“Tell Me Pastor” suggests Romans Chapter 1:24-32 & reparative therapy for abused gay teen

Here we go again this case this time looks more serious as the letter writer explained he was molested as a child, sadly this complaint is coming from many younger men who have sex with men and only some serious intervention by a qualified UNBIASED professional could determine whether the individual’s orientation was gay before despite the awful abuse he suffered prior to adolescence. Have a read of the letter and the response first then see my continued two cents on this and determine your own conclusion:

The letter stated:

I don’t want to be gay anymore

Dear Pastor,

I am 17-years-old and I am gay. I was molested when I was much younger and from that time I have been gay. I don’t want to be gay but the thoughts keep coming to me. I tried blocking them out but they keep coming back. I keep on liking boys.

I thought of telling my mother but she is not someone I can talk to. I thought of getting counselling but that would be so uncomfortable. One of my friends who is having the same problem that I am having went to the pastor of the church that I attend for counselling and, soon after, the whole church knew about it, then the community. He had to move out of the community and live elsewhere.

Some Jamaican people think that it is only guys who behave as if they are girls are the only ones who are gay. But you should see the ones who say that they are thugs, you will never know that they are gay. I know of singers, deejays and big men in this country who are gay. And I have even met four pastors who are gay.

Gay teenager

Pastor Dumas responds

Dear Gay teenager,

I thank you for writing and for expressing your desire of wanting to change your lifestyle, so to speak. I am sorry to hear that you were sexually abused when you were a child. Such an incident should have been reported and the guilty arrested, charged and sentenced to prison. What that beast did to you has affected you and has had a bad impact on your life.

Evidently, you did not report this matter. Whenever someone has been sexually abused, that person should undergo therapy. You had none. However, you know that what happened to you is still affecting you, and you are crying out for help.

Your friend needs help too. He has tried to talk to his pastor and the pastor has let him down by divulging what was said to him. That pastor ought to be ashamed of himself and should not be allowed to counsel anyone. I want you to know that trained counsellors know that what is discussed in a counselling session should not be divulged to anyone, unless permission is sought by the counsellor and given by the person who was counselled. There are exceptions to the rule but I won’t go into that here. I say shame on that pastor.

I would like to suggest that you should seek the help of a Christian psychologist. There are some reputable counsellors who would be happy to meet with you and do their best to help you. Perhaps you may consider trying Family Life Ministries. Let them know that you are unable to pay for the service. Their numbers are listed.

You say you know some pastors who are gay. Whenever you see them, tell them where they can go to get help and point out to them that the Bible says it is wrong for men to have sex with men and for women to have sex with women. Tell them to read Romans Chapter 1:24-32 and ask God to deliver them from that practice.

Young man, I will be praying for you.



Continued from above:

The obviously troubled teen of course determined that he is gay almost giving up on his incessant need for sexual contact with a man by thinking he can be made heterosexual in practice, I agree that he has not dealt properly with the abuse and its effect over time but for the pastor and psychologist to suggest reparative therapy on or after dealing with the abuse problems and low feeling of self worth here is counterproductive I feel in my layman’s look at this. He may also require some long sessions with a unbiased counselor to sort out the sexual orientation determination issue. What is important here also is the introduction of the pastor’s answer where he said “I thank you for writing and for expressing your desire of wanting to change your lifestyle” 

Lifestyle is the operative word and not orientation and as we are told by other members of the psychiatric profession who have an unbiased view of same gender love issues that to make someone suppress their sexual orientation can be dangerous, Christian Psychologists have been charged as guilty for encouraging this practice of forcing persons to accept a more leviticusal way of life while hiding their true selves which can have serious repercussions. One can suppress ones feelings but with trouble later, there is no scientific data to back up the basis for reparative therapy, homosexuality is not a disorder according to the DSM Diagnostic Statistical Manual, see this video from The documentary “For The Bible Tells Me So”

go to 7:28 for the precise presentation on another popular so called Christian psychiatrist named Dr. Dobson from the US who has declared that homosexuality can be cured. 


I think we have to be careful when we are dealing with young impressionable lives and the other mess about this whole thing is we have no resident frontline social interventions in our LGBT advocacy apart from referrals to God knows who to help these teens who are searching for themselves. Interestingly the letter goes off into a kind of manufactured consent mode grouping as homosexual non effeminate men and pastors as well which although maybe true in real life these repeated references in previous letters makes me doubt now the origin of this letter, I have always had my doubts about the validity of the letters from the Star sometimes as they look and sound alike in succession. The confidentiality matter however is a real issue and many males who are found to be same gender attracted while confiding in a pastor in a confessional of sorts find themselves read out and or embarrased from the rest of the congregants as their “story” is shared.

Let God be the final judge of us I say then but interestingly enough there are no direct biblical references to Jesus or God speaking on the issue of homosexuality but like what the master said to the prostitute I do not condemn you and to the stone throwers let he who is without sin cast the first stone. It would seem to me the master came for the outcasts as he was an outcast in the end via his crucifixion, his very birth was not one of a welcoming presence either of a young baby entering the world it occurred in a manger lest we forget.

