the main hang out spot for them, we need to take that step in getting back our country.. send this BC and let us Unite!! On 19/8/11 K12 group will be beating all Homosexuals that visits the Bargain mall! We are taking back our country step by step! Play your part and Re-Broadcast to all “straight” contacts if u wish to participate contact the K12 unit at 372-0290.. –K12– –K12– –K12– –K12– Make K12 apart of your name if your against homosexuality.”“Our plan is to attack and beat any boy who dress,look fishy or we suspect or know seh a fish. Just by their action (walking,talking,movement)… Also we will be using the silver metal ring and black and colour hand band to identify the battyman and lesbian them”- Inside Source of K12 Group The group calling itself K-12 has begun attacking community members. We want to encourage persons who frequent the Half-Way-Tree area to beef up personal security. Be aware of your surroundings and those sharing the space with you. If you see anything please alert 119 or the nearest police stations HWT 926-8184-5 and New Kingston Police Post 926-3508People on the street are angered…bad…I dont think I have ever seen it like this…any feedback on the reports to the police…this fall out was anticipated…can you advise of the ‘plan’ (I think I asked this before) what do we tell ppl to do? (the advocates did not respond to this question)

a group calling itself K-12 has begun attacking community members. Members that frequent the Half-Way-Tree area and the Jamaica Aids support for Life Compound are urged to beef up personal security. Fem boys and butch lesbians seem to be especially vulnerable to attacks. if possible please utilize On Time or El-Shaddai taxi service until the threat level has receded.


My comment at around midday on social network Facebook hinting to a lower threat level than banded about was greeted with cold water as well as it came apparent that this was no usual threat and I hinted it could be a hoax either by some weirdo who in the midst of a public debate on a the rejection of the JFLAG ad or someone else trying to divert the attention of the homeless MSM issue which just about made the news at the same time via a letter to the Gleaner editor complaining of their behaviour at a certain spot in Kingston much to the dismay of many and I fear until proven otherwise that some move was made to spread this as fast as possible as no member on the streets in particular knew of this K12 even as late as Friday night when myself and others walked the Bargain Mall where this doom was to have started and surrounding areas.
At one point a misguided individual clearly inexperienced referenced the injured man (photo to the right) as a victim from K12 where it turned out to be an incident that occured on the other end of the island totally unrelated to the K12 phenomenon, this of course was where some red flags started to go up for some persons. Why this rush to judgement without proper verification? meanwhile all of Friday night myself and others were on the lookout none the less for this K12 and we saw no suspicious moves to suggest the threat was real in the area named, the phone number listed rang on some attempts and went to voicemail at other times
some questions come to mind:
were we duped?
who did the duping?
were these K12 persons linked to a major university?
why was it that the only persons who knew of this were from the advocates on Facebook not on the ground?
are you surprised that such a major community threat did not reach the homeless men who sit openly in New Kingston despite their high visibility in the news?
was this used as a convenient distraction to over shadow the homeless MSM issue that the advocates feared would have led to an embarrasing situation as it has now become since today?
Bargain Mall in Half Way Tree where the beatings were to have commenced on August 18th
Speculation is rife but may soon die as the homeless issue has become centre stage now following the damning Jamaica Observer article finally bringing to public attention the rejection of the advocates in serving the most marginalized of the community.
here is an earlier audio commentry I did on the issue:
As the Jamaica Observer piece is digested and the focus now goes to that K12 remarks are now basically dead as very little if any references have been coming forth from the very persons who were frantically warning before. Very suspicious in the eyes of some including myself but I did not come up with this speculation on my own, the very persons who were in the Half Way Tree area and the homeless men some of whom I spoke to on Friday night after CVM TV interviewed some of them for a feature they are preparing.
Let us watch closely my friends meanwhile here is my account from walking the block on Bargain Mall and its surroundings:
Peace and tolerance

