Homophobia in Jamaican Music (17.03.10)

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Reggae artistes whose shows are being boycotted in the United States and whose records are blacklisted in Europe, must be hurting financially. And we are often reminded that it is not only the artistes who suffer, as many of them also contribute to the care and upbringing of numerous underprivileged children in their communities.

Recently, the UWI Open Campus IN Montego Bay hosted an excellent public lecture on the role of Jamaica’s music and dance in national development. This lecture which was dedicated to that great light from the West, Professor Rex Nettleford was masterfully moderated by the Mirror’s own Lloyd B. Smith and appropriately featured Professor Carolyn Cooper of the UWI (the authority on Jamaican music) as the main presenter.

During a very interactive panel discussion, which in addition to Professor Cooper featured the Montego Bay Junior Mayor; local ‘conscious’ artiste Mackie Conscious, Paul Blake (of Blood Fire Posse fame who is now clearly on fire for God), and an educator from Cornwall College who spoke of her experience with the negative impact of dancehall music on boys at that institution, Professor Cooper made the statement that there is a need 1’01’ the Jamaican government to lobby on be­half of boycotted artistes as a push hack against gay lobbyist.

In her opinion, the world needs to be told that Jamaicans are homophobic ‘with good reason’.

Due to time constraints, I was unable to ask her if she believed Professor Nettleford, being the type of person he was, would have approved of her statement.

So instead I have pulled together some responses I received to a recent letter to the Editor which enquired why Jamaicans are so homophobic. I wanted to identify if the blacklisted artistes in fact reflect a general national homophobia and the reasons for such homophobia.

In summary, Jamaicans don’t accept the gay lifestyle because they fear it will unleash a Sodom and Gomorrah cataclysm on Jamaica such as the re­cent Haitian or Chilean earthquakes. There is also the perception that gays will recruit young boys, the human race would decrease as less ‘straight’ sex would occur if buggery is legalized, and gay sex is ‘nasty’ so it must spread disease.

It is clear that the rationality of these expressed objections to the gay lifestyle is suspect. At the same time the private sex acts of consenting adult males was largely felt to be nobody’s business and no longer worthy of legal regulation.


Never judge a man by his feet

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One day a lady went into a bar. As she sat down she saw this cowboy sitting across from her with his feet up. She was astonished at the size of his shoes, so she said to him, “Is it true what they say about men with big feet?” He replied, “don’t you want to find out?” She said yes and after getting to know each other better she invited him to spend the night with her at the hotel she was staying in.The next morning the cowboy woke to see the lady dressing. On the bedside table was an hundred dollars. Grinning he looked at her and said, “Now do you believe what they say about men with big feet?”She replied, “I don’t know, but please take that money and buy a pair of shoes that fit.”
There is a current debate about men and their “size”. We think it is time that Health Reflections shed some “light” to this debate. It has long been held by women and men of different cultures that a man’s shoe size has a direct relationship to his penile size. Because of this men with small feet sometimes find themselves the victims of jokes questioning their penile size while men with large feet are proudly presented as representing the well-endowed male. Maybe thankfully the real facts seldom come to light. What does happen is that this bit of folklore has become more firmly established as a fact in many people’s minds. It is true to say that many persons do not actually know what the average penile length is. Most men at some time in their life will question their adequacy. Because of this they may consider purchasing products that are advertised to increase penile size.
In fact there is no shortage of websites and magazine ads promoting these products. Sadly most approaches advertised do not work and use of these items can lead to even more frustration and some of the pills advertised can actually be quite dangerous. One study in California has shown that the average length of the erect penis is 5.1 inches and its girth is 4.7 inches. Another study also done in the United States revealed that only about 0.1% of men have an erect penile length of greater than 9 inches.Suffice it to say, the true measure of a man may be complex. It now seems however that researchers have finally gotten around to clarifying the relationship between penile length and shoe size. These researchers say they’ve come up with at least one way to make it easier to judge a man’s penile length. Forget what you might have heard about judging a man’s member by the size of his shoes and consider taking note of his index finger if you’re looking to hedge your bets.
Two British urologists measured the stretched penile length of 104 men and attempted to relate it to their shoe size. Despite the widespread myth, however, they found there was no significant correlation between the men’s shoe size and penile length. But just as one myth about men’s manhood is put to rest, another one may now take its place. A group of Greek researchers has found a link between penis length and another part of the body — the index finger. Some women I was having a conversation with first brought this fact to my attention. They did not know about this research but one of them was convinced that her experience was that she could better judge a man’s penile length by the length of his fingers.Researchers measured various aspects of the genitalia of 52 healthy men under 40 and matched those measurements to other characteristics of the men, including their age, height, weight, body mass index, waist/hip ratio, and index finger length. The only measurements that were significantly related to each other were penile length and index finger length.
The longer the index finger was, the longer the penis was likely to be and vice versa. And for men who might be wondering how they measure up, the studies also calculated the average penile length among the participants. Both studies found the average stretched penile length was about 5 inches, give or take about an inch. So men next time you see your lady friends intently examining your hands, don’t be deceived into thinking they are merely examining those strong beautiful hands. They may just be trying to get a measure of the man you are.
If you know what I mean…

Dr. C. Watson MRCOG FACOG MBA DFFP is Medical Director and Director of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at MoBay Hope Medical Centre, which is located at the Half Moon Shopping Village, Rose Hall, Montego Bay. Dr. Watson also consults at the Montego Bay Hospital, Mt. Salem.

Let’s save our boys

With news of boys being sexually abused by adult males surfacing in the media in the recent past, we are forced to take a good look at what we can do as a society to put an end to this disgraceful act. We can no longer turn a blind eye while our men of tomorrow are turned into damaged beings. In order to fix this problem we need to change our thinking. We need to stop thinking that sex talk is taboo where our young ones are concerned. We have been given no option by the sex predators who parade not just our streets but our churches, schools and homes taking our boys’ innocence hostage while we as parents carry on in our world, oblivious of what is taking place.

The fight is made doubly difficult by the fact that most times there is no scarlet letter pinned to the chests of these perpetrators and so we may have no way of knowing or even suspecting them of any wrongdoing. Being our children’s permanent bodyguard is also out of the question. Try as we might, there are times when we have to be a part from our family whether it is to be at work or to take care of some business and our children have to attend school and other places without us being present. Therefore, the best we can do is to educate our children as to which touch is normal and which is representative of a red flag.

The perverts do not believe that a three year-old or a four year-old is too young for his advances so as parents we have to combat against that. Tell them to tell you if anyone touches them there. We cannot afford to wait until it is too late because research has shown that children, who are sexually abused, are almost never able to resume normal lives. So often, boys who are abused by males become engaged in homosexual practices despite efforts to refrain from it. Many of them hate themselves and seek counselling throughout their adult lives and very few receive any type of respite. So taking the time to offer a few cautionary words to your little ones just may end up saving them from a shattering experience.

As difficult as it may be, we cannot afford to be naïve not when the safety of our children is on the line. No one is worthy of our undying trust in this matter. We cannot afford to be so kind, when pastors, priests, teachers and even care givers have been known to commit this unfortunate crime. Nothing and no one should be more important than the safety of our children.


Human Rights versus Human Responsibility

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I believe that the human child is born with divine, pristine intelligence. That as such an entity grows up it naturally gathers experience and learns to deal with the natural hazards of survival. The entity in response to natural urges realises a need for food. As the entity gathers experience, it learns that certain varieties of food can be stored given certain natural conditions.