Peace and tolerance


“Tell Me Pastor” on a 16yo “Caged Lesbian”



So another letter another day, see it call it expose it, wherever it is friends and this letter looks suspicious in another round of cracks of the whip in the anti LGBT arsenal, why would a 16 year old write a letter to a pastor outlining her lesbian or what seems more to be bisexual tendencies knowing fully well the answer that would come from that fraternity? and to think that naturally her mother would not approve of visitors (if they do exist) or even allow adults to come to their home and not scrutinize or interrogate at best these adults to interact in the home? Sounds far fetched to me.

No sensible parent in today’s caustic homophobic and lesbophobic Jamaica would allow that unless it is under duress as in some inner city communities where it is customary that so called “area leaders” or dons in the mainstream make advances to young girls and teenagers in the hebephelic sense for sexual favours with very little resistance from their parents or guardians. They can try to move out of the community but have to do so discreetly or it could mean trouble or death in some instance as these demands must be met. Or as is practiced in the informal transportation system on the coaster buses of school girls and older men involved in sexual activity sometimes for materialistic reasons such as a Blackberry or basic as lunch money for school, some teens are not angels but a letter to a pastor about lesbian life? this doesn’t add up.

Have a read of the piece and see if it adds up for you, I know we have been seeing previous stories and adding them but I think it is important we track and document them as the more we have is the better we can prove the successive publications and prove the trends over the years, after all we ought to have been properly tracking the previous hard copy editions as well before the advent on the online versions and those were in some instances more scaving than these later versions.

His response however this time seems a little bit more sensible than some previous ones in relation to same sex issues, he was careful it seems not to castigate her for being a lesbian or throwing the leviticusal paragraphs at her but one wonders had it been a man the subject if he would have been given the lesser wrath just the same as we know male homosexuality is frowned upon far more than same gender loving women are.

The story read:


Caged lesbian

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 and writing to tell you about a problem I am having with my mother. She doesn’t want me to speak to any man or woman. If a man or a woman comes to look for me, she says we are in a relationship. I am tired of hearing that.

I haven’t been to school since the new term because I am looking about my glasses. Because my mathematics teacher didn’t see me at school, he came to look for me to see if I was OK. When my teacher left, my mother said we were together. She doesn’t have any sense.

Pastor, I am a lesbian and I love being one. I love my life so I am living it. I also love my mother and my relatives, but I don’t want them to rule my life.

Please, tell me what you think about this.

A., St Andrew

 Pastor’s response

Dear A.,

Your mother has come to realise that you are having relations with persons of your own sex. You claim you are a lesbian, that is why when girls come to see you your mother is not happy to see them.

You should have more respect for your mother. You claim she doesn’t have any sense. I am sure you are wrong. Part of the problems you are having is that you are rude and out of order. I am sure that if you change your attitude towards your mother, you would both live harmoniously.

You are only 16 and have a lot to learn. You need guidance. I encourage you to go to church and take the minister of your church, or his wife, in confidence and ask them to help you.



My two cents continued:

Hinting however to reparative therapy at the end of the response is not surprising as he is also a Psychologist but seems not to adhere to the DSM Diagnostic Statistical Manual which is the Bible for all properly trained and practicing persons in that field which clearly advocates that homosexuality is not a mental disorder. He has recommended this to other lesbians or so called subjects who have written to him. Maybe a pastor should not take on psychology as well for a profession as clearly there are serious conflicts of interests here.

Peace and tolerance


“Tell Me Pastor” mixed messages on lesbianism ….. suspicious letter?

So the season for the same gender loving embellished stories has recommenced in the Star from pastor/psychologist Reverend Aaron Dumas which for those of you who read this and my other blogs will know there are trends for these kind of publications, in other words an on and an off season, well here is the on season as only yesterday we saw the “downlow conplaint” letter to which he had a mummed response in a sense, see more on that one HERE, today’s entry is suspicious and I am on record as saying I think some of these letters are fakes or so edited that the original gist of them is lost in order to create a buzz on the story.

Have a read and then below it I’ll share my two cents:

Lesbian fantasy


Dear Pastor,

I love your column so much. It is just real. I am in love with this guy. I started getting close to him at a house party. When I left and got home, he was all on my mind. The next week, he emailed me asking for my number. I gave it to him. I have known him since I was nine years old, but I wasn’t as close to him in that way. He rang my phone the same time and we spoke for hours about everything.

About two days later, I went to his house, intending to do his hair, and I ended up having sexual intercourse with him. I didn’t do oral sex. I feel very careless and dirty because my virginity went just like that.

Second, I fantasise about girls. What should I do? I had sex with a girl. I went to a massage parlour and everything was going well until she started touching me at certain places. She told me it was normal so I should relax. She performed oral sex on me. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t find it in me to stop it.