19 yo gets tense reprieve …………………

A nineteen year old gay male who for some time has been expressing concerns about his security of a shelter over his head has been given a temporary reprieve of sorts with his mother insisting he can remain at the family home whilst counselling interventions take place but his father who resides elsewhere after a breakup angrily is against it in the strongest opposition, the story has been developing from as early as March of this year but with the young man pursuing courses preparing himself for pre-university studies he feels derailed by the issues that were presenting themselves. A similar near displacement story was carried on sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch some years ago but was resolved with counseling suggested by the mother as well of another young male who was also traumatized as his parents were going through a bitter divorce. The family who were of the Seventh Day Adventist faith also had to grapple with the religious trappings that came with denomination and his father strongly opposing his continued stay in the home, first counsellors from the church were suggested and used but left the young man at the time further confused as the reparative therapy route was continuously suggested and attempted to change him from his “evil ways” the matter was resolved via counselling from a non denominational and non religious affiliated counsellor who painstakingly encouraged dialogue between all parties involved as the divorce issues were prominent in that case helped to reach an amicable settlement at the time.

Cases such as these hardly make the news for another side to the issues of homophobia and displacement or possible disruptions but are usually solved via some private interventions afforded by the families involved or simply self financed alternatives by the would be victims themselves in the middle soci economic classes who can afford such buffers or simply relocating to a friend’s or going independent. The particular problem for this nineteen year old commenced when an incoming phone call which was answered by his mother on his own cellular instrument was suspected by her, the male voice on the other end insisted on speaking to him and when she queried what were the pressing reasons the caller rebuffed her in the strongest of terms, unbeknownst to the 19 year old she monitored his movements and calls ever since and arrived at a conclusion that this relationship was more than a passing friendship, the young man said he often saw her observing him occasionally when he was on his phone or on his laptop around the house so much so he started to restirct his usage of the devices in her presence and only in his bedroom, she however related the matter to his father as he still has an active role in the home that of financial support, the young man’s younger sister resides with the father both cross visit with the parents alternately. The issue simmered until an argument during one of the cross visits led to the pronouncements by his father that he wanted no battyman around him or his sibbling and he went further to suggest that he may have had AIDS in one heated exchange. The relationship between father and son based on the exchange we had on the issue were already strained prior to this as his father was not pleased supposedly due to his son’s academic failures in terms of not successfully achieving the expected passes before departing high school and with this unceremonious outing by his mother in the initial stages has added more heat to the mix. Some time before also the break down of the mother father relationship was a factor leading to the tense atmosphere between the two. Another argument followed during the independence period and as he prepares to enter a new institution coming September. This led him to reach out to persons he felt he could trust and my contact with him.

The young man’s mother called a family meeting to address the situation where the reprieve was suggested as she said she will not leave her son to be thrown out of the original family home and that he should be allowed to continue his studies until he is able to fend for himself, juxtapose all that to the tolerance ads that the young man mentioned that he also brought up as his own defense in trying to find middle ground and with the whole discussion of homosexuality in the public domain his father also is hitting out that gays are trying to force their lifestyle on everyone else and that he never thought his own son who should provide grand children for him to admire will be “f**ckin men” As we know all too well not all family scenarios similar to this end up resolved violence free or with some level of understanding being brought to the table.

Psycho emotional bond

However that psycho emotional bond between mother and son or in other words as they say mothers always know seems to have helped yet another case of near displacement not to get out of hand, mothers usually seem to be the ones who arrive at some amicable settlement in these tense moments regarding sons and vice versa regarding lesbians or same gender loving women. Let me not forget to thank our friend for allowing the story to be shared as we try to shed some more light on issues affecting the community at varying levels.

Some additional reading on the Attachment theory

Attachment Theory and the Importance of the Parent-Child Emotional Bond

There are few subjects in modern psychological theory that provoke as immediate a response as the struggle to understand child-parent relationships. The consensus and pervasiveness of “mother issues” dominates psychological self-help topics and parental anxiety about how we will “shape” our children drives the multi-billion dollar child-development media industry. There have been a plentitude of theories about what children need in order to thrive, feel confident, develop a strong sense of self esteem and form healthy relationships. Yet, while theories about the child-parent bond and its impact on child development have remained plentiful throughout the last century, until the past three decades nothing could be said with scientific authority about almost any dimension of the child-parent relationship and its effects, whether good or bad. A clearer picture has emerged since John Bowlby developed his theory about attachment and Mary Ainsworth began to test its premise. Today, the principles behind attachment theory have spawned an enormous amount of research and provided great insight into the previously much discussed but little understood impact of the child-parent relationship, though it is not without its controversies and detractors.

