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Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender & Queer Jamaica

A view of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Str8 Friendly & Queer Landscape here in “homophobic” Jamaica from the ground up…hopefully enriching posts and other media for your consideration. , visit the blog for other individual links


3 thoughts on “GLBTQJA on Blogger”

  1. I am depressed by the attitude towards the queer community in this country. I can’t even say community because I see no unity, I hear whispers of fear. It breaks my heart to imagine what being a gay man in this country is like, as lonely as a closet gay in Jamaica should be an actual saying. Its so apt.

    Even if I would want to be light hearted and say I am a queer woman seeking a HEA, I can’t. How can our people preach about Christianity and God and yet be so cavalier about the murders and injustices visited upon a fellow human being? The main teaching of the Christ was love. Each man is my brother. How much is too much?

    Personally, my experiences are nothing compared to the horror stories I hear, I think about GullyQueen who went to the dance in drag and was murdered and his family didn’t even claim his body. My heart broke because he was just a kid and nobody deserves that. When do we stop being people and simply become “Batty-man and Chi-Chi gyal”? At what point, during exploring just what it means to be me and a little bit different, do I forfeit my life. Lesbians and Bi-sexuals are able to blend more easily but what happens when I don’t want to blend anymore? What happens when I want the world to know i’m in love like any other couple?

    I’ve been called “Dyke” out of malice, and have had men say I haven’t had the right penis, and have had people afraid to catch the gay I know girls who have been punched in the face for being gay. But the tide is turning for lesbians because main stream media has decided that Lesbians are sexy, and men just say “Can I watch?” now. But what about the men in the gay comm-lacks-unity? Where is their tide? I think the act of love is sexy and beautiful no matter who is engaged in it. And for the love of God stop equating Pedophilia with Homosexuality! And did Betty Blaine seriously say 74% of our kids have been buggered? Stop fear mongering. Fight Ignorance with Information.

    And if any lonely mature woman who reads wants to get involved with an emotionally damaged INTP personality who is also cute and can be funny, I’m single and searching.


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