Please give me your views.

T., Clarendon

Pastor’s response

Dear T.,

You mean well, but you are naïve. You met a young man and you thought that you fell in love with him. In fact, he gave you the impression that he loves you too. He invited you to his house under the pretence that he wanted you to comb his hair and that gave him the opportunity to have sex with you. That’s how you lost your virginity. That shows naivety on your path. You were too trusting. You did not understand that men are cunning.

When you went to the massage parlour, you didn’t mean to become sexually involved with another girl, but perhaps you didn’t understand that many of these so-called massage parlours allow their masseuses to engage their clients in sexual acts. So when this woman started to touch you inappropriately, she knew exactly what she was doing. It was her way of introducing you to lesbianism.

It is not, therefore, surprising that you now find yourself fantasising about having sex with women. You know that it is wrong to have sex with women. Therefore, I suggest that you make an appointment to see a psychologist for professional help.



The timeline for when her “virginity” was taken is unclear and how soon after did she supposedly visit the massage parlour? Pastor in his response said the masseuse was introducing lesbianism yet in the letter she clearly outlined she was attracted to women, what’s going on here? The told me it was normal bit sounds like an adage to the text to set up the answer to say lesbianism or by extension homosexuality is wrong as is expected coupled with his suggesting she seek counselling and or reparative therapy. We have seen letters like this before and the answers are always the same, replete with castigations, references to abominations and seeking reparative therapy as a solution. Another aspect to this letter/answer is the biphobia and bi-invisibility as the letter writer did express opposite sex attractions and activities, what if she were attracted to both sexes but due to her address, Clarendon (out of town, deep rural area)  she may not be exposed to information and other persons like herself for better understanding (JFLAG will do well in having island outreach for real not just in name).

For a Psychologist Rev Dumas is certainly not following the DSM IV and soon to be released DSM V guidelines in handling sex and sexual orientation issues on the face of it, one wonders where he got his training or qualifications?

Let us continue to track these pieces as proof of the sublte forms of homophobia and then to use an elitist position in the answer to the writer by “louding up” her naivety as it were is clear indication of how the man works.

Peace and tolerance


Hellshire Beach incident makes it to Ragashanti ……………

So as more embarrassing incidents in the same gender loving community make it to the mainstream here is another such incident that happened last Sunday reportedly as some of us had gotten the report of the possible aggression from other members of the public reacting to a supposed advance on a woman in the water by two other so called aggressive types. Ragashanti has been on the rebound since his departure from NEWSTALKFM then Nationwide Radio as pressure was brought to bear from the Broadcasting Commission due to some rejection of the language and content aired during the program.

The lesbian story made it to the Star news today:



Hellshire lesbian mix-up

As usual, blessings to mi Tambareen Fambily an mi Mix Up Nation. An crazy respek too to all listeners pon Tambareen Radio ova mixupyaad.com. An large up all LIME TV linky-linky.

Hellshire Lesbian Mix-Up

Fambily, last week Sunday, a piece a drama bus ova Hellshire beach. Mi get it say one girl did eena di water a enjoy har self, just like everybady else ova deh. Mi hear say two lesbian girl stawt put arguments to har. Dem stawt to a getclose to har an waan put dem han an finga weh dem nuh fi go. Wateva dem do to har cause har fi bus out one helleva scream an bawl out!! People hear har an run guh ova deh fi see a wa happen. Di gyal stawt reel out di tingz dem bout weh di lesbian dem did supposedly a do. Same time di people dem stawt get bringle pon di beach like dem waan move to di lesbian dem. But some more lesbian weh did inna dem crew jus step up too, an mek di people dem know say dem wi defen it. Afta dat di lesbian dem tek weh demself neatly (if anybody have more pon da mix-up ya, den sen on).

Fambily, mi a one bwoy Don’t believe in violence against lesbians and gays. Di violence ting jus nuh mek sense to mi. Why should I waste my strength fi guh beat up adults who choose to be togeda, an naa hurt me or nobaody else? Besides, if yuh ting lock, sealed an secure as a heterosexual, den yuh not supposed to have any reason fi waan war gay man an woman.

But fi a good while now mi a hear crazy mix-ups bout how many lesbians a get weh wid all kinds a sexual aggression against women, an some a dem even a get weh wid rape. It stawt years ago wen mi hear say high-school girls a hol down fellow students an a sexually assault dem. Di allegations are attributed to several high schools in the Corporate Area. In some cases, all teachers are supposedly involved. Sometimes di report dem weird; for example, mi always a hear bout crazy sexual assaults at a certain traditional girls high school, but mi neva hear bout any at a next traditional girls high school weh inna di same area. Mi jus don’t know why is it dat mi get so many reports bout one school, but none bout di oda school weh deh nearby.