Let us hope during this reprieve the young man can regain his self-confidence and move on to the vital studies due to commence in September also he was referred to a psychologist who is a member of the community as well for follow-up sessions. I will try to provide permitted updates where needed on this case.

Peace and tolerance


“Browning” forced to disembark Bus …………..plus the K12 matter

The male skin bleaching phenomenon seems to have not gone down well with a set of female passengers on a coaster bus that plies the Spanish Town to Half Way Tree route today August 19, Black Friday for the Jamaica Public Service Company as they are facing a backlash and possible Black Friday as well for gays as a dubious email said to be sent from a group calling itself K12 demanding the beatings of gays in Jamaica.

While not being able to fully confirm if the gentleman who was the butt of ridicule is actual a member of the MSM community the sequence of events seems to hint to such as he never responded to the taunts and his demeanour was quite the opposite and not unique to the typical aggressive Jamaican male response to an accusation such as being a homosexual.

Typical coaster bus interior

This is the second such incident on a bus while in transit separate and apart from crews and loaders in the occassional squabble with members of the community due to profiling or persons.

Brawl on Coaster Bus from Portmore … man accused of riding another’s ass while in transit, was the previous post that highlighted an incident earlier this year in Portmore and also an crew to crew incident in Half Way Tree as well with another Spanish Town coaster where a gay joke almost went horribly wrong.

Gay joke goes wrong … bus personnel escapes thrashing

The bus this morning came to a stop just a few yards from the Sherwin Williams Paint shop office on the Kingston bound side of the dual carriageway as the arguments between the man and passengers heated up, the “very brown” man who also has tattoes on his arms, neck and face was well dressed in tight jeans and a obviously unisexual t-shirt that may have sparked curious looks from the passengers especially the protesting women who uttered references to same in the arguments I could have gleamed. This business of profiling is high on the agenda for many as usually when there is alot of public discourse on homosexuality the examination metre rises and any suspicious look, act or speech is judged severely or heavily scrutinised leading to persons forming their own conclusions. The soft spoken man though very muscular realised he would not have won the argument so he retreated as quickly as he could while onlookers jeered or laughed or  chased him away with the colourful Jamaican badwords with the battyman addage included.  Unlike the gentleman on the aforementioned linked story about the brawl where he was prepared to create a scene while the bus was in transit in defending himself this incident the bus came to a complete stop as passengers seemed to have agreed that he should disembark, maybe some thought for his own safety he should it was difficult to hear the actual discussion as my vehicle was some yards away from the bus parked at an angle on the inside lane thus obstructing left lane traffic. Thankfully it ended peacefully in a sense as it lasted for about ten minutes at the time when the bus stopped obviously there was some exchange before that juncture.

(not the actual bus) – Example of a typical former NTC Coaster bus, they still keep the Blue colours but notice the dark tinting, it is under those tints that very strong allegations come forth that school girls sometimes willingly go to be involved sexually with bus crews and other men, the transport authority has since attempted to curve the tinting practice.

Since the whole public discourse on homosexuality as mentioned before, homelessness and the problematic JFLAG tolerance ad campaign with TVJ (see the response to the ad below)

As for the suspicious email that was reportedly sent claiming a threat here was the original hint as widely circulated by JFLAG operatives which was to have originated at the above photoed mall, were we all duped and who is doing the duping???

It reads:

Email received from an ally warning of a proposed homophobic attack:

“What is happening..? Me a see too much Battyman and Lezbian in a HWT and Barbican, how the fuck dem a move so daring!? Dem naw hide nuh more..man a look man and gal a suck out gal tongue In a public, the upcoming generation a see dem ting ya an a get confused! We need to take a stand..we need to start beat dem again and run the waste material dem.

