Hellshire Beach incident makes it to Ragashanti ……………

So as more embarrassing incidents in the same gender loving community make it to the mainstream here is another such incident that happened last Sunday reportedly as some of us had gotten the report of the possible aggression from other members of the public reacting to a supposed advance on a woman in the water by two other so called aggressive types. Ragashanti has been on the rebound since his departure from NEWSTALKFM then Nationwide Radio as pressure was brought to bear from the Broadcasting Commission due to some rejection of the language and content aired during the program.

The lesbian story made it to the Star news today:



Hellshire lesbian mix-up

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Hellshire Lesbian Mix-Up

Fambily, last week Sunday, a piece a drama bus ova Hellshire beach. Mi get it say one girl did eena di water a enjoy har self, just like everybady else ova deh. Mi hear say two lesbian girl stawt put arguments to har. Dem stawt to a getclose to har an waan put dem han an finga weh dem nuh fi go. Wateva dem do to har cause har fi bus out one helleva scream an bawl out!! People hear har an run guh ova deh fi see a wa happen. Di gyal stawt reel out di tingz dem bout weh di lesbian dem did supposedly a do. Same time di people dem stawt get bringle pon di beach like dem waan move to di lesbian dem. But some more lesbian weh did inna dem crew jus step up too, an mek di people dem know say dem wi defen it. Afta dat di lesbian dem tek weh demself neatly (if anybody have more pon da mix-up ya, den sen on).

Fambily, mi a one bwoy Don’t believe in violence against lesbians and gays. Di violence ting jus nuh mek sense to mi. Why should I waste my strength fi guh beat up adults who choose to be togeda, an naa hurt me or nobaody else? Besides, if yuh ting lock, sealed an secure as a heterosexual, den yuh not supposed to have any reason fi waan war gay man an woman.

But fi a good while now mi a hear crazy mix-ups bout how many lesbians a get weh wid all kinds a sexual aggression against women, an some a dem even a get weh wid rape. It stawt years ago wen mi hear say high-school girls a hol down fellow students an a sexually assault dem. Di allegations are attributed to several high schools in the Corporate Area. In some cases, all teachers are supposedly involved. Sometimes di report dem weird; for example, mi always a hear bout crazy sexual assaults at a certain traditional girls high school, but mi neva hear bout any at a next traditional girls high school weh inna di same area. Mi jus don’t know why is it dat mi get so many reports bout one school, but none bout di oda school weh deh nearby.

Den many a di complaints dem weh mi get, a fram parents who a hear di tingz dem fram dem upset an distraught daughters. Most a weh mi hear fram di parents is dat di schools dem a cova up di sexual assault deeds of di lesbian girls an teacha dem. Some say wen a male teacha get involve wid a female student, dem raise uproar bout it. But if a female student sexually assault anoda female student dem turn a blind eye, ignore it, or cova it up.

But a nuh eena di schools dem alone it a happen. Just like how mi get reports of rapes an battery of men against women, a same way mi get di reports of rapes an battery of women against women. Di ting a gwaan long time. Years ago, before I was well known as Ragashanti, some colleagues an miself took a visiting lecturer to a certain go-go club in Kingston for her to collect data on research she was conducting with exotic dancers.

Cut long story short, wen wi eena di club, two-twos mi see four woman a lift har up inna di air an a carry har weh wid har legs spread! Den same time mi see one next short woman jus tear weh di lecturer underwear an fling har head deh so, yeah deh so! – an start do har ting! All dis a quickly happen while dem still a move wid di lecturer. Mi stawt loud up di ting an a tell dem say dem fi leggo di lecturer. Same time a crazy knife and bakkle wid liquids (weh mi surmise say a acid) mi see back out.

Mi run guh tell di security wa a gwaan. An a him tell dem fi leggo di lecturer, cause shi come fram farin and UWI fi study. A suh dem let har go. But get dis, dem a guh roun di ting an a say dem did tink a dat di lecturer want fram she come een, like seh if a white woman walk inna a go-go club inna Jamaica dat automatically mean say shi want to be raped by five women. KMT!! Dem no different fram di raypa man dem weh say di same tings wen dem assault di woman dem.

Is time now fi oda lesbians an gays stop thinking that these reports are jus instances of people a tell lies because dem nuh like gay people. How gay people fi a fight fi eliminate violence against gays, but a guh condone gay violence against others?


Dere is whole heap more pon di matta, but mi nuh have di space. But if yuh have any mix-up pon da subject ya, mek mi know what a gwaan: mixupraga@gmail.com


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