Den many a di complaints dem weh mi get, a fram parents who a hear di tingz dem fram dem upset an distraught daughters. Most a weh mi hear fram di parents is dat di schools dem a cova up di sexual assault deeds of di lesbian girls an teacha dem. Some say wen a male teacha get involve wid a female student, dem raise uproar bout it. But if a female student sexually assault anoda female student dem turn a blind eye, ignore it, or cova it up.

But a nuh eena di schools dem alone it a happen. Just like how mi get reports of rapes an battery of men against women, a same way mi get di reports of rapes an battery of women against women. Di ting a gwaan long time. Years ago, before I was well known as Ragashanti, some colleagues an miself took a visiting lecturer to a certain go-go club in Kingston for her to collect data on research she was conducting with exotic dancers.

Cut long story short, wen wi eena di club, two-twos mi see four woman a lift har up inna di air an a carry har weh wid har legs spread! Den same time mi see one next short woman jus tear weh di lecturer underwear an fling har head deh so, yeah deh so! – an start do har ting! All dis a quickly happen while dem still a move wid di lecturer. Mi stawt loud up di ting an a tell dem say dem fi leggo di lecturer. Same time a crazy knife and bakkle wid liquids (weh mi surmise say a acid) mi see back out.

Mi run guh tell di security wa a gwaan. An a him tell dem fi leggo di lecturer, cause shi come fram farin and UWI fi study. A suh dem let har go. But get dis, dem a guh roun di ting an a say dem did tink a dat di lecturer want fram she come een, like seh if a white woman walk inna a go-go club inna Jamaica dat automatically mean say shi want to be raped by five women. KMT!! Dem no different fram di raypa man dem weh say di same tings wen dem assault di woman dem.

Is time now fi oda lesbians an gays stop thinking that these reports are jus instances of people a tell lies because dem nuh like gay people. How gay people fi a fight fi eliminate violence against gays, but a guh condone gay violence against others?


Dere is whole heap more pon di matta, but mi nuh have di space. But if yuh have any mix-up pon da subject ya, mek mi know what a gwaan: mixupraga@gmail.com


See another post from GLBTQ Jamaica on Blogger: Embarrassing Lesbian Incidents

MAN FLEES WITH LOVER’S CLOTHES – Leaves him naked at motel says the Star

MAN FLEES WITH LOVER’S CLOTHES – Leaves him naked at motel

Rasbert Turner, Star Writer wrote:

The court is now attempting to find out if a man who has been accused of sleeping with another man, and then running away with several items, including his clothes, is in fact guilty.

The accused man appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday and is set to return on July 29.

When the case was called up the alleged thief who is of a Kitson Town address in St Catherine was granted $80,000 bail.

When the details of the case was revealed in court there was an outburst of laughter causing the police to shout ”order, order inside the court.”

The court was told by the complainant that after he slept with the accused at a motel along the Portmore ‘Back Road’ he got up about 4 a.m. and found all his clothing gone.

He told the court that he also noticed that his cellphone valued at $3,000, a wallet with $6,000 along with the keys to his Honda Integra motor car were missing.

It was revealed that he had to wrap himself in a white sheet and went to make a report to the Bridgeport Police Station.

An investigation was launched and the accused was allegedly caught by the police with the vehicle, a small quantity of ganja and a ratchet knife in his possession.

He was subsequently charged with possession of ganja, being armed with an offensive weapon, simple larceny and driving away a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.

He pleaded guilty to the ganja and knife charges and not guilty to the larceny offences.

An attorney who appeared on behalf of the complainant secured the release of the car to his client.



Probably the best charge that can come from this is Gross Indecency as he said in court he “slept with the accused” of course looking at it in layman’s terms, if they can find witnesses willing to come forward saying they saw the men in the any act (compromising positions or suspected Buggery) one wonders why the bail was set so high as well? and the court should not be a place of comedy but some sense seemed to have prevailed when the “order” was shouted allegedly by the cops present in the room. At least going by what we are t0ld here the cops went after the accused following the report filed at the station so that is commendable on their part on the face of it although the cartoon above suggests a more realistic response that normally comes from the police even in the precinct of station once some homosexual hints are present in the matter(s) presented or reported.

To ask the man if it was his woman who stole his clothes suggests that hetero-normative thinking that exists out there, I am sure that other details were left out in this piece probably deliberately so as it turns out the cops did their job and the matter went to open court, there would be no need to sensationalize this one as there would be no material to do so as the Star is known for.

This one turned out a little better than others before.

Peace and tolerance


Star News: “Gays convert popular parties”

Paula Gordon, Star Writer

Members of the gay community are staging their own versions of popular entertainment events, THE WEEKEND STAR has learnt.

Calendar events such as Dancehall Queen and British Link Up are now being staged in gay circles, despite the promoters of the regular events having nothing to do with them.

“Gay parties imitate straight parties, they imitate the names of parties, for example, we have Black and White Affair, British Link Up, Hot Girls Roll Out, Snow White Affair and Boat Ride Affair,” Rory, one regular patron of these events said. “There is also the Grammy’s, the Oscars, Miss World and Dancehall Queen.”