Bargain Mall has become the main hang out spot for them, we need to take that step in getting back our country.. send this BC and let us Unite!! On 19/8/11 K12 group will be beating all Homosexuals that visits the Bargain mall! We are taking back our country step by step! Play your part and Re-Broadcast to all “straight” contacts if u wish to participate contact the K12 unit at 372-0290.. –K12– –K12– –K12– –K12– Make K12 apart of your name if your against homosexuality.”

See what you make of it, in the meantime several reported incidents have occurred in the Half Way Tree area and in Central Village which may or may not be related to this K12 threat, as at this post many including myself were questioning the validity of the threat and both numbers listed in the message when called are not answered or go to voicemail, due to the difficulty in confirming such attacks it is hard to track but we will see what we can make of it.

more original audio commentry

Peace and tolerance


Gay cruiser suffers broken arm after tussle

As we continue to look at homophobic incidents covering the LGBT spectrum with particular interest in the active gay cruising communities this time a more masculine brother had an altercation some two weeks ago in downtown Kingston after he was accused of being a battyman by a group of thugs who wash cars on an open lot. The victim in this case is a known cruiser to the community and has been doing this kind of expression for some time, he is also personally known to me. My concerns became apparent recently when at a party where he attended his left arm was in a sling and was bandaged at some points with plaster of paris over the fingers. I inquired as to what had happened and he proceeded to explain.

I took his word for it and have no reason to doubt him, he said that one of the men had recalled an older altercation some years ago when a section of downtown in the west Kingston region was an active hunting ground for hook ups and partnered masturbation sessions for a quick release. He was apparently caught while trying to get the attention of a man who was urinating by a post just infront the active spot. The man who caught him at the time recognized him as he passed by raised an alarm at the time but he made good his escape the man turned out to be one of the washers who saw him and made the alarm as he walked passed them on that faithful afternoon around 2pm they launched their attack inflicting some blows but due to his physical built he was able to manoeuvre around them, being four men with one joining later in the struggle however it was when he was tripped he said that he landed on his arm with all the weight of his own body plus two others almost in a football/rugby typed tackle also landed on him that caused his arm to break, he said they inflicted blows then but he fought out of  it and rose again to take them on. It was an unsuspecting taxi driver who came by apparently to have his car washed that caused a distraction so he could move away slowly from the scene, the thugs pointed him out to the taxi driver as a battyman but in disbelief probably due to the masculine presentation of our victim here he didn’t buy the story and concluded it may have been something else. Thankfully it ended as it did and he says he won’t be taking the matter to the police when I asked him.

Maybe if it weren’t for the previous incident that long time ago this would not have happened I am assuming and he would have been assumed straight as our profiling standards and as was proven by the reaction of the taxi driver, another clear indication yet that effeminate behaviour in public by men is the main marker used to determine a gay person and subsequent phobic responses.

The active cruising community has been having serious fallouts as of late especially since the Tivoli Incursion and a section of town that was a long time pick up and make out spot I might dare say has been transformed into a parking lot and with the rolling out of the trains in recent months that section has also been physically changed leading to the men having to find other spots. It seems however there are psychological issues associated with these radical changes as their behaviour patterns seem to be causing some unneeded attention.

See this previous post: Lewd conduct Some Cruising Challenges ……….

Sadly this part of the MSM population that also includes homeless brothers and commercial sex workers does not get the scrutiny they deserve as there are no sustained outreach programs for them save and except if they are in trouble and call JFLAG they maybe get some assistance if it falls on the right ears or if some others like myself who understand the street in a small way other than that they are out in the cold. It was also some weeks ago than an exhibitionist was chased by a mob for openly masturbating in public (after a downpour) allegedly whilst staring at a man urinating at a light post in Kingston. Certainly we all want to get release of have our kicks but to go to such lengths to get them requires some more in-depth psychological analysis perhaps to help us understand the reasons for a need for outdoor sexual activity, this is in no way to suggest the men are mentally challenged or have any such issues.

Sadly too they do not probably get to read blogs such as this or access to online LGBT discourse as this hence highlighting them.

The discussion goes on.

Peace and tolerance


Hate crime or magnet for a beating? ……. Popular DJ’s Entourage square off with gay men ……………..

