Bright and outa order! by Miss Kitty

Bright and outa order!

After mi deh pan di beach inna mi sexy bath suit and stay ‘prappa’ an ting, mi hear a story wah mek mi livid till it send me straight inna di matrix!
A distressed mother of a male student at one of di ‘tappanaris’ school told me that her son was inappropriately propositioned by a male teacher. She said her traumatised son confided in her about the awkward gestures and behaviour of the male teacher towards him.


Her 12-year-old son said that he was uncomfortable with the frequency and nature of the conversation his teacher was having with him. He complained about receiving gifts that nobody else in his class was getting. The little boy said that the teacher encouraged him to share any domestic problem he may have. He also suggested that he should not play with his fellow classmates as he was brilliant and very special.

To add insult to injury, the teacher attempted to influence the child by telling him that the school population thought both of them were gay and as such they should just befriend each other.
An alarm went off in the child’s mind when the teacher told him that he loved him. His mother lamented that her son “didn’t like how he sounded and believed he had crossed the line”. By this time, my blood pressure fertilised so till all mi wig shift and the glue start melt!
I thought teachers were supposed to be surrogate guardians, there to nurture, guide and protect? So the woman send her pickney go expensive school fi teacher target her son? Where have all the real teachers gone?

And mi nah seh you don’t have reputable teachers in our school system but one case of alleged homosexual paedophilia must be accounted for. So the mother say she didn’t send him back to school the next day and she confiscated his cellphone and found incoming calls from the teacher’s house phone.

A bag of ‘cloths’

She reported that the guy called to find out why her son wasn’t in school, at which time she lined him with enough ‘cloths’ to put Pings out of business!
Story come to bubble gum when the principal was seemingly shielding the guy and was not treating the situation as a matter of urgency. She said she was barred from speaking to the teacher who sought refuge behind closed doors.

Don’t create a scene
The principal, the mother said, asked them not to create a scene because they want to preserve the name of the school. When since the preservation of the image of a school takes precedence over the well-being of a child and over bringing an alleged homosexual paedophile to justice.? A dem ting yah mek people get cross, angry and very miserable!
I implore parents and true teachers to ensure that the voice of our children are heard because many of them suffer in silence and shame. We cannot afford to fail. This matter needs to be thoroughly and publicly investigated and if this teacher is guilty of inappropriately propositioning the child, he should be barred from teaching or interacting with children.
Our system needs to be more stringent in tackling the silent epidemic, so that if a teacher is found guilty of paedophilia at one institution, he/she is removed from the education system entirely.
How can we have a better Jamaica if we don’t take a stand against crimes like these? ‘Graytone’ man who infringe pon di innocent and vulnerable children have no place in my book of forgiveness.