THE WEEKEND STAR recently got hold of flyers for two of the upcoming events. On the flyers are cross-dressers who could easily be mistaken for female models. They were elegantly dressed in gowns, heels and lace wigs. Added to that the make-up on their faces looked flawless.

The flyers gave the date, time and venue for the events. Interestingly both had ‘no fighting allowed’ warnings on them.

MIss World Event

Rory told THE WEEKEND STAR that in the case of the Miss World event, several non-Jamaicans usually come to the island to participate in the competition which usually takes place in September.

Another member of the gay community, Lennoxsaid, “People buy gowns for like US$1,500 (J$129,000) to attend these events, these are people that drive top of the line vehicles.”

He explained that a lot of the homosexuals in Jamaica are drag queens, who dress themselves like women to attend these events, which usually takes place uptown.

He said that because Jamaica is such a homophobic country, an immense effort is made to keep information about these events private so as not to risk any harm being done to them.

Further, he noted that there are times when straight people are invited to these events, however; they are persons who can be trusted.

Lennox said that one of the most popular events held in the gay community which is liked by many straight people is the Dancehall Queen competition. “Straight people who are gay friendly are usually invited. The gays can dance really well, some can dance better than the girls who dance in the real Dancehall Queen competition,” he said.

He said another popular event on the gay party calendar is Dancehall Explosion, which is more like a Passa Passa event.

When contacted, Big Head, the promoter of the ‘straight’ annual Dancehall Queen competition, held in Montego Bay, said he was not aware that an imitation to his event was being held in the gay community.

“There is no relationship, my event is 100 per cent females, I am not affiliated with what they do,” he asserted.

He said his competition is an international one taking place in different countries. “I am not claiming to own the name dancehall queen because it’s international. I am not here to endorse or denounce it (the gay competition),” he remarked.

In the meantime, Big Head does not think that the trend will have a negative impact on his event. “As far as I am concerned I have done everything to put my show on top. I have no time to take on the gays to give them the time of day,” he said.

*Names changed.



What was the purpose of this article, is it to suggest gays somehow must not have their own entertainment or what?

The impact these days from Star News stories are fading and for several reasons

1) the old formulae has outlived it usefulness in a sense

2) the public seems more concerned about bread and butter issues than tabloid embellishments

3) persons literally do not have disposable income to buy a paper that hasn’t the value in terms of content as it used when it was known as the evening version of the well respected Gleaner

4) why didn’t the Star tell us that the source of this is actually a gay man? the same promoter who told them of a previous untruth that was published see more HERE

5) why are we as gays so vile towards each other that we have to resort to these under handed tactics just to prove a point?

6) why must we resort to consorting with those who do not have our interests at heart or are quick to use homophobia and sensationalist stories to sell papers?

I am deeply disappointed in this kind of behaviour from us when we should be working together. Sankofa Events did in fact put a statement out as seen here on Gay Jamaica Watch

Peace and tolerance


Disturbing Star story: Cops seek man after … BOYS USED AS SEX SLAVES

The following story appeared in the Star News today march 18th human trafficking has been becoming an issue here is Jamaica but to now see it show up on the grounds of paedophilia or ephebophilia is very disturbing. The problem with articles like this although written far better than some we have seen from the publication is that the public walks away with the same old notion as developed and fed by tabloids that male homosexuality is mostly predatory in nature and that men go after boys for inappropriate sexual contact, the publications and by extension the Jamaican LGBT advocates do not stop to put the issues into proper context and also ask if any psychiatric evaluations are done on both the victim(s) and alleged perpetrator(s) to determine what is really happening in the respective cases. In essence another reason is put forward here to justify that battyman fi dead in other words.

If the story is true as we have doubted previous stories from this and other tabloids then we have a serious issue here and maybe we as LGBT people have to be vigilant to put a stop to other men who engage in paedophilia or ephebophilia only for the strong homo negative backlash to hit us due to their actions. We may have to begin to literally hand over or point out those who are proven to be involved in these inappropriate acts with underage boys. I hope the investigations are properly done and the necessary psychiatric interventions done for the boys involved, my heart bleeds to read stories like this.

One thing is bothering me regarding the story is that the age of boys involved was not said which makes it harder to determine if we are dealing with paedophilia or ephebophilia which are different issues based on the age of the victims.

see also:  The Homo-Negativity Surrounding Paedophilia …….

Have a read of the story and determine the issues for yourself.

Paula Gordon and Sheldon Williams, Star Writers

The police are now seeking a man believed to be the mastermind behind the trafficking of young boys into a sex trade throughout the Corporate Area.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that the man operates under the disguise of being a good Samaritan who expresses interest in assisting underprivileged and displaced boys, but his true intentions are later displayed when he introduces the boys to other men for sex.

underage males

Sergeant Troy Irons from the New Kingston Police Post said that the man is responsible for trafficking underage males from several sections of the island. “He rents apartments and put up persons, mostly young males, depressed youths, people who want things,” he said.