Confirmed May 11th via a very interactive discussion last evening at a meeting a report that has been making the rounds that several patrons of a popular gay club in Kingston were attacked at a gas station last weekend following a previous encounter with men aligned to dancehall DJ Mavado who were said to be members of his entourage. It was further suggested by the source that two of the men in the group were in fact gay themselves but that is unconfirmed. The dancehall act was reportedly having his hair done at a popular salon where many other gay men also frequent the men reportedly walked into the establishment and were said to be “flamboyant” which displeased the members of Mavado’s entourage who were also present. The men accompanying Mavado reportedly made comments about gays which drew a response from their targets the gay men who chanted their open support of former rival DJ Vybz Kartel who is of the Gaza Camp stemming from a public feud that ended in a peace treaty of sorts signed by both artistes. Mavada camp is known as the Gully.

The supposed flamboyant men came into contact with the DJ and his crew once again after they both left the salon and different times before, here the anti gay pronouncements were even louder as both parties were at the all night gas station making their purchases, things allegedly came to a head according to my sources and a subsequent review of the video camera present at the station by one of them which showed one of the party goers allegedly deliberately crossing the path of the Mavado entourage who were in another isle away from but in view of the gay men. A brawl erupted as the Mavado crew did not take kindly to the passage and touching with rebuttals of the gay party goer, the men proceeded to beat and chase in and around the mart at the gas station where they gay men jumped the counter to seek refuge while the Mavado crew gave chase, several items were destroyed and a female employee suffered some minor bruises as she was bumped into by one of the fleeing party goers.

The mobile security detail that was assigned to protect the facility and arrive when summoned via a panic button system arrived but were said to be unapprehensive and slow to stop the madness still happening upon their approach. Onlookers were said to be in shock while others prompted the attack and said the men should have gotten worse. Not surprisingly Mavado himself had left the crew members just before the onslaught began one can conclude that was done to avoid any association with him being present at the scene similar to a beating which took place in the early 2000s where controversial dancehall act Buju Banton was said to have instigated and participated in a direct assault on several gay men in a house near his studio at the time.

The situation was diffused eventually by the same slow to act mobile team and the police were also called in, items were scattered from the shelves as staff conducted clean up operations afterwards. It was concluded that the man who crossed the path of the Mavado crew was the one who caused the issue to have gotten blown up that it might have and that we as gays need to be cool about it. The gas station’s management was said to be an equal opportunity employer as there are other same gender loving persons on staff who were said to be distraught at the whole affair as it has left a bitter taste for them to deal with the aftermath.

But let’s pause a minute here:

Judging by what has been reported according to the source there was some element of unease between the parties but did the party goers attract unneeded attention to themselves?

Could all of this have been avoided?

Did the men bring this on themselves here?

Couldn’t the men just have purchased what they needed and left? as they always do as they are known by the staff there

Do we need to learn how to choose our battles?

What else can we gleam from this latest report?

Probably the answer is it may have had elements of hate by virtue of how the Mavado entourage behaved at both encounters but the energy the party goers placed in the mix led to the ultimate attack, we must be careful how we attract negativity to our space and person.

Peace and tolerance


Men rushed and beaten in New Kingston

So as the carnival season rolls along also deemed as gay pride incognito MSMs everywhere despite social standing seem to take it as a license to let their hair down several cross dressers and cruisers and some homeless same gender loving brothas were said to be having a ball along the Oxford Road thoroughfare on Friday April 29th last around 10pm onwards as several events with soca themes took place nearby.

The behaviour of the men apparently aroused suspicion by some passersby according to reports from several taxi drivers of whom I am familiar with and also who know some of the homeless population as they have developed not so wonderful notoriety in the business district of New Kingston and its environs. So much so that sections of Trafalgar Road nearing the Island Car Rentals where they once congregated and also where the old Super Plus Supermarket used to be has been patrolled heavily now by the police, the car rental company is said to have instituted new security arrangements barring the men from loitering nearby.  The gardens and park immediately across the road as well is also being monitored by cops every now and again but seeing it is a public space it is harder to have the men removed I am told unless they are found loitering and maybe charged for such.