The man is believed to rent about two apartments at a time. It is alleged that at least five boys are housed in each.

Irons divulged that an operation was carried out recently at one of the apartments located in the Corporate Area. However, when the police reached the location, the man had already fled the scene. After a search of the premises only one young male was found. He was taken in for questioning by the police.

THE WEEKEND STAR also understands that the man is also wanted for larceny from a dwelling.

stolen items

Allegations are that on October 1 a report was made that he had stolen several items from one of the apartments rented to him. “When he is leaving he takes small appliances from the dwellings,” Irons remarked.

The man is believed to frequent the areas of New Kingston, Montego Bay, Old Harbour and May Pen.

A source who claimed to have heard about the practices of the man expressed his disgust to the WEEKEND STAR.

“The man look bout the likkle bwoy dem … the boy nasty yuh see man. Me seh anytime me hole him yuh see … anytime me hole him is a day like today,” the source commented.

Just recently, a group of law students of the University Of the West Indies urged local authorities to give more focus on human trafficking in Jamaica.

David Brown, chairman of logistics for the human-trafficking committee at the institution, had said the issue of human trafficking is not given the attention it deserves and more should be done to address the issue.

As a result, a number of students from the faculty took to the street last week Thursday, armed with placards and banners, sending messages that persons should discontinue the act.


Ephebophilia vs Paedophilia & Male Homosexuality

Ephebophilia or hebephilia refers to the sexual preference for adolescents around 15-19 years of age. Experts use specific terms for age preferences: ephebophilia to refer to the sexual preference for late adolescents, hebephilia to refer the sexual preference for pubescent persons, and pedophilia to refer to the sexual preference for prepubescent persons. The term pedophilia, however, has also been used colloquially to refer broadly to sexual interest in minors, regardless of their level of physical development.

Ephebophilia is not listed as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR), unlike pedophilia, which is categorized as a disorder in the manual.

Pedophilia or paedophilia has a range of definitions as found in psychology, law enforcement, and the popular vernacular. As a medical diagnosis, it is defined as a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children.According to the DSM, pedophilia is specified as a form of paraphilia in which a person either has acted on intense sexual urges towards children, or experiences recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about children that cause distress or interpersonal difficulty. The disorder is frequently a feature of persons who commit child sexual abuse.

Nicholas Groth is a pioneer in the scientific study of sexual offenders against women and children, who has treated over 3000 child molesters over the course of two decades. A former director of the Sex Offender Program at the Connecticut Department of Corrections, Groth is the author of Men Who Rape: Psychology of the Offender, a work widely regarded as a classic textbook on the psychology of sexual violence.

He concurred in a recent debate on homosexuality vs paedophilia that Homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia are not synonymous. In fact, it may be that these two orientations are mutually exclusive, the reason being that the homosexual male is sexually attracted to masculine qualities whereas the heterosexual male is sexually attracted to feminine characteristics, and the sexually immature child’s qualities are more feminine than masculine. . . . The child offender who is attracted to and engaged in adult sexual relationships is heterosexual. It appears, therefore, that the adult heterosexual male constitutes a greater sexual risk to underage children than does the adult homosexual male.

Peace and tolerance


Mob attacks “Loving Men” in Mandeville

Just as we are looking at the profiling and stereotyping issues to do with lesbians in particular butch lesbians and their problems with increased abuse both verbally and physically now comes this incident purely from same sex attraction displayed in public, if the story is to be believed. Jamaican gays of course have learnt over time that displays of affection in public are a no no as it would lead to precisely what this headline speaks to.

Here is the Star News story:

Mob Attacks ‘Loving Men”

Police had to rescue two men from an angry mob in Mandeville, Manchester, on Saturday, after they were seen in a section of the town, walking, holding hands and hugging.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the incident took place about 7 p.m. after both men were seen caressing each other in a popular fast-food restaurant. Their public show of affection reportedly garnered the attention of a mob.

“Dem get some lick,” an alleged witness remarked as he spoke to THE STAR about the incident.

“Dem come inna di food place and a hug up. After them leave out some people see wha a gwaan and rush dem and dem start beg fi dem life,” another alleged witness explained.

THE STAR understands that after the men left a fast-food outlet, and were walking down a road they were observed acting effeminately and showing affection which disgusted a crowd which had gathered to verbally assault them.

“Dem walk like woman and talk like woman, inna some tight clothes,” another alleged witness emphasised.


hurling obstacles

It is understood that the men reportedly stopped and began arguing with the crowd, which then became hostile and began running towards them while hurling obstacles.

The men reportedly ran towards another food outlet in the area where they sought refuge from the crowd which had grown in numbers. The employees of the bakery had to act swiftly to close the doors of the establishment as the crowd converged and surrounded the building demanding the release of the men.

The Mandeville police were alerted and came to the assistance of the men, who were later taken to the police station for protection.

However, the crowd, apparently not satisfied, followed the police to the station and urged them to release the men in their custody for ‘punishment’.

The police, it is understood, relocated the men to the back of the station where they remained until the crowd had dispersed.

The Area Three police confirmed the incident and explained that no one was charged following the attack on the men.


Such are our problems here.

Take a look at the post from GLBTQ Jamaica (Blogger) on the other side of violence and stigma towards the butch dynamic of mystique facing our same sex attracted and bisexual women who present as such in public.

The Butch Dynamic/mystique becoming a problem?

In recent months we have been watching a steady stream of discussions, opinions and complains locally from varying quarters in the lesbian and bisexual women communities chief among them are the increased reports of abuse verbally, stigmatization, profiling and otherwise towards women who present aesthetically as masculine which all of a sudden has become a problem for some men in Jamaica. Same sex attracted women never had so many problems navigating sexuality in this complex society now there are issues of clothing stores refusing to sell a woman a pair of male jeans within the last week this kind of open discrimination was unheard of before. Is this a result of the moves towards full metrosexualism in Jamaican men? when a popular dancehall DJ can openly defend skin bleaching and full body tattooing which was once relagated to gays in years gone by the change is rather rapid and dramatic, the same DJ as in Vybz Kartel commented at a recent lecture on the University of the West Indies campus what was taboo will soon become widely accepted. One wonders if he contemplated that homosexuality will be in that mix?

Butch-Femme net http://butch-femme.net/Butch/BF/ says:
“To the mainstream dyke world, Butches are often seen as “men” or as selling out to the enemy. Butch energy is often read as male energy because it is closer to what we consider male energy than it is what we consider female energy. We are sometimes seen as oppressors of Femmes who they see as “tools of the heterosexual patriarchy” because they are feminine and often don all the feminine accouterments such as makeup, long fingernails, and high heels.”
The butch-femme dynamic is well known among lesbians. The most well known combination is a butch with a femme, although it’s not impossible for a butch to be with another butch, or a femme to be with another femme.

Let’s continue to watch the trends, fortunately the men were rescued by the police and taken to the safety of the police precinct. This also goes to show that we are eons away from reaching real tolerance why would two men holding hands or being intimate in public drive persons to become so vile? one wonders if it is really towards hating homosexuals or persons are just seeking some perceived weaker group in society to vent whatever anger thats pent up inside.

Peace and tolerance



On homo negative culture and Naked men in HWT

Posted by: To my amusement
In light of the article in the Star dated February 8 2011 titled Naked Drama in HWT, I wish to say a few words. I know this is like as the proverbial saying goes ‘beating a dead horse’ but let me add my two cents or sense as the case may be.
Now the summary of the story is two consenting adult males where spied on in the privacy of their dwelling and set upon by a large mob for hours. Thankfully four service police vehicles were on hand to rescue them from sure death.These kinds of stories are not new to us, in fact some people might only glance over it and may comment “yea man dem batty boi dey fi ded” and move on to the next sensational story. The reports are that the ‘group’ ‘accidentally’ stumbled on the room when ‘dem hear mourning and groaning inna one of di room.’ How convenient….
Several issues are highlighted for me in this article. The socio-cultural dichotomy, convenience of religion, the non-productivity of many Jamaicans and the preoccupation with peripheral matters as it relates to the better picture.
Jamaica is a anthropological dream and a epistemological nightmare. One of our first introductions to gender and sexuality is the total exclusion of same sex relations and then the vehement disapproval of any slightly resemblance of it according to our socialization. These include for men; bleaching of the skin, tight pants wearing, feminine behaviour (or what is classified as such), not having sex as soon as he is 16 at most among others. For women, these include, ‘manly’ behaviour, no boyfriends as soon as she is 16 at most, not interested in the ungentlemanly attempts of alot of Jamaican men at gaining attention, wearing men’s clothes among others. Anything within these realms are labelled batty-boi, chi-chi, fish, dyke, sodomite, man royal et al.
Socio-cultural dichotomy

Interestingly there is a proliferation of said stereotypical behaviour by so called straight men who will become violent if even implied as such. Apart from it is not any of their businesses what goes on in the privacy of a room between two consenting adults; we are glaringly hypocritical about sexuality. The fact that it happened in a tenement yard along HWT road would imply that it could be in a low income/garrison community which is considered to be uber gangster and definitely not homo-loving. According to A. Pinnock “the public and bitter denunciations of male homosexuality do not, by themselves, indicate the absence of homosexual practises amongst men.”

She continues to state that “male homosexuality, as a gendered identity appears to be of greater concern in the society rather than the actual practises of same.” This clearly shows that there is no room for the very obvious (public) male homosexuals who it is felt will compromise masculinity and also has as it intentions to destabilize the traditional systems of governance in the society. Therefore homosexuals and their sympathizers must burn in the hell fires which destroyedSodom and Gomorrah, according to Biblical inscription.