Their ruckus behaviour, sometimes vulgar outbursts and fights in open view of the public coupled with their effeminate entertainment and dancing sometimes supported by friends who park their posh top of the line vehicles with loud dancehall music blaring has not helped their situation any, even as I have carried previous entries on this population they have still been ignored to a certain extent save and except for the once a week drop in for showers at a Non Governmental Organizations property and offices and some food items distributed on some Fridays the men have very little sympathy from the rest of the LGBT community, even allies who had supported some of my calls for more to be done for them have since rescinded their stance due to the intolerance of their improper public conduct. The cross dressing and very skimpy clothing used in the transvestite activity has not found favour either with both community and mainstream alike.

So it seems members of the public have also had their share and were not willing to stomach it anymore seeing that the men were dancing wildly and were loud on the Oxford Road stretch all the way passed Emancipation Park onwards, it is believed they were followed by unscrupulous characters who laid siege on them just beside the Police post in New Kingston on Knutsford Boulevard where the final showdown happened, several of the infamous “biker boys” who have been known to attack homeless and other perceived MSMs before in New Kingston as they often congregate on the Hip Strip near the former Asylum Night Club known reopened and known as the Building.

As the men pranced about some taking on the latest dancehall move positions in public literally gyrating on the hands and heads down came the attackers said to be seven in all with two on bikes the men gave chase and the gyrating MSMs scattered, many were badly bruised while two who were caught directly by their attackers were treated to severe blows drawing blood, one person was thrown directly into a Jamaica National Money Shop complex just across from the Police post which was said to be almost empty as the cops monitored the events and pedestrian raffic patronizing them. The property was damaged as the glass windows and doors shattered due to the impact. The two brothers were bleeding and finally made good their escape as others in the group ran in a zig zag form to create diversions and deliberately confuse their attackers, many onlookers who were passing cheered and urged the attackers to exact their hate. One taxi driver said other taxi drivers many of whom were not regulars on the strip but who were waiting for business chanted words to the effect that battyman fi dead.

It is also speculated by the taxi community and others some of the bikers themselves are homosexuals or bisexuals and that the attack may not have been homophobic but made to look so so as to legitimize it and not face criticisms as well from a curious public, it is reported that the men have been threatened before by the bikers et al that they should stop acting too effeminate in public and “showing up the ting dem” or being too revealing in public, under the guise of homophobic slurs. Could this have been out of effemophobia? as hinted in a recent post on Gay Lesbian Bisexual Queer and Intersexed (GLBTQJA) blogger edition on cruising and the problems that section of the same gender loving community faces where downlow gays also use very public homophobic typed attacks to blackmail or enact revenge on other more open effeminate MSMs. This particular problem is not new to our community. One of the men was called by name by a victim in the group and the cronies of the attackers almost turned on him inquiring as to how the man came into knowledge of his name.

Also see: Other cruising challenges entries on Gay Jamaica Watch

Several of the injured men have since sought help from friends while others have sought medical attention to nurse their bruises and pain from the brawl. Feedback so far from within the community has not been good as many also concur with the popular mainstream view that the men are just too open and attract unneeded attention to themselves while it is also a plus some say to which I also subscribe that they serve a useful purpose as they through their outward and openness in effeminacy and the popular stereotype of male homosexuals remind the rest of the Jamaica we are here and are not going anywhere, maybe there ought to be and are martyrs amongst us whether we like it or not.

Meanwhile a popular drag queen also had to beat a hasty retreat from The Mass Camp the same night as she was dancing with a man who eventually detected she was in fact a he and a disturbance ensued stopping the music for some time a leaving patrons in shock at the discovery, she reportedly also received several blows before the security detail and the police quelled the uproar.

Peace and tolerance


The Tragic Loss of three icons in less than a month ……..

As the doleful expressions continue to pour out from the community following Wednesday April 6th’s stunning revelation on social networking sites and subsequent confirmatory phone calls and an impeccable police source that a former lgbt advocate who was associated with JFLAG at one point was found in his upper St. Andrew apartment after being dead for several days (it is surmised from as early as the Friday April the 1st). The man (some names will be withheld for now) in his early twenties was found with several stab wounds. An on the spot post-mortem had to be carried out and my combined sources suggest that the body was ordered for immediate burial due to the state of decomposition.