Convenience of Religion

Half the people in Jamaica confuse pedophilia with homosexuality; which coupled with religion is a dangerous formula for homosexuals.  We tend to violently uphold the passage that is believed to condemn homosexuality, but other biblical laws aren’t so strictly followed for e.g. casual sex between heterosexuals is considered a way of life. This salad bar approach to religious-sanctioned hate crimes is a slap in the face of the Bible I think and further cements the hypocritical stance on sex and sexuality. It is funny that there are as many rum bars as churches along with a myriad of other non – Christian like activities but homosexual gets singled out because “men shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, that is an abomination.” My thing is if there is a list of things not to do, why single out one thing but have tons of reasons why the others are excusable. What about gay Christians? Isn’t love the ‘greatest of these’ to be right with God? Stop using religion as a scapegoat. No “sin” is greater than the other.

Non-productivity of Jamaicans & the preoccupation with peripheral matters

Now if the devil finds work for idle hands then a lot of Jamaicans are working for the devil. With the growing crime rate, the lessening job opportunities, IMF breathing down our necks and the Manatt trial, we really should not have that much time and energy to spend on who one chooses to sleep with. Again, apart from the fact that that is nobody’s business in the first place one would think that people would be more preoccupied with the aforementioned. Homosexuality will not be the ruin of Jamaica. What might do it first is Jamaicans who don’t want to work. What we need to focus on is firstly the antiquated and ridiculous buggery law that really does not specially speak to homosexuality in the first instance (see section 76 of that act). Second, start putting our heads down and find ways to stimulate local productivity especially agriculture. Thirdly, take a long hard look at our family values and how it has reduced to what we see manifesting.

In the end, it is disheartening that who we chose to have sex has taken precedence over basic human needs and rights. In a world where children are abused (90% of the times by heterosexuals), wars are raging in the name of religion, conspiracy theories are not so far fetched and apparently the world is coming to an end in 2012, we here in Jamaica are still up in arms about who we chose to have in our arms.

Tolerance on public Lesbian sex but outrage from the WSW communities ….. STRAP-ON SEX IN HWT – Women caught in heated action

The following story appeared in the Star News January 6th 2011 the first sensationalist piece from the publication for the year, interestingly the women were said to have been caught in the act and one of them looked like a man, also one of the guards who is said to have witnessed the act wanted in on the whole thing as well. Judging from the account they seemed excited about the acts the women were allegedly committing.

Proof  however if one could call it that, that Jamaican men do in fact get titillated by lesbian activity could be derived from the final sentence in the story where it hinted that persons questioned around the area said they would have loved to have seen the action while others suggested the guards should have recorded the happenings. If it were two males however the headline obviously would have read far differently.

Strap on sex between women does in fact occur in certain night spots across the nation if one knows where to look and have the desired cash to see it in some instances maybe that could explain the less angered response from the persons quoted in the piece apart from a wider tolerance of lesbianism.

Meanwhile many lesbians are expressing outrage at the alleged two ladies who it is held as bringing shame to the community as we do not often hear of these kinds of public displays in the tabloid press.

Have a look at the piece and determine your own take on the article.

Crystal Harrison, STAR Writer

The streets of Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, are buzzing with popular talk about two females who were caught red-handed in heated sex in the parking lot of a shopping mall recently.

The incident is said to have happened about 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the two women, one wearing a strap-on dildo, were spotted at the root of a tree by two security officers.

Interestingly, the security officer who first saw what was taking place quickly alerted his other colleague to see the two lovers holding on to the tree.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the same morning after hearing about the incident, we were informed that due to the time of the day when the incident happened not many persons knew about it at first. It was said, however, that news started to spread quite quickly after that.

Mi watch dem

“You would think is a man a sort out di girl, me can’t believe weh mi see because only on cable I see these things,” one of the security guards who witnessed the action said. “Mi watch dem for about 45 minutes before mi walk down towards them and seh a my time now and as mi seh dat, a same time di man one push in the dildo in her pants like a living man.”

Another security guard said that he had to try his luck at the Cash Pot betting game, as he thought he was getting a supernatural sign that he would have won some money.

“Me buy Cash Pot until mi weak. Mi buy number two fi lesbian, and number 20 for disgrace. Di two girl dem nuh shame because after we approach dem fi a piece of the action and dem jus walk off as if nothing never happen,” he said.

He further stated they were having rough sex. “Mi want to know a weh di two of dem a come from so early in the morning. Mi did have to laugh.”

One man who also spoke with THE WEEKEND STAR said that he heard that one of the female lovers was very attractive. “Mi hear seh dat one of di woman dem look like living man, dress like man and her hair trim like man but mi also hear that the girlie one sexy like hell and she did have on a sexy piece of shorts.”

While on location, we received mixed reaction from men who were chatting about the incident. All of them, however, said that they would have loved to have seen what took place or were disappointed that the security guards didn’t tape the action.