Actual cause of death is not known clearly but reports suggest it may be related to his rocky relations he was having with another friend, the body was found by his partner who returned home after not seeing or hearing from the deceased for a short time as he was out of town on business he went to the home and was greeted by the offensive odour only to make the gruesome discovery, it is also surmised that more than one attackers may have been present to over power the deceased as his physical built would not permit one person to successfully over power him. As the investigations continue the police are tight lipped but it is strongly suspected that the deceased was lured to his home by his attackers when he met his untimely demise.

Personal effects including cellphones, a laptop and his car were missing there were no signs of a break in but some sections of the apartment were ransacked suggesting the intruder(s) had conducted a search before making good their exit. The body was said to have over 12 stab wounds and his penis was severed according to reports. The father of the deceased showed no mercy for his son as he openly blasted his homosexual lifestyle and at one point was restrained as he attempted to remove items from the home which was still a crime scene as investigations continued.


Even in death homophobic cruelty is so glaring the advocate who was known to many as a quiet dude with strong opinions some of which clashed with mine in the occasional debate over drinks or at socials also had his share of problems with his outing and subsequent temporary displacement and run ins with his father coupled with ostracism from the church flock of which he was a part, what is even more disturbing is the way in which the deceased father insisted on not taking the body after the pathologist ordered an immediate burial following the on the spot post mortem, the morgue attendants and funeral home representatives offered to do what they could to reshape the body for a proper closed casket service and burial despite the circumstances that prevailed but his father flatly refused and said he wanted no part in the burial while using the derogative anti gay remarks to castigate his son while his body laid mutilated at the scene, so upset were persons present that they could not help but vent their frustrations at his behaviour and the position taken. The police however who were on hand helped to calm the nerves of the parties so as to avoid any physical confrontation and contamination of the crime scene, The body was later removed and reportedly placed in a sufferer’s box as it is known in some circles and taken to the May Pen Cemetery where it was laid without any proper rights accorded much to the hurt and sorrow of many of his friends and associates.

He was with the advocacy group Jamaica Forum for Lesbians Allsexuals and Gays (JFLAG) for a short time involved in Administration and some Crisis Interventions as well, he also hosted lymes and small parties at his home from time to time and also sat on the GLABCOM (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Community) Steering Committee associated with the Targeted Interventions of Jamaica AIDS for Life just over a year. He assisted many young turks who were coming out at the time in their late teens through his work with the performing arts for a short period of time as well.

RIP dear Jayden


meanwhile ……

Man Found dead in North Coast Hotel

The second loss came as a shocker again last night as festivities were in high gear at a Kingston event, details are sketchy as usual when news like this breaks but the gentleman was said to have been discovered in a hotel room on the north coast last night April 15th, he was said to have multiple stab wounds also, last reported as seven and his throat slashed. Personally known to me as well the gentleman was popular in north central circles and frequented parties and socials there, he was a fixture at one point in lgbt/AIDS workshops and seminars held in that section of the area by various organizations as he was  considered an excellent network resource person as he knew alot of persons.

He had the enviable reputation as well as being a fierce friend and if you wanted a date in that neck of woods rest assured he would find it to match your taste as best as possible. Investigations are still ongoing.

RIP dear Mr. Paul Bailey

Man found dead in St. Ann

Reports also are coming in from another section of North Central Jamaica where a popular party figure was found with one stab wound and throat cut as well last Tuesday April 12th, again details are hazy as there are several theories and conflicting reports he was however said to have left home to meet with someone who was to have sold them some items but was missing for some time and was found in the state as described above.

Known for his dancing style at parties he was given a particular nick name and frequented events mostly in central Jamaica but would make the occasional trek to Kingston to shake a leg.

RIP Kelly K K

Sadly every year we go through this blood-letting exercise where we loose many of our brothers to sometimes unexplainable and horrific acts of murder and sadly they always seem to come in sets of threes, superstitious or not one wonders who will be next and if these awful occurrences are being done by homophobes or are there deeper issues we are not really taking a look at.

As further particulars become available you will know.

Walk good out deh

Peace